Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Double Kettlebell Day

I've had a decent past few days of workouts, mainly doing double kettlebell work and also getting a run outside in during the morning.

I'm mainly trying to balance out a cardio day then a kettlebell or bodyweight circuit day.

For example, last Saturday was a 10 minute Home Workout Revolution workout, Sunday was a 7 mile ride on the indoor bike, Monday was a double KB day of cleans, cleans & presses, and jerks. Tuesday was the first run I've been on in quite a while, and this morning was another double KB day.

Even the double KB workouts are following the 20/10, or 30/30 workout patterns that are found in the HWR series.

Weight loss is starting to come again with this kind of sequence of workouts. 

I know some people love to bash cardio workouts, but I feel strength workouts of the KB and bodyweight nature help make you stronger for the cardio workouts.

I'm still a big believer in the effects of kettlebells on running performance. I feel this all will add up and help me once the spring weather improves and more outdoor workouts can happen.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Double KB Work Is Intense!

The last couple of weeks I've been doing Double KB Cleans and Jerks.  My only equal pair of KB's are 35's and it is pretty well taxing after 10-15 minutes.

My routine is pretty basic:
5 reps of Clean & Jerks, rest until the 1 minute mark, do another 5.  I basically do 5 reps at the top of each minute.

5 reps will take me around 25 seconds to do, so I rest 35 seconds.  It is pretty close to a 1:1 work/rest ratio. 

I have also tried doing 10 double cleans per minute, for 10 minutes, then doing 5 double jerks every minute for 5 minutes.

It is a very intense routine, and it keeps the workout short, brief, to the point, and on-task.

It only appears to be 15 minutes but it feels like a solid 30 minute session.

I've always gravitated towards single KB work and just alternating arms, but with double kettlebell workouts, you definitely feel the effects of loading two equal weights in each hand. Your abs, back, and hips can really become more engaged versus single KB stuff.

I can definitely see myself sticking with this for a while because its a great switch for me and is just what I need for a new challenge.

Coach Rick
Home Workouts Plus

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Back at Home with the Kettlebells

The workouts lately for me have been all at home.  I've done a couple runs outside when it was nice enough out, but a large portion of my workouts have been inside.

Kettlebells have been the norm, along with some bodyweight routines of the HWR nature. I'm adding more to the mix on the kettlebell side.  After completing 10,000 swings in January, it was time to get after the other power exercises like cleans, clean and presses, and snatches.

I've kept it short in the 10-15 minute range on these exercises.

Cleans were done for 10 minutes in the 20/10 format, 10 per side on every 20s work, 10s rest pattern.

Clean & Presses were done with a single kettlebell, 5 reps per 20 seconds, following the 20/10 pattern again.

Snatches were done with 5 per side as well, getting 10 total every minute, following the 20/10 pattern too.

This morning's workout was a Double Clean & Press, doing 5 reps at the top of every minute. I did this for 10 minutes to start, and felt another 5 would be fine to shoot for.  After 15 minutes of it, it was time to end it.  I used the two 35# kettlebells I own for this routine.  35's are the only pair of kettlebells I own.

Double C&P's get taxing in a hurry.  They are great calorie churners, from what I've seen the experts say.  I believe them when they say that, too!

Getting back into the HWR routines has been going well for me, too. It feels good just to move your own bodyweight around and not worry about heavy weights swinging around each and every day.

There is a lot you can take from the HWR style of workouts.  You can apply the same principles to kettlebell routines with some basic kettlebell exercises, mixed in with bodyweight ones.

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Coach Rick
Home Workouts Plus