Sunday, December 31, 2017

Online Coaching Plans

I've been doing a Facebook poll on my ASAP Workouts page over the weekend for doing some online coaching in 2018.

The main options were:

Individual coaching, limited to a small group that I cover.


Generalized coaching, like s small group 'boot camp' class structure, where everyone is following a similar program and getting coaching on modifications to the program. 

So far, individual coaching is in the lead.

You still have some time to vote.

You can take the poll here, as I've embedded it into the post.

I could also offer two small groups of each as well.  Been running that idea around in my head as well.  Either group I create will have its own special private FB group that I add you to.

Please feel free to message me over FB if you have any private questions about the coaching plans/options.

Thank you!

Coach Rick

Friday, December 29, 2017

Train the PJ Way Newsletter: Fitness Friday

Welcome to Fitness Friday!
No, it is not "Fitness All In My Mouth" day, either.
Just because its the weekend it doesn't mean it is time to ruin your gains.

On International Bicep Curls Day in the gym this week, we'll add in another IYBPB50# workout to the slate and you can do your curls after that if you'd like.

You have my permission.

IYBPB50#, Week 3, Day 3

Bench Press: 2 x 3 @ 90%, 2 x 2 @ 100%, 1 x 110% for one Negative rep (use spotter!)
Bar Dips: 3 x 8
Lat Pulldowns 3 x 8
1 Arm DB Rows 3 x 8 per side
DB Curls 3 x 8 (See, I told you that you could do them!)

If you've been doing these workouts, you'll have 4 more weeks to go and be already boosted up for making some solid gains in January.

Maybe at the end of January, you can be strutting around the gym in this shirt and be able to tell folks, #WHYBY?
Grab this shirt and check out many other cool ones at the PJ Wimpleton Fitness Shop!
Today's fitness tip:  drink your water, fella. Nothing keeps a body from gaining strength than dehydration.  Make sure you're getting enough in you to keep your body running smoothly.
3/4's to a full gallon ought to be well enough for most people.  Don't overdo this either.  It may be easier just to fill up a 20-32 oz bottle and start drinking a few of those per day.  You'll get liquids at meals and other times throughout the day too.
Stay strong and see you on New Year's for a great start to 2018!
Find a good challenge to do in 2018 at , like the "Just Swing It!" kettlebell swing challenge!
"Train the PJ Way"
P.J. Wimpleton
Rick Karboviak

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Train The PJ Way Newsletter: Wimpleton Wednesday

Welcome to Wimpleton Wednesday!

I didn't get any newsletter out on Christmas, so you'll get two workouts today: so, its sorta like Christmas, getting 2 workouts instead of one!

IYBPB50#, Week 3, Day 1

Bench Press: 1 x 6 @ 80%, 2 x 5 @ 85%, 1 x Max Reps @ 90%
DB Bench Press: 3 x 8
 DB Side Raises:  3 x 8
Lying Tricep Extension: 3 x 8
Narrow Grip Pulldowns: 3 x 8
Barbell Rows: 3 x 8
Barbell Curls: 3 x 8

IYBPB50#, Week 3, Day 2
Squats or Deadlifts: 3 x 8
Leg Press: 3 x 8
Leg Curls: 3 x 8
Calf Raises: 3 x 12

Today's fitness tip is about working out when you're sick.
Why?  Because, I just got over being sick and was wiped out with the flu. 
Don't force yourself through a workout if you're sick.  You're sick, you need to rest and recover, so don't force your body into a state it doesn't need to be in (like super, super tired and wiped out even more).
Getting wiped out by the flu is usually a good time to take a break and recover as much as you can.
Now, if you have the sniffles and a small cold, play it by ear.  Maybe workout for half the time you planned for, like a 15 minute walk/run instead of 30 minutes, or just a couple sets per exercise instead of 4-5 sets per exercise. Even if just a few things feels like too much for you, don't force yourself through it.  Take a break.

What's better than lifting weights? Lifting weights, again!
Get this shirt at the PJ Wimpleton Fitness Shop!

If you're still looking for some programs to follow for 2018, get them at the Kindle store:

"Train the PJ Way"
PJ Wimpleton
Rick Karboviak

Friday, December 22, 2017

Train The PJ Way Newsletter Update

I seem to have a small email newsletter issue, so here is what today's "Train The PJ Way" email would be today:

(I may just transfer my newsletter here if these issues continue)


Train The PJ Way Newsletter

Day 3 of IYBPB50#

It's another Bench Day in the IYBPB50# routine.

Let's get to it!

Bench Press: 2 x 3 @ 90%, 2 x 2 @ 95%, 1 x 1 @ 105% (Negative Lowering Rep)
- Get a spotter on these!
Bar Dips: 3 x 8
Lat Pulldowns 3 x 8
1 Arm DB Rows 3 x 8 per side
DB Incline Curls 3 x 8

Show people the 2 things you really love the most:
Grab this sweet shirt at the PJ Wimpleton Fitness Shop!

If increasing your bench press is like a super-top priority in 2018, you might want to check out this plan from Critical Bench!

Also, all this lifting can make some bodies pretty sore and tight.
If your hips are bothering you, check out this program to help loosen things up!

Today's fitness tip: 
For a sweet citrus post-workout drink, try this:
2 cups Sunny Delight
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
Blend together.

Also, 1 scoop of Slim-Fast into a cup of Sunny Delight is a smooth tasting drink as well!

Train Hard & Train the PJ Way!
PJ Wimpleton

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Kettlebells and a Return to Snow Rides

My workouts the past few weeks have been a good mix of kettlebell swings, cleans, clean & presses, and some dumbbell circuits following the HWR patterns of 20/10 work/rest.  I also got a "29er" bike as a way to still take in some snow rides this winter.  I sold my fat bike this summer, and decided to get a 29'er instead, as it takes up less space and still has a good, thick tire to pedal on snow/ice. 

Huffy had a good sale on their 29", 3.0 tire (3" wide tire) Torch model and it came last Thursday.
I do like the blaze orange color of the frame for its high visibility in winter, and of course, any other season to ride it in.

I have some adjustments to do on the front brakes, but other than that, its a good bike to ride.  It should be a fun, all-seasons bike to take out. 
Overall, it adds some more options for me in working out this winter when I can get outside for a ride. 
I've also been working on the "PJ Way" side of things with my Train The PJ Way newsletter I've been putting out on Facebook and over email. 
I'm mainly selling t-shirts on there and also connecting people to my training guides on Kindle, plus telling people about AdvoCare products, too.
T-shirts are a great gift, find them at the PJ Wimpleton Fitness Shop!
Train Hard!
Coach Rick

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The PJ Way and The RK Way

Now that I'm back home more often, I am getting more morning workout routines in and some runs on the weekend too. 

Kettlebells and HWR are the norm for me in the mornings, they just work the best for me and my schedule for now.  I've been doing a lot of one arm KB cleans for sets of 100, doing approximately 300 in about 20 minutes of time.  It takes about 4 minutes to complete a 100 rep set (10 per arm, alternating sides to 100), rest for 2, then hit another one again.

KB Swings are also another high rep staple.  I typically get 100 in 2:45 and rest 45 seconds, doing 100 reps every 3:30.  That ends up being up to 600 done in under 21 minutes.

I have been doing the Anabolic Running program when I'm able to hit the treadmill at the gym.  My one at home has conked out, so now its fully relying on the treadmill.  The roads are just too crappy and slick to get in this type of workout safely.

