Monday, December 14, 2015

A Mix of At-Home and At-The-Gym Works, Too

The last two weeks I've been back on the bike in the mornings, getting mostly 20 and 30 minute rides in throughout the week. I also joined the gym again to lift with my best friend, as the more I talked with him about lifting, the more I wanted to get back and lift with someone.  Let's face it, workouts at the gym are more fun with a friend and it keeps you on the motivated side. So, for now, I'm getting in a blend of at-home workouts and at-the-gym routines.

Last week was the first week of re-joining the gym. I feel I will get back into running more with treadmill workouts with the gym membership renewed.  The bike workouts at home are a good start to the day, as they get the heart pumping and the blood moving.  Later on I will get into more running at the gym.

At the gym, we are doing the "Power To The People" deadlifts and bench press routine. We follow a certain protocol for reps of 5 and do 2-5 sets of 5 for each exercise.  We then round it out with other exercises and finish it off with kettlebell swings.  My friend has never done deadlifts before or kettlebell exercises, so last week was a good practice week to get into the groove of a new program.

We may get into another program, based on one of the programs I discuss in "Just The Workouts", a Kindle guide I've created a couple years ago.

We will see how well the PTTP program goes for us.  We have some good goals ahead of us: He wants to be in great shape by the time he his 40 next May, and I have my wedding in June.

With him being my best man at the wedding, we would like to look pretty darn good for the wedding.

As for dieting, I'm doing two shakes a day, either a canned shake (think generic slim-fast) or a blended protein shake.  I find the canned shakes affordable and easy for "grab and go" times when needed. 

Overall, its starting to work. I've lost 4 pounds the last two weeks and I feel that's making some good headway towards my goals. 

I have a long road but each day is a new step forward.

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Coach Rick

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter At-Home Workouts

Some snow has finally arrived here, and with it come slick streets, snowy sidewalks, and generally unhappy conditions some days.  Maybe you can't make it to the gym in time, or you just don't have the time to deal with it. 

I've worked in gyms before and I've heard the excuses and reasons.  (There are differences between excuses and reasons!)

Actually, when I was a trainer, I'd enjoy my workouts more at-home than at the gym, mainly because I would always be 'around' my work and never really felt that I left it or took a break from it.  It would definitely be annoying to have my workout interrupted by a gym member who couldn't understand that I was working out on my own and needed my own time.

This led me to get a host of home gym 'toys' and other things. 

Later on, I'd get kettlebells for my training business and kept them after I got out of the business, just because I wanted a kick-butt home gym operation.

Some simple solutions for an inexpensive home gym are:

1. Door chin-up bar - this is not only great for chin ups, but most can be used for raised push-ups and have ab straps for hanging ab exercises.
2. Push-up handles:  Handles can be stationary or rotating, I prefer rotating since its easier, smoother on the joints.
3. Adjustable dumbbells:  A great choice for doing a wide range of total body and single joint exercises. 
4. Exercise bands and door attachment:  Another great option if you need variety or other choices of exercises to use as substitutes
5. Kettelbells:  Of course, my personal favorite device, just a couple of your chosen sizes will do. It can be spendy at first, but for what they can give you in strength and cardio workouts, its a steal.
6. Yoga/Exercise mat: I have a basic foam mat to help make floor exercises more comfortable.

There are a lot of home exercise programs to follow, but one I highly recommend is, of course, Home Workout Revolution.


1. No equipment workouts to start with.  Makes it great for travel trips!
2. Equipment can be added, as needed, for an increased challenge. Tired of push-ups? Do some band chest presses.  Try some chin ups or hanging ab exercises, try some kettlebells for a change.
3. Inexpensive: For under $50, ($70 less than other programs), you can download, watch, and get started ASAP instead of waiting for it to be shipped to you.   This whole program costs less than most kettlebells do!

Of course, I pair up other at-home workouts with my indoor bicycle and also kettlebell power workouts, such as Swing workouts.

It never hurts to have a few basic items for your home gym and make it a go-to option, any time you need to hit the gym.

Check out HWR here:

Coach Rick