Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Rides and the Return of the Kettlebell

This past weekend was mainly a weekend of riding.  I discovered that last week, I had 85 miles from Sunday through Thursday, so I went for 15 on Friday night after work and hit the 100 mark for a week's time.

It's been quite a while since I've gone that far, but I have had a lot of evening rides in the past couple of weeks, so it came pretty quick.  I've also noticed that going on my road bikes is much smoother on my body as well. 

Saturday was a day I took off, and just relaxed with some flea market digging and also a quick stop to the antique shop that was hosting it.  I was able to find some great comic books, plus a cool pop bottle that was a ND bottled product.  I was also able to find a Batman book & record combo. 

Sunday afternoon was windy, but I still managed to get in a ride.  I kept it mostly east/west on my travels, since the southerly wind was ridiculous.  I am lucky that the two towns I live nearby all have a good portion of their roads going east/west, which makes it good to weave in and out of and get some miles without feeling like it takes forever.  Sunday's ride ended up being 16 miles total.  I took out the hybrid bike in case I wanted to go on the gravel, but with the wind they way it was, I'm glad I didn't venture out. 

This morning, I returned to Kettlebell training after a little funk of not training with them.  I tried to get in more runs, and now my left foot is having issues and I need a break.  That means its a good time to get back into high quality KB workouts again.  This morning's routine was an interval one with sets of 20 for double KB cleans, using my pair of 35's.  A set of 20 took about 52 seconds to do, So I went with a set every 2 minutes.  Since it has been quite a while, I only did 100 reps total to break myself back into them. 

This week, actually tomorrow, I expect to get my FIT package from AdvoCare.  Looking forward to seeing how this new product line goes. 

It's a good starter package, coming with a Pre, Intra, and Post workout pack for each step of the process.  I feel it will be good to take for my evening bike rides, since they could last 1 to 2 hours in time.  I've mainly been taking Spark during my rides, which is helpful and keeps me from bonking late in the ride.  It will be good to see what the Intra drink will do for me while on these rides.

Take a look at the FIT package, it is only $99 and you get a free FIT cinch bag to go with it, while supplies last.  As a PC or Distributor, you can get it for $79 (since you're saving 20%). 

My Spark offer is still standing, if you become a new Preferred Customer or Distributor with my business, I'll give you a free package of Spark. 

So, with becoming a PC, you'll be getting a special PC package that has a sample box of Spark, plus a special Spark package from me individually, plus you'll be saving 20% on any order.  It's only $19.95 to join as a PC, think of it like a membership card to a wholesale store.  The more you buy, the more you save, up to 30% off retail, too!

Distributors can save up to 40% once you build your business to an Advisor level.  This option allows you to sell AdvoCare products at retail prices in person-to-person sales or also with an online store.  I've been a part of other supplement companies, and AdvoCare has the best type of online store and online business training to help you grow.  You also get the website to sell products immediately, while others have a monthly charge on their sales sites. Bottom line is you end up paying the company a LOT with that monthly fee, while AdvoCare sets you up for success by saving that money as you begin right away.  For one company, I was paying $15/month just to sell their products at a 25% commission.  I only pay a $50 annual fee to cover this cost with AdvoCare.  It was only $59 to start as a Distributor, too, which covers that cost of starting your online sales site.   Would you rather spend $50/year or $300/year to sell your products in your business?  It's a simple choice to me. 

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Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak

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