You can check out the Anabolic Running plan here

On the "PJ Side" of things, the humorous take I'm taking with my page and site is going well.  I was able to get a good t-shirt site going with some funny shirts, tanks, and even a tote bag. 

"PJ Wimpleton" is my funny take on how some trainers seem to come across as 'out there' and as a 'meathead' type.  I toss in some absurdities with some fitness truths, too.  I am using it as way to sell my Kindle guides in a new entertaining light. 

I do have a newsletter you can sign up for through the Facebook Page for ASAP Workouts, or on itself as a pop-up window.  I try to pop out a newsletter over email, Facebook, and Twitter for 3 to 4 times a week. 

The new Apparel site for t-shirts, hoodies and more is always up 24/7.  Check that out here!

"Train the PJ Way"

Rick Karboviak
Home Workouts Plus!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A New Satirical Side of Fitness: "The PJ Way"


While on the road for my job and reading fitness books, articles, and even buying some older used ones, I came to finding some new ideas.

I often see plenty of supposed 'fitness celebrities' out there as I'm searching the net for what's new and exciting.  Plenty of these have a marketing machine and photoshop-enhanced image they are displaying. It's almost as if the pictures are doing the selling.

I guess a picture of six-pack abs will continue to sell things, no matter who is behind it.

I also see internet fights go on about which program is better than the other.  CrossFit comes to mind in this light, as various proponents and opponents have been duking it for years since its inception.

We've also seen the rise of 'hardcore' lifting come to a new light and some people rise to new levels of celebrity due to massive amounts of YouTube hits and Retweets and Facebook Likes.

I have this feeling at 20% of the population actually does this in the training world, while the other 80% are lucky to make it to the gym, or hopefully pop in that DVD for once and workout.

Call it the fitness "80/20" Rule:  80% of the fitness population wants to be like the 20% who stick with it or 'get it' for a change.

Well, Trainer "P.J. Wimpleton" is here to save the day for those 80%.

PJ will tell you like it REALLY is. 

He's knows the struggle.

PJ may not have all the right answers when it comes to fitness, but he'll tell you what you really want to hear.

And he'll also put a light-hearted edge to the extreme limits that are highlighted in today's fitness landscape.

I'm starting this new take on fitness with some funny t-shirts.

I started one shirt with a good take on how to be a "Big Bad Man".

Also, if you like to "Hang Out" in the gym, this shirt and/or tank top is for you:

Now, these shirts are on a limited campaign timeline, so if you want one, now is the time to order in this limited time frame. There are approximately 15 days left to order these shirts. 

If these shirts meet their campaign deadline, they will ship out 11/20.

T-shirts are just a start.

You can also download this FREE, SERIOUSLY AWESOME GUIDE from PJ himself!

Here's that link again:



Friday, September 29, 2017

Travel Workouts: Bands & a 'Bell

I've been on and off the road, and preparing for more road travels with my job as a recruiter.  Last week when I was on the road for about a full week, I used some resistance bands and one kettlebell I brought with for a workout.  I ended up doing a blend of some HWR workouts with the kettlebell and bands, plus some standalone kettlebell workouts in the mornings. 

I still have my HWR workouts on my computer, so they are quick and easy to do within the confines of a hotel room's space. 

The HWR series has been a solid staple during my travel weeks and they keep my activity levels higher while on the road. 

HWR can be found here to check out further.

A simple kettlebell can offer a lot of workout options from power cardio workouts like Swings and Cleans to strength routines as well.  I have a good series of Kindle guides that cover some simple KB routines, found at

When travel throws a kink into a program, you have to adapt, and some simple aids can do the trick for you.  Take a look at HWR and some simple KB routines today!

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
ASAP Workouts
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Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Origin of "Plastic Weights"

As a fun little Throwback Thursday post for exercise, I came across this one today in a "Super Strength Training" newsletter from Bill Hinbern. I have bought a few old school programs from Bill and love his historic reads in his newsletters that come out often each week.
Today's newsletter discusses the 'plastic weights' that used to be filled with a special cement mixture.
Did you get your start in weight training with weights like these, much like I did?
Credit to Bill Hinbern of on this tremendous insight into the origins of a classic training tool.
You’ve seen them, and, probably, as a young man, even had a set of those strange looking, plastic laminated, composition filled, weights.

Ever wonder how they ever came to be?

Forrest Hood “Fob” James Jr. was born on September 15th 1934, in Lanett, Alabama.

He played football (1952–1955) at Auburn University, where, as a half back, he was named All-America in 1955.

He played professional football in Canada as a member of the Montreal Alouettes during the 1956 season and entered the Army to serve two years as a lieutenant in the U.S. Corps of Engineers and received a civil engineering degree in 1957.

It seems that in 1960, James had a conversation with Joe Newman, a local weightlifter.

Newman complained that cast iron barbells rusted, were noisy, and tended to mar household floors.

So, in 1961, while sitting in his basement, James came up with the idea of plastic coated concrete weights.

He developed a mixture of barite ore and concrete which, when solidified, was given the trade name “Orbatron”.

This, in turn, could be poured into a molded polyethylene shell.

James felt that the use of plastic coated weights would move exercising from garages and basements to inside the home.

Furthermore, since his product was rust-free, it would eliminate the use of a foundry.

In 1962, using $31,000, contributed by thirteen East Alabama businessmen, he founded “Health-Disc Inc.”, which later became, “Diversified Products Corporation Inc. (DP)”, a manufacturer of fitness equipment known for their patented plastic-coated barbell plates and dumbbells filled with "Orbatron."

His brother Calvin soon joined him in the firm.

DP utilized mass merchandising through department stores such as, Sears Roebuck & Co. (Ted Williams brand), Montgomery Wards, J.C. Penny, Kmart, Wal-Mart, Zayre's, etc., and sporting goods stores.

Here is a newspaper ad of February 28th 1964 for DPs “Challenger Orbatron” Barbell Set…

The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah, Page 4:



A big 112-lb. Orbatron bar bell outfit, use it anywhere in your home!

Noiseless, Rust-Proof, easy to Clean!

What is "Orbatron"? A revolutionary new development in weights that's specified by leading schools and colleges, combining a special compound in the interior of the discs with high-impact vinyl covering, permanently bonded together in weight calibrations to form the most durable and safe weights yet perfected.

You can use "Orbatron" weights on carpet and linoleum, in your home or office!

They never mar or rust, a damp cloth wipes them clean.

The complete 112-lb. outfit includes 2-25 lb. discs, 2-10 lb. discs, 2-5 lb. discs, 2-2 lb., 5-ft. chrome-plated bar wirh chrome-plated, knurled steel revolving sleeves, heavy-duty collars, wrench and body building booklet.



Over the next 15 years, the company ultimately grew to employ 1,500 people with plants in Opelika, AL, Los Angeles, and Toronto, with sales of about $1 billion annually.

By 1965, DP was manufacturing 4,000 barbell sets per day!

During the 1970s, DP began a promotional campaign that included endorsements from numerous fitness and sports celebrities, including; Billy Hitchcock (baseball), Bart Starr (football), Margaret Court (tennis), and Gary Player (golf).

DP designed a complete line of home fitness equipment for women endorsed by Debbie Drake, another television fitness expert.

