Friday, July 7, 2017

A Windy Ride and Really Quick Run

Last night, I went for a bike ride and had a fun time trying to battle the wind, covering ground at close to a 4 minutes/mile speed on my road bike.  I sometimes head out to a point outside of Portland called Portland Junction, it is a 6.7 mile distance from my home to there.  I went out into a North, NW wind and covered that in 28 minutes. I took a water break (actually had some Spark in the bottle) and covered the return trip in 20 minutes on the nose.  It was a nice break from the wind and it is the best part of a ride when you can glide and cruise with the wind here.

This morning was a very quick run for only 1.5 miles, but a short speed workout mixed in there. My shoes are on their last few miles to go, so I kept the run short and brief. 

4 minutes easy, 3 minutes hard for a 7 minute mile, then 2 minutes easy and 1:45 hard, getting the remaining half-mile covered back home.  I have found a nice 1.5 mile loop close to my house, so if I ever need a short workout, its a great route to take. 

I feel I'm going to back off the runs to shorter runs like this, then do longer rides at night.

Looking forward to a good weekend of bike building and some rides too!

Have a great weekend!

Coach Rick
Home Workouts Plus!

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