Friday, April 22, 2016

4 Day Detox Results

I'll be real with you, these are my real numbers and real results.

I'm happy, shocked, but most of all, feel a heck of a lot better than I did 4 days ago!

I started on Monday with The Achievable Body's 4 Day Detox, weighing 209, 18.3% body fat.
That breaks down to 171 lean mass, 38 in fat.

Over the course of the 4 days, I've steadily dropped weight, but saw a slight increase in fat mass.  I kind of expected this since the diet is pretty low in carbs and combined with my runs and bike rides, I'd burn off a lot of carbs in those workouts in general. After 2 days, I was 206 and 19%, losing 4 in lean mass and gaining 1 in fat. 

After day 3, I was down to 204.5 and 19%. Fat was relatively the same at 39 pounds.

Day 4 was the big one, as I'm now down to 203, and a drop in fat too at 18.4%.  Final numbers are 166 and 37.  That's 5 pounds in lean mass and 1 pound in fat, even after a slight gain midway from 38 to 39.  I know the first 2-3 days on this, I was eliminating a lot of this weight as well, if you know what I mean.  I think that was a lot of the weight that was lost overall. Let's face it, 'that' weight isn't fat, it is waste.  Couple that with the fact that the bloated feeling is down considerably, it explains what mostly happened on this diet.

Was this diet easy?  Actually, yes! 

Fruit & nuts, veggies or a smoothie, lean meats and greens to end the day.  It took some discipline, but it was worth going through. 

No crazy shakes or mixes or pills to take either, all food-driven.

I reported on my Winning Side Consulting page on Facebook that I struggled a lot with a speed workout on Wednesday.  I basically felt a lot lighter (bloat around the waist is really reduced through this) and the weather was great...however I felt very low on energy without eating quite as much as I'm used to.  I felt the energy was down, during my run.

On Thursday, I opted for a 10 minute HWR routine, finishing it off with 100 swings of the 40# kettlebell. It was just the right amount to work me, but not wipe me out.

I felt great enough this morning to attempt a 1.5 mile easy run to get my day started, ended up going for 2 miles at an easy pace.  It's amazing how you feel after just a 6 pound drop in weight!

I can see why this detox is not a long-term thing.  But I love the fact that most of all, the bloated feeling I have is virtually gone now.  It really helped fix that up. 

I also eliminated pop during this time, and I think that helped greatly as well.  It's amazing how much better you feel after you've been used to about a pop each day, sometimes more on the weekends.

I think we have so many goofy things added to our foods, over a while, these bloated feelings just happen. Sometimes you have to just clean the body out for a few days and this 4 Day Detox did just that.

If you want to find out more about this Detox plan and also get a great diet & exercise package to go with it, then you have to check out The Achievable Body.

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Coach Rick
Winning Side Consulting

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Achievable Body

I've had a lot of success from doing programs created by Craig Ballantyne and Mike Whitfield. Mike has had a wonderful effect on the fitness industry as Trainer of the Year, twice, and as the "Finishers Guy". 

Now, he has a new program that is also very affordable and worth taking a look at.

It is called The Achievable Body, a no-nonsense approach for fat loss.

I just bought it yesterday, reviewed the programs, videos and guides that I purchased.

I'm starting up the 4 Day Detox (which doesn't have anything fancy as a part of it, like I said, very "no nonsense"!) on Monday. I like the fact I don't have to take a special concoction of pills on this detox. It is going to be a lot of real foods and basically some protein shakes along with it.

There is also a 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss program, to help amp up my efforts after the detox.

I needed a good 'kick' and plan to follow, and this is just what is needed for me.

Something simple, no-fluff, and easy to follow.

Take a look at this very affordable program NOW and help it get you out of a stalemate to jumpstart your efforts!

Coach Rick