DP also hired Bruce Randall, a former Mr. Universe and Washington Redskins strength coach, to visit stores, sporting goods shows, and schools to talk about physical fitness and health.

Randall's pitch and persona encouraged young boys to persuade their parents to buy a 110-pound barbell set that could be used at home without fear of marring the floors or rusting.

In 1977, DP was sold to Liggett Group of Durham, North Carolina.

In 1978 James turned the presidency over to his brother, Calvin, to run for the Governor of Alabama, won and served two terms, from 1979 to 1983.

Diversified Products Corporation (DP) of Opelika ended in 1998.

Until the next time...

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Once again, Bill's site is for a great resource of truly 'old school' programs, many of which were sold as mail order only in health, fitness, and bodybuilding magazines throughout the decades.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The COMET Run and My Return to Training (a little)

Now that college is underway, I've been working to generate interest in the Running Club.  Instead of just doing some regular runs, I decided to offer a new concept to it, called the COMET Run.

Comets is our nickname at the college, so I'm using the COMET acronym to lay out how the COMET Run goes. 

COMET stands for:
Course and

We will start out at the college and run to a nearby park. We have a city park nearby the college, plus an elementary school that isn't too far away either. 

We'll use the playground equipment, from benches to steps and swings and even some trees, to go through an exercise circuit as a total body workout.

I wasn't sure how many would show up on Tuesday, but I had a couple new students who showed up and had a lot of fun.  Today I'll be part of the Club Expo on campus to discuss it further with students.

The COMET Run format is a fun little way to get back into the fitness training world again, using it as a way to get the club to grow.

For those curious, we did the following:
Push-ups on the bench
Step-Ups on the steps of the big station on the playground
Pull-Ups using the Swings as our 'straps"
Ab Swing-Outs on the Swings
Single Leg Squats using the Swings
Spider Climbers: Ab exercise using the bench
Zig Zag Sprints around the trees

If you're a part of Mayville State in some way, as a student, faculty or staff member, come and join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30am.

Oh, its also free to do!

If we get more people who want to do more runs on a daily basis, we'll discuss it amongst ourselves and find out a good time to do it. I'm thinking Monday and Wednesday runs would happen at the same time, for just a general run/route to do.

As for other workouts, I've been on the bikes still, just not as much as usual.  Mainly going for about an hour or so on some rides. I have almost 250 miles in for the month of August, so a huge drop in mileage compared to July's.  It has been nice to get in some morning runs lately though.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Busy Weekend for Bikes

Last weekend, I decided to sell two of my personal mountain bikes and put a few others up for sale that I've worked on as well.  I sold my Schwinn OR2 hybrid bike and also let go of my Ironhorse fat bike.  I was amazed how quickly they went, but it also downsized my garage a bit and created some space...for two others I ended up with.  I found a home for one of those newer ones dropped off to me, and will find a home for the other.

I went on a 26 miler with my buddy on Sunday night on the classic Specialized Crossroads hybrid bike I just fixed up.  This bike is lighter than my previous OR2 and was sort of the impetus of making me sell my two mountain bikes.  I got the bike for a steal and only had to add better tires and tubes, plus fix the shifter up front. 

My last ride also was my last use of the Intra mix from AdvoCare. I'll have to order some more this week.  I do like the combo of either Pre or Spark before my rides, then the Intra during the ride itself. 

As far as weight training goes, I did some KB cleans on Sunday morning, doing 300 reps with the 40# bell and doing 1 arm cleans, 150 each side overall.  Monday was a 2.5 mile run in about 20 minutes, clipping along just fine.  This morning was another round of double KB cleans with the 35's, doing 150 total.  I do 10 reps at the top of each minute.

The rest of the week looks like some rides here/there and some runs in the morning as well.

I also have a new resto project that came my way, so I'm working on restoring that ride as well.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
ASAP Workouts
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Less Time on Bike = More Time for Netflix Docs

After the heavy mileages of July, I'm still feeling a little worn down and have backed off my evening and weekend riding distances. I've only put in about 50 miles this week so far. I have started running again and will try to balance out a few runs in the mornings now.

With less time on the bikes, I had more time to take in some documentaries on Netflix.

One interesting one was called Icarus, which was a documentary on an amateur cyclist who wanted to do a documentary on doping in cycling, doping himself in the process.  He trained for a pretty serious amateur race that was about the equal to the hardest 7 days of the Tour de France, all in a row.

It was an interesting look into the secretive side of cycling and doping for performance improvements and attaining elite levels. The cyclist gets in touch with an expert in Russia, who just happens to be behind a major cover-up for the Olympic athletes in Russia. It is a pretty wild documentary that goes from watching about how doping works, to how doping REALLY gets covered up.  I read about this one online and really enjoyed this documentary in the end.

The other documentary I watched was Betting on Zero, which covered a business investor's deep look into a nutritional supplement company, Herbalife. The deep discoveries into the business and the way it is promoted and told how to operate was a little eye-opening, but not really surprising either.

The company is a multi-level marketing one, much like many, many other home-based businesses are in their structure.  To many, the advantage of being an independent distributor for these businesses is to mainly get savings on the products themselves, and then also to make a small profit by selling products to retail customers. 

The argument goes back and forth on whether or not they are a 'pyramid scheme' business or not, in which I say yes it is, but so are many others that have similar structures of trying to recruit people to start their own at-home businesses instead of moving product.  Basically the products get moved by the new recruits buying it for themselves, and not really profiting from it on their own.  However their 'upline' profits from their downline's purchases.

I've been a part of a few MLM companies back in my fitness training days and after my fitness training days.

These companies have been Unicity (not sure if they are around, or just known as something else now), Beachbody, and Organo Gold, a coffee company. I am now a part of AdvoCare, which compared to the others, I like their structure better than the previous ones.

I got started with Unicity when I moved to Ohio, but didn't really get into selling it to anyone since I was struggling with the job I had out there, plus when I moved again shortly within a year, I got focused on other things and just dropped it.

Beachbody I really got into for about a good year or so, but I grew tired and weary of their ever-present forcing of buying products each month in order to 'remain' in a certain level, PLUS I would still end up paying a $15/month fee just to sell their products through a special site. I was trying to sell $120 programs and only making $30 if I ever sold anything.  Programs like P90X, which were already sold in the millions, were usually available as used items for far less than I could sell it for. It seemed like everyone I talked to about it, they usually got a copy from a friend for far less anyway.  Very discouraging.

In the end I really got turned off by their products and what seemed like a complete arrogance about their own products.  Some of the workouts are fine, but others I feel were very ill-advised and not put well together (not a fan of Insanity, sorry for those who are. Dance instructors should not be coming up with sports performance actions and calling it extreme fitness!). 

I ended up finding out about other programs to sell, such as ones by Craig Ballantyne that I've talked about numerous times here, which actually allows me to earn more money per sale on his programs than I would ever earn with Beachbody's methods. I decided to go with this route since a) it was free to sell as an affiliate and b) it offered better value for my readership and c) it was far less than most programs I used try to sell with BB. 

I also used Mike Whitfield's programs, who is a Ballantyne TT Trainer, and who also has a great, true life story of weight loss to share.  Mike's and Craig's programs are innovative on their own and very affordable to sell to others who may benefit.

About 4 years ago I got introduced to AdvoCare and became a distributor, adding it as an option to my training blogs and sites that I kept up after I got out of training. I never really got into selling it big time though. 

I heard about Organo Gold about 2 years ago, but couldn't really get that going and found it difficult to sell coffee pods that were almost $2 a K-cup, even at my 'discounted' price.  The instant coffee that was the least expensive was okay, but still a hard sell in the day and age of K-cup makers.  I dropped that after about a year of trying.

I then realized I was still an AdvoCare distributor and looked more into its structure. I wanted a solid lineup of products to sell and they made it pretty easy to setup an at-home operation.

I've posted many times about my journey after trying their 24 Day Challenge out and also other products, including the new FIT Line.   The new Pre, Intra, and Post system with the FIT Line work very well together, especially Pre and Intra.  Out of all 3, I feel the Intra alone is a great addition for my long 1-2 hour bike rides. The product lineup is a great fit into my active lifestyle now.

Another great structure of AdvoCare is I feel it isn't 'pushy' onto customers.  I always felt that I had to sell the business opp whenever I talked to potential customers of other companies I sold for.

AdvoCare at least has the Preferred Customer option, which lets customers get a great discount and do it for a low cost per year with their PC Membership.  You don't have to create a home business with this option and still allows you get some great savings on the products.

If someone wants to get into the home business aspect of it, the incentives are there as well.  Either options of being a retail, Preferred Customer, or Distributor allows anyone to experience the benefits of the products. 

The home business tools are great things to use if you are a Distributor, especially their programs like DebtBuster and numerous videos to watch if you are unsure how to present the products or talk about them with others on the fly.

Back to the documentary:  It was pretty scary how some of these companies use crazy tactics to just recruit, recruit, recruit, and seem to force new recruits to purchase thousands of dollars in products. 

I guess I like AdvoCare the most out of all the past ones I've done because it doesn't push people into constantly finding more and more people.  I know there are some that always seem to push the opportunity before the products.  I'd rather tell you about the products and see who will be a great fit for whichever opportunity exists out there for them.  If you want some discounts, great, I have an option to tell you about. If you are interested in selling them for a nice at-home business, I have that option to tell you about too.

For me, it pairs up well with the other stuff I sell on my blog here, such as my own Kindle guides, and other trainers products.  I'm not sure about you, but for me, I'll take it as the best option I can find out there for my needs.

I suggest watching both documentaries if you are interested in the enhanced performance methods discussed about in Icarus, and the eye opening info of Betting on Zero.  Both are available on Netflix. 

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lighter Rides, Lighter Week

The last few weeks of high mileages have wiped out my legs pretty good, as I felt the stress catching up to me on last weekend's rides with 47 total miles on Saturday & Sunday.  Tuesday I went out for about 20 miles to keep it a bit lighter.  Last night's rain was on and off, so I went out for just a 6 mile ride on my fastest bike, getting in a good ride all throughout town in a short time.  The ride itself was a hair over 20 minutes.  This felt 'just about right' for a good spin but nothing too taxing.

I did try a morning run again on Tuesday morning.  Wednesday morning I took it off from exercise.  This morning I did a 40# kettlebell clean workout, doing sets of 10 with each arm and getting 200 total reps in under 10 minutes.  I typically do 100 in 4 minutes flat, give 2 minutes rest, then finish the next 4 minutes with another 100 rep round.

I also bought a new program on Sunday online, so I'm finally getting around to trying a new tonic trick that's pretty inexpensive to try out.  I'll discuss it more as I give it a try and see if it does anything positive.  I just bought all the ingredients yesterday, so it will take some time to implement.

My AdvoCare FIT package is running low soon, so I'll look at getting more Intra packets and maybe some Pre ones too.  I actually haven't taken the Post workout drinks since after my evening rides, I feel I need more calories.  I feel those might do better with a morning shake routine after my morning workouts. I still have a fair amount of other shakes to drink up, so it will be a while before my Post packages run low.

Overall, I still like my Spark before a ride and using one pack of Intra in my full water bottle.  Two packets of Intra really helps out if I go over 20 miles on a ride it seems, but one will do just fine as I've discovered. 

Check out the wide variety of AdvoCare products at

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
ASAP Workouts
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Monday, August 7, 2017

47 Mile Weekend

After taking off Friday, I rode again on Saturday and Sunday for 16 on Saturday, then 31 on Sunday.

Saturday's ride I was able to keep on riding, but the legs were starting to feel it after the past few weeks of piling up the mileage. Sunday's ride went about the same way, when the halfway point hit me again.  I did have some Intra packs on both rides which helped me get through the rides, but I was still feeling pretty tired by the end of it.

I wavered on a morning routine, but ended up doing some 1 arm kettlebell cleans.  I did sets of 100 in roughly 4 minutes per set.  I typically do 10 reps per side, alternating all the way to 100 for these sets.

Overall, it was a 10 minute workout (4 minutes of 100 reps, 2 minutes rest, 4 minutes to finish the 2nd set).

I'll see how the legs feel tonight for a ride, and if I end up going for one, it will be a short one.

I feel I may have to back off the mileage this week for a change. 

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
ASAP Workouts
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Friday, August 4, 2017

Fat Biking for 30 Again

The temps were very ideal for an evening ride, so my buddy and I went out for some gravel grinding south of town, then over to Portland and back to town again.

I bought a new bottle holder for my fat bike, a matching neon green one that fits the bike well in both style and function.

We went for 30 miles total for the night, its funny how many creaks and stuff you hear on a bike after longer rides.  Mainly my chain needs some cleaning and the entire bike needs a good cleaning as well.

I tried a combo of Spark and Pre workout packets before the ride, plus used two packets in one bottle of the Intra series.  They were a great combination overall to help power through a 30 mile ride and also tackle some hills on the gravel.

You can purchase the Pre and Intra packets individually at

I know the products are helping me a lot as I've added more and more miles on my daily rides at night and endure through mileages of over 100 miles a week lately.

This weekend looks great for more riding and great temps too, maybe I'll get in some super long rides as a result.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
ASAP Workouts
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AdvoCare Independent Distributor:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bike Rides and More Kettlebells

Yesterday was a morning run, followed by an evening ride for 22 miles.  Once again, the Pre and Intra drinks are working out great for long distance rides for me. 

Even if you're already having a post-workout shake as a part of your diet, the Pre and Intra packets can be bought separately and added to your plan.

If you enjoy long rides or endure some long bouts of exercise in the gym for an hour or so, the Intra series from the FIT lineup is worth looking into.

Take a look at the FIT series over at the side column or check out all the products here from AdvoCare.

This morning called for a 15 minute session of Kettlebell double cleans with a pair of 35's.

I did 10 reps per set for 10 minutes, 10 at the top of each minute.  I then finished it with 2 sets of 20, doing a set of 20 every 2, and finishing with a set of 10 to complete the workout in under 15 minutes.

It was basically a 1:1 work/rest pattern, getting 10 reps in about 30 seconds, then resting for 30.  Any time you're looking at work capacity, using a 1:1 work/rest pattern is a great way to get a workout in during a short period of time and also getting plenty of work done in that time.

Tonight, I'll see how the weather holds up.  Looks like rain is possibly on the way, but if it lightens up, a ride might be in order.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

424 Miles in July

Last week was another huge round of riding, as I finished off the week with rides on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, taking Sunday off. I clipped off another 23 last night with my buddy to get 424 for a total mileage in the month of July.  I really kicked things up the last 3 weeks with getting more than 100, then 117, then 109 in about a 3 week period alone.

Never have I tried such a thing, but it was both exciting and eye-opening. Before I'd do some 20-30 mile rides but not too many on back to back rides or a series of consecutive nights. 

It was also a great test for the Pre, Intra, and Post workout drinks that I use in the AdvoCare FIT system that I'm going through.  The biggest eye-opening night was a 30 mile ride done in 1:45 for time, averaging about 17mph on the bike over that time frame. I was able to keep a great speed going and was able to power through some tough efforts of wind and heat.

This morning I tried a return to running again, doing 2 miles in about 14:45 in an interval workout.

4 minutes easy
4 minutes race pace
4 minutes easy
Remaining time was hard effort to finish out to 2 miles.

My foot feels okay, it was just the right mileage to begin with again after a layoff of running and boost in cycling.

The week is off to a good start!

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
ASAP Workouts
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Bike That Might Ride Again One Day

Last night was an evening of fixing on a classic mountain bike and expecting to take it for a ride, plus a ride on a bike I wasn't expecting to ride.

A while ago, I found an old Huffy Stone Mountain bike that is like my old one as a teenager. Let's say things were shot on it here and there, so I did a lot of recycling.  At first I changed out the tires to some classic 1.75" ones, but discovered the rims were pretty wobbly and bent.

I was able to swap out a set of rims from a more modern one, putting used mountain bike tires on those rims. 

Things were still clunky and rattle-like, figuring the problem to be the bottom crank itself since it looked worn and loose. 

I've never fixed a bottom crank before, but was able to take it apart and see how it worked.  I had another parts bike that was the exact same size crank to replace.  Things fit perfectly and were very quiet after that fix and change-out. 

I decided to take it out for a good ride and unfortunately, couldn't take it very far.  The chain flew off after a third of a mile from home.  Thank goodness it was that close to walk my bike back. 

I feel the chain obviously didn't go on correctly.  I used a connection link from some parts, so I'll just have to get a chain with the full link inside.

So, my project of teenage memories is still in the fix-it stages.  My only other change I'm thinking of making will be smoother tires for hybrid riding on gravel and pavement. This would be a fun bike for low mileage rides.

I took another round of FIT products for my evening ride, as I'm fixing another bike and needed a good test ride for it.  I ended up going 17 miles on it and used the Pre- workout drink and the Post- workout drink with milk.  It's a cinnamon bun flavor and it went well with some 1% milk instead of using water.  I didn't get an Intra- packet made for this ride.

See what your FIT is with Pre, Intra, and Post workout drinks, plus an any-time, ready to drink Protein drink as well.

This morning was a round of KB swings with the 40# kettlebell.  I did 300 reps in a fashion of 200 at once with a break, then 100 to finish, getting it all done in less than 10 minutes.  It was a good mini-workout for the body to get it loose for the day.

I still have my Kindle guides for sale with plenty of KB workout guides created for short workouts like this.  Check them out for $5 or less at

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bikes, 'Bells, and FIT Begins

Last week I finished out a 33 mile ride to get 117 miles total from Sunday-Thursday.  I took off Friday and Saturday for a little vacation weekend to see my family. 

I came back Sunday with enough time for a quick 5 mile ride on a bike I've been asked to fix.  I gave it a good test run on flats and some hills to see what may be wrong with it.

Monday I did a KB power workout with double cleans, using two, 35# kettlebells. I did 10 per minute for 15 minutes, 150 cleans total.

Monday night was a gentle ride of 13 miles in about an hour.  The wind was pretty high for getting a good clip out of town and back in, so we rode basically in the two towns alone and on the trail.

I started the AdvoCare FIT lineup with a pre workout drink, intra-workout drink, and post workout drink. 

I feel the rides are a great fit for this lineup, since a pre workout and intra-workout drink would work well for the durations I ride for, typically 1-2 hours worth of riding a night lately. 

The Pre- drink is strawberry lemonade flavor, the Intra- drink is coconut lime flavored, and it does have a powdered coconut water as a part of the mixture.  Post- is cinnamon bun flavored, which tasted pretty good and I'll probably mix that with milk in the future instead of water. 

Check out the FIT lineup at

This morning, I decided to hit the HWR protocol again but use some kettlebells in the mix with it.  I used kettlebells for the first 10 minutes and finished off with 2 minutes of bodyweight lunges in the circuit.  The HWR series is a great morning routine to do in a short time frame.  I've always said its a great go-to workout when I need something short in the mornings to get my body moving and going for the day.  See what all the fuss is about at

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Add Another 18 This Week

Last night was another ride for the week, adding another 18 for the week and if you've been keeping track, its 84 since Sunday.  I plan to go out tonight if the weather cooperates and try to hit 100 or more.

I'm almost getting to the point of my Huffy Stone Mountain bike project being done, but it has a little ways to go yet.  I was able to get an older set of 1.75" x 26" tires on there for a nice smooth rider conversion.  However, after trying to shift gears up front, that cable snapped on me.  I later removed it after my main bike ride last night, but discovered that my chain needs more fixing too. 

My plan is to convert it into a straight-up 6-Speed cruising machine, since it might be very hard to find a good derailleur and shifter cable system to replace it.  The rear one does shift, so by keeping it on the front ring, I can at least use 6 speeds out of it.

I know the rims aren't perfect either, but for a bike that's 26 years old, I'll take it as a fun retro cruising machine conversion.  I do have a more modern Huffy seat on there now, taking off the severely yucky seat that was formerly on there.

I did find a very funny video late last night to share, its about a guy discussing his experiences at the gym.  As a past fitness trainer in gyms, I'd run into some people that would feel that way about fitness!

I have it on my Facebook page, right here:


Another part of the FIT line from AdvoCare is a ready to drink protein that you simply chill at first and drink it when you're ready.  If you're looking for convenience, its a great FIT for your on-the-go life.

Check it out and see if its a FIT for you!
Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

20 Miler and My Old Bike Returns

Last night was another good night for riding, as my buddy and I ventured out for just a 20 miler.  The 30 miler from the day before left us pretty sore. 

This morning I hit the kettlebell again and did some 1 arm cleans with the 40#, alternating 10 reps every arm all the way to 100 total (50/side).  This took just under 4 minutes, so I took 2 minutes rest, hit another 100, and called it good.  This helped loosen up the body a bit from the ride last night.

Another little joy was finding an old mountain bike that was the same model and paint job as my old bike when I was in junior high.  I rode that bike all the way through college and a bit past college. 

After I got into fixing up bikes, I always thought it would be fun to discover one of my old bikes if I could.  I have an idea of what they still look like, and this old Huffy was pretty easy to discover as a match. It had a grey, black, and white paint combination that looks splattered on, plus it has neon green forks up front.  Pretty easy to say 'that's my old bike" when I saw it right away from a distance.

The water bottle was missing, which was integrated into the frame on its own unique holder.  The little zipper pack in the frame was also brittle, faded, and all-around shot to heck.  I took that off due to its condition.  I also took off the grips, which looked almost melted somehow.  They were pretty gross.

The rims are off, tires off, and shined up as well as they can be.  They are 90-95% shiny now, just a few spots are pitted and rusty. 

I also put a new chain on it, but I'll have to play around with it and see why it almost catches when I try to freewheel it.

All in all, its a fun little project and a fun find.

I also got the new FIT package from AdvoCare, which I plan to go over tonight and perhaps post something on my ASAP Workouts Facebook page about it.

Look for something very soon on the FIT package!
Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fat Biking for 30

Last night was a good adventure with the Fat Bike, I ended up going for a 30 mile ride with it.  It has been a long time since I've been on it for a ride, and it was my longest ride ever on that bike.

We had a pretty stiff north wind to contend with, but a good portion of the ride was with a cross-breeze and also a nice stretch that went south.  The north wind helped us a lot on some hill climbs and I was able to keep it in full gear while climbing a hill.  My buddy hit 20 mph going up the hill on his bike, so that wind saved us a bunch of time.

I was thinking of selling my fat bike soon, as I wasn't really riding it that much any more and doing more rides with my road bikes.  However after last night's ride, and seeing how smooth it was over a long ride, I think I'll keep it around a bit longer.

My AdvoCare FIT package should come today.  Looking forward to start that very soon, most likely starting it fresh on Monday.

Check it out on this page, as its setup instantly to view on the sidebar on the right.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Rides and the Return of the Kettlebell

This past weekend was mainly a weekend of riding.  I discovered that last week, I had 85 miles from Sunday through Thursday, so I went for 15 on Friday night after work and hit the 100 mark for a week's time.

It's been quite a while since I've gone that far, but I have had a lot of evening rides in the past couple of weeks, so it came pretty quick.  I've also noticed that going on my road bikes is much smoother on my body as well. 

Saturday was a day I took off, and just relaxed with some flea market digging and also a quick stop to the antique shop that was hosting it.  I was able to find some great comic books, plus a cool pop bottle that was a ND bottled product.  I was also able to find a Batman book & record combo. 

Sunday afternoon was windy, but I still managed to get in a ride.  I kept it mostly east/west on my travels, since the southerly wind was ridiculous.  I am lucky that the two towns I live nearby all have a good portion of their roads going east/west, which makes it good to weave in and out of and get some miles without feeling like it takes forever.  Sunday's ride ended up being 16 miles total.  I took out the hybrid bike in case I wanted to go on the gravel, but with the wind they way it was, I'm glad I didn't venture out. 

This morning, I returned to Kettlebell training after a little funk of not training with them.  I tried to get in more runs, and now my left foot is having issues and I need a break.  That means its a good time to get back into high quality KB workouts again.  This morning's routine was an interval one with sets of 20 for double KB cleans, using my pair of 35's.  A set of 20 took about 52 seconds to do, So I went with a set every 2 minutes.  Since it has been quite a while, I only did 100 reps total to break myself back into them. 

This week, actually tomorrow, I expect to get my FIT package from AdvoCare.  Looking forward to seeing how this new product line goes. 

It's a good starter package, coming with a Pre, Intra, and Post workout pack for each step of the process.  I feel it will be good to take for my evening bike rides, since they could last 1 to 2 hours in time.  I've mainly been taking Spark during my rides, which is helpful and keeps me from bonking late in the ride.  It will be good to see what the Intra drink will do for me while on these rides.

Take a look at the FIT package, it is only $99 and you get a free FIT cinch bag to go with it, while supplies last.  As a PC or Distributor, you can get it for $79 (since you're saving 20%). 

My Spark offer is still standing, if you become a new Preferred Customer or Distributor with my business, I'll give you a free package of Spark. 

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Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak

Friday, July 14, 2017

A Nice 30 Miler, Plus The New FIT Series

Last night was a perfect summer night for a good ride, so my buddy and I went out for a good 2 hour, 30 mile ride overall.  Temps were right around 70, with no crazy wind at all.  A very, very comfortable evening for a good casual ride. 

When I got home, I discovered that AdvoCare just came out with a "FIT" line of products, plus its own unique FIT package of products to order as a bundle.

It has a PRE workout portion, an INTRA workout drink, and POST workout drink as well.

Check out the entire package here:

FIT Package

If you order it now, you will also get a free FIT cinch bag with your order!

Preferred Customers save 20%, I highly suggest becoming at least a PC to get some great savings on this bundle! 

I still have my offer going too with the free Spark packages to give away to the first two PC's or Distributors to join. Simply become one of my PC's or a new Distributor and I'll deliver one free package of Spark to you as a thank-you gift.

Now is a great time to get into using AdvoCare products, especially with this new FIT package and lineup they are offering!

I like it because their products are easy and simple to use and prepare.  They lay it all out for you, whether its the FIT package lineup or the 24 Day Challenge lineup of products. 

There's no better time than the present to take advantage of it!

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Three Miles of Easy

This morning was another nice one out to go for a run.  Since I did an interval workout style yesterday, I went with a smooth, steady pace for today's run. 

Debating on how I'd feel, I chose to do 2.5 miles at least, and add another route to make it a 3 miler if I wanted to. 

Once I got to 2 miles, I felt fine enough to make it for 3 and a little more.  My 3 mile route I usually take is closer to a 5K by the end of it. 

Today's run was 23:25, about a 7:49 per mile pace to go.  Still trying to break in the new shoes this week, so this run was a good one for accomplishing that. 

I didn't do any riding last night, things were just wet from some rain previously in the day, and I actually got a lot of work in on a boys bike I've customized and restored to a brilliant blue and white combination.


The bike will be going up for auction this September at a scholarship fundraiser at my college. This isn't finalized, as I'm going to get it customized with logos and scripts.
I'm hoping tonight to get in a good ride if the weather holds out well.
My Spark offer is still out there this week.  Become a PC or Distributor today to take advantage of this special offer, directly from me!
Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Fuji Experience and a 50/60 Run

Last night after work, I started to work a bit on my bike resto project of a 16" boys AMF Roadmaster cruiser.  It felt pretty decent for a ride as well, so I texted my friend to go on another ride that night. I also wanted to go test out my Fuji Sports 10 ride that I just picked up for a weekend fixer-upper. 

We decided to keep the ride shorter than usual, since there were some stormy clouds to the north and east of us.  We made it about 12 miles when we rolled back in time before the storm really hit to the east of us, which did produce a tornado and some seriously high winds. 

This morning I went for another run and decided to do another round of going easy/hard for 4 minutes each.  Basically I was getting about 50% of a mile in during the easy portions, the harder portions was 60% of a mile. 

First 4 minutes: .54
Hard 4 minutes: .60
Next 4 minutes: .53
Hard 4 minutes: .59
Last 2 minutes: .24

All in all, it was a 2.5 mile run in 18 minutes again like it was on Monday.

Last night I took some AdvoCare Spark before the ride, and saved a good meal for afterwards.

This morning I took some AdvoCare Slim after my run.  I'm back to taking this once a day as a part of my routine.  I had real good results taking two packs a day, but I'm stretching it out over 4 weeks with two packages and only one per day.

I still have some Spark packages to give away to two new Preferred Customers or new Distributors, now is a great time to start up with AdvoCare.  PC's get a special sample box and some other gifts.  Distributors get more of a package deal when you begin, with other sample products in your start-up pack.  Don't forget, Distributors can save more on purchases as your business increases and you also get an easy-to-use website to sell your products, order materials, and get valuable training videos/handouts to help you grow.

Ask me about it once you check it out at

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New Kicks, Plus a Marathon Ride

Monday was a two-workout day.  I started it off with a 2.5 mile, 18 minute run, done in my Tabata style. I got my first run in with the new set of Nikes I bought on Saturday.

 In the evening, I went for a nice evening ride of a marathon distance, 26.5 miles total by the end of it. 

The wind was pretty light and temps were just fine for a comfortable ride.  I didn't use the 'new' Fuji bike, but used my hybrid Schwinn OR2 bike for the whole ride.  I would feel more comfortable with the Fuji bike once I work on it some more, and get it with new tires as well. 

My special deal with offering a free package of Spark with my new Preferred Customers who sign up is still going on.  All you have to do is become a new PC with AdvoCare on my site, or even as a new Distributor if you wanted to get into that opportunity.

Let me know if you have questions.  PC's get some great savings, while Distributors not only get the savings, but can start their own AdvoCare business as well.

Register at as a new Preferred Customer or as a Distributor. 

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Monday, July 10, 2017

Retro Riding Weekend

This weekend was a nice mixture of working on some bikes, finding a retro one, and taking some rest too.

I began Saturday with selling some bikes at the local farmers market with my own booth, it was nice to get a presence with a booth now and if I'm around most weekends, I think I'll keep doing this. I tried to get a couple bikes sold as well through online channels.

I worked on a classic youth boys bike in starting the painting process of the frame, tank, and chain guard.  Painting is such a patient process, but worth it when it all comes together.

I ended up finding a bike on Sunday and brought it home that afternoon.  I bought a 1978 Fuji Sports 10, a 27" wheel ten speed.  I was able to fix it up within an hour or so, and took it for a ride. I went about 5 miles on it around town.  It is still a bit creaky, so I have just a little more work to do on it.

The 5 miler was on top of the 11 I rode in the morning. I took the weekend off from running, but went for one this morning, doing an interval workout.

4 minutes easy, 4 minutes hard (5K race pace feel), 4 minutes easy, 4 minutes hard, then 2 minutes to finish, as I got 2.5 miles done in just about 18 minutes.  My GPS watch had a funny glitch, telling me I ran a quarter mile in about a minute when I started.  That's pretty unlikely at the pace I start with on a run.  I never head out that fast!  Anyways, it all became pretty normal after my first mile of running.

I got a new pair of Nikes and they feel pretty light.  My Brooks Launch shoes were blown out and it was time for a change.

I have a new offer for those looking at becoming Preferred Customers or Distributors with AdvoCare: If you join as a PC or Distributor, I have a package of Spark to give you as a gift!  I only have two of these, so join this week and claim your Spark gift from me.  Both have great benefits when you become a part of AdvoCare in those ways.  Check it all out at

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Friday, July 7, 2017

A Windy Ride and Really Quick Run

Last night, I went for a bike ride and had a fun time trying to battle the wind, covering ground at close to a 4 minutes/mile speed on my road bike.  I sometimes head out to a point outside of Portland called Portland Junction, it is a 6.7 mile distance from my home to there.  I went out into a North, NW wind and covered that in 28 minutes. I took a water break (actually had some Spark in the bottle) and covered the return trip in 20 minutes on the nose.  It was a nice break from the wind and it is the best part of a ride when you can glide and cruise with the wind here.

This morning was a very quick run for only 1.5 miles, but a short speed workout mixed in there. My shoes are on their last few miles to go, so I kept the run short and brief. 

4 minutes easy, 3 minutes hard for a 7 minute mile, then 2 minutes easy and 1:45 hard, getting the remaining half-mile covered back home.  I have found a nice 1.5 mile loop close to my house, so if I ever need a short workout, its a great route to take. 

I feel I'm going to back off the runs to shorter runs like this, then do longer rides at night.

Looking forward to a good weekend of bike building and some rides too!

Have a great weekend!

Coach Rick
Home Workouts Plus!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Races, Rides, Rebuilds

Since I last updated in May, I've done a few things:

A 26.2 mile bike race in May (on my 40th birthday!)
I timed two 5K races
I ran in a 5K for the first time in two years (last year was full of injury for me)
I've put on a fair share of miles on the bike
I got some nice bikes this spring to rebuild and one to keep for my own rides, too.

My big surprise was getting a 12 speed Schwinn Tempo off the curb, it is an older 1985 model and was marketed as a triathlete's bike back in the day. I got new tires on and had it worked on more technically than I'm capable of with such a bike.  It really rides smooth.  I also just found a better seat for it at a thrift shop, so it really is a great bike for long distance rides now.

I also did a fair share of running in May and June.  I got about 4-5 runs per week, mixed in with bike rides too. My 5K time was 22:22, not quite my personal best ever, but since its been a long time from my last race, I was happy with it.  I also got 2nd in my age group and 14th overall in the race.

I did not do a lot of strength training, and I can definitely feel how I need more of it.

I'm starting out with some Home Workout Revolution style routines to do with dumbbells, keeping the workouts brief in the mornings and allowing me to ride at night more often. 

This week since Sunday, I've put on about 50 miles already.  I had 8 on Sunday, 24 on Tuesday, and another 17 last night... just shy of 50 at 49 total.  I'd really like to get more miles in this month and back off the running.  My left foot is again bothering me and worrying me, so I'll take a break this week after my run on Monday morning left me pretty worried about my foot.

As far as supplements go, I used some Spark on my Tuesday ride and also last night's ride. 

I got my order of Slim on Wednesday, so I started that today and will take Slim in the mornings and Spark in the afternoons and on evening rides when I go on those.

Take a look at Slim and Spark, they are some pretty simple supplements to take from AdvoCare.

Simply mix in a pack of Slim with water, and Spark also mixes easily with water too.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
Home Workouts Plus!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Some Changes In Direction

It has been since May when I last blogged about anything.  I decided to change some things up and pondered on more things going on in my life outside of work-related stuff.

I got into fixing up bicycles last summer and things really began to build in the fall.  This spring, after a successful spring-clean-up week hunt for bikes and parts, I amassed a good collection of basic parts to use for future rebuilds. 

I also planned to offer some speed training camps again this summer, but no interest really came my way and I've discovered that many youth in the area are tied up with sporting events in the evenings now. 

So, between an increase in bike restorations and rebuilds, plus a decrease in summer speed camp interest, I had to rethink what I need to focus on.

I'm finding a new niche with working on bikes, and bikes are even starting to just come to my door for free.  I guess I'm the new 'bike guy' in town and this hobby has turned into a good little operation in recent weeks.  I've been getting good interest and also some sales to go with it.

My site, has some good pictures of what I've been up to since last summer.

I also realized that any evening training camps would take away from the bike building and restorations, so perhaps its time to reduce a past passion, and increase the new one to full strength.

I've decided to also just focus on the online programs I sell, like HWR and TAB, plus the lineup of products from AdvoCare.  I really put AdvoCare on the back burner when the bike stuff increased, and need to rethink my strategy on that as well. I know the products work well and can help others in many ways.  I need to share more of that with people. The blog will be doing a lot more of that in the future again.  This is something I can do once a day in the mornings and tend to it throughout the day with relative ease.

Also, my race directing has been scaled down now to mainly local races to assist with, and that isn't such a big production any more.  I put the Finley 5K back on again, helped time the Mayville 5K, and will do the same for the MSU Farmers Bowl 5K this fall.  I'm assisting with timing of 40 yard dashes for a combine and that will be about all of my focus with any sort of race directing/timing services I will offer.  I can offer to come to time athletes in a small group setting, like a team camp going on, or come to help run an evaluation of your team on speed/agility tests.

So, in closing, I'll be doing the following:
- Cutting back on speed camps/fitness training that I do face-to-face. I'm pretty much done with that.
- Focusing more on online fitness programs I can help others with (HWR, TAB, Workout Finishers)
- Focusing more on the products people can use to help them with fitness objectives (AdvoCare)
- Cutting back to just local races/events for timing and directing
- Using this blog more effectively to help more and more people than just a fitness program or product to use

Look for me to be sharing more of my workouts and other adventures as well.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
Home Workouts Plus!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Review of April

April was a varied month, as I ran inside to start and then with warmer weather, outdoor runs became the norm.
I've also got some shorter bike rides in, mostly on weekends.

My lifting hit a standstill and was mainly some at-home kettlebell routines.  With track club, we tended to hit the track more and the weight room less. 

My lone track athlete at the college finally competed this past Saturday, it was a fun meet to go to. It was my first college meet that I've attended, and if we ever get a team started at the college here, it would be very manageable to start out with the local meets and get 5-10 athletes on board.

My Advocare additions were mostly Slim and some Spark.  I haven't taken Slim in a couple of weeks now.  Spark has been a basic staple for me, especially for bike rides and some runs.

I feel Spark is a great option for just about anyone. It's a good option before workouts and also as an afternoon pick-me-up when needed.

I'm preparing for some summertime speed training sessions for athletes, as well as a couple 5K's to time in June.  I'm also trying to gather up interest for a Bicycle Cruise too.

May looks like more of a month to train for strength & speed and get in some longer runs too.  The mornings are becoming brighter by 6am and that means better morning runs overall as the temps warm up.

I'm also looking at getting in some HS track meets to watch them as well.

I just ordered some more Spark to help get me through May.  Take a look at ordering some here and become a Preferred Customer to save even more money:

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Summer Training Options with ASAP Workouts

This summer, I plan to bring back some summertime speed training options to the Mayville-Portland area.

Last year's options are the same as this year's:

If you want to train One-on-One exclusively, the cost is $200 for 10 sessions.

If you want to train in a small group in a Semi-Private setting of 2-6 athletes, the cost is $100/athlete for 10 sessions. Athletes must be present for each session.  If some can't make it to each one, I may be able to offer another workout for those who had to miss.

You can make arrangements with me over email or phone/text to schedule when you'd like to start.

If you want me to come and speak to a group or team, I can do that as well.

The centerpiece of my training plans are focused on getting your true speed times with my SpeedTrap Laser Timer. 
Here is a short video of me explaining the SpeedTrap Timer and how it simply works.

Every sprint we do will be timed and recorded to get your true speeds measured and to make sure you're in the right speed zones for maximum effort.

I start the workouts with a mix of agility and light jumping exercises to work on body control and awareness.  These essentials are needed for athletes to move better and more efficiently in their sports. 

Since many athletes play multiple sports, I try to cover the essential basic actions to help athletes get the basics down and improve upon them.

Many times I have watched youth and high school sports and witnessed a lot of athletes who simply can't stop their body properly and change direction smoothly.  A large part of my training plans will cover this essential need.

Skills camps are great for learning specific technique with sports skills, but the essential skills of movement are what can really be the difference for many athletes.

Many times, athletes will work more on specific skills than basic training needs and simply don't get coordinated enough or conditioned well enough to master the specific skills.

My training sessions are meant to 'fill that gap' to get in quality training and conditioning for your basics, while you work out the individual skills you need for your sport.

I finish the training session up with sprint sessions to complete the session with some maximal sprints and sufficient rest times between sets. 

Download your forms at and let me know that you want to start up this summer!

Call or text me at 701-361-3101 to discuss the best training option for your young athlete. 

College students, I can train you as well!  If you're looking for some private coaching at an affordable price, ASAP Workouts is your choice! ASK ABOUT THE "CAPTAIN COMET SPECIAL!"

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Coach Rick Karboviak
ASAP Workouts

Monday, April 17, 2017

Back On The Track Plus Some HWR

After a good Easter weekend, I hit the track last night once I got home and finally did a distance speed workout on the track. I've been doing a lot of short distance starts and sprints from 10m to 40m.

I was feeling like doing an easier, break-in workout for a speed session.

I did the following:

300m jog, 100m race pace sprint x 10 (2.5 miles)
After that, I did a nice finisher that took a while, but my sprints went very well.
100m walk recovery, 100m sprint on the straights x 8 (1 mile total distance, 1/2 mile of sprints)

Overall the workout was 3.5 miles long, but with 1/2 mile of walking and 1/2 mile of sprints at the end, with 2.5 miles of continuous running of the 300/100 cycles.

It was a bit windy yesterday but the track was shielded well on one side with some trees to break the wind on the north side, and the straights on the south side had a good northwest wind to push me.

The workout went a lot better than expected.

This morning I returned to the HWR series for a nice workout to do after the speed sessions last night.

It was the 12 minute HWR workout that's a part of the entire series.

These are great routines to fit in for tight workout situations.

Take a look at HWR here:

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Workout Update and AdvoCare, too

Things are going along with my workouts, still coming off last week's cold a little. Since Saturday, I've ran a couple times and did some kettlebell work. 

Sunday was 2 miles at a faster pace than usual, doing 2 miles in 15:10 for a 7:35 average.  It made for a quick little workout to do since I wasn't quite up to feeling well for a workout on Sunday morning.

Monday was a Kettlebell day with some double KB cleans once again for a 20 minute workout.  Did my usual 20 reps every 2 minutes routine, 10 rounds of that for 200 reps total.

Tuesday I ran in the morning for 2 miles and saved a bit for an evening session of sprints on the track.  I was a bit bugged by a bothersome neck injury from sleeping wrong the previous night, which made sleeping last night a real pain in the neck, literally.

I took this morning off due to the huge neck and trap pain I was having.  I am feeling much better throughout the day and will hit the track tonight for some more sprints.  This time I probably won't overdo it and play it a little bit safer.  Sleeping with a neck issue is not a fun thing.

In the meantime, I'm looking at selling more AdvoCare products as a way to help others out.

You don't have to do the business side of it to get tremendous deals, as the Preferred Customer routes are a deal in itself.  For less than $20, you can get membership in the PC program and start by saving 20% on your orders, plus get a few free products once you join. 

You'll get a sample package of Spark flavors to use as trials and decide which one you like the most.  Spark is a great option for pre-workout and morning or afternoon lifts, instead of coffee or energy drinks all the time.

Many people will combine Spark with the MNS series for an all-around effort of energy boosting and timely nutritional intake of key vitamins, minerals and other helpful supplements.

Of course, if you are interested in the benefits of the business side of AdvoCare, it has a great model to use and wonderful tools to help you get started on the right path.  I've been a part of others and I love AdvoCare's simple, easy to follow, low-pressure way of handling sales and service.  It is very affordable to start too, basically for $5/month over the course of a year.  For under $60, you'll get a starter pack to help you and a website to use instantly to sell your products.  This means that you are starting up an at-home, on-your-time business for an average of $5/month. 

Contact me if you need help in getting started in either routes as a PC member (which I highly recommend for the big savings you receive) or as an Independent Distributor.

AdvoCare has helped my internet presence grow with my blog and websites, plus the products have helped me trim up greatly as I prepare for a successful racing season. Let me tell you the ways it can help you, too!

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Coach Rick Karboviak