Saturday, April 18, 2015

More Biking, Fat & Skinny, Plus some Runs


This week has been a combo of many avenues of exercise: mainly bodyweight exercises (still doing the JFK Fitness Program workouts from that 1960's book), some runs, and some rides.

I got back on the hybrid bike (basically a skinny version of a mountain bike tire, ideal for pavement and on gravel) and also spent some time on the fat bike. Wednesday was mainly a running day, with a 5 mile run with the running club. Thursday was a bike ride on the hybrid. Friday, another ride on the hybrid for 7.5 miles, then a 1.5 mile run after that, as a way to prep for the duathlon training I wanted a good measurement of what half of some parts of the race would be like.  The Duathlon is a 5K, 25K ride, and 5K to finish.  25K is roughly 15.5 miles, so I did 7.5 on the bike, then 1.5 as a run to see how I'd feel getting off the bike and into a run. I know from my days of triathlon training it was a hard thing to get used to.

This morning was a cool morning with no wind at all, so I put up with 35-40 degree temps and dressed warm enough for a 7 mile ride on the fat bike.   Took me about 33 minutes, so it was a pretty slow ride compared to a hybrid bike ride, but I feel the fat bike is a great strength builder due to its size and weight to propel. 

Coffee Time!  This week has been a good mix of OG's Black Gourmet in the sachets, King of Coffee in sachets, and Black Gold in the BrewKups.  I think it was on Friday when I created a good Bulletproof Coffee mix with the Black Gold coffee flavor and the usual organic butter and coconut oil.

I'm really enjoying the OG brand and find the sachets to be very useful for at work and at home.  They don't take up a lot of space and can easily be portable anywhere for a quick cup to make. 

Still looking at doing a Coffee Party online with my OG Coffee Facebook group.  Join the page if you want to take part very soon and in the future too.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Duathlon Training


I'm in the planning stages of training for a Duathlon race in the end of May. Its a 5K run, 25K ride, and 5K run at the end.  I'm already doing a mix of rides and runs, so I feel its time to blend the two together and train for a race.

The training will be similar to a triathlon race I did twice in 2004 and 2005, as the distances are similar to that for the bike (it was 12 miles in the tri) and a 5K at the end. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

I know I'd have to get my fastest bike back in order.  Its been a while since I've ridden that bike, but I can handle 20+ mph on it pretty well.

The last few days I've been doing some fat biking, once on Sunday and once on Tuesday. Monday was a wild day for running, as there were 45+ mph gusts of wind that day.  It was wild going into it, and felt like someone pulling you when it was behind you.

Overall, the bike rides and running will have to amp up a bit and do some double workouts on the weekend to get used to both.

I got my OG King of Coffee in, and it tastes better than Black Gourmet.  BG still tastes good, but King of Coffee is pretty darn bold. It does cost a bit more, so in comparison, I'd probably stick with Black Gourmet in the sachets for a quick cup at work.  It costs less overall and has a pretty comparable taste.  It all depends on what you like in your coffee.

I also got my Black Gold in BrewKup form, that is definitely in my top 3 from OG.  I like the Royal Blend of Jamaican coffee as my favorite, Black Gold is #2. Black Gourmet is #3.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fat Biking & Coffee


The JFK Challenge workouts keep moving along, doing 5 per week and its lasting about 8-10 minutes each time.  I have one more week of Levels 1 & 2 mixed together. I will then do just Level 3 for 3 weeks.  Still have Levels 4 and 5 to go in 3 week periods.

The workout series sort of reminds me of the old ab workout series I'd do back in HS that took me about 15 minutes.  Looking back, this routine would have been a lot better for me since its more well-rounded and balanced with a total body focus.  Its a great mobility series to get the body going before a basic cardio routine. 

In the last week I've been riding my new Fat Bike, aka My Big Fat Pony. I went on a training ride for 6.5 miles on Thursday.  Friday I felt ill in the afternoon and evening so I stayed at home. Saturday I felt better and well enough to do a leisure ride (no worries about effort/time/distance), which was a good thing to do after feeling so ill on Friday. 

This morning was a slightly chilly morning ride but felt great doing a 6 mile ride from Mayville to Portland and back.  I went about half a mile or so into Portland to get to the 3 mile point and then turned around to ride back into Mayville.  There is a great bike path built between the two towns and it is nice and safe to travel on.  No major worries along a major highway. The 6 miler was done in 26:30, about a 4:25/mile pace for an average. I know I'm slower on a fat bike compared to my hybrid, but since its heavier than my other bikes, its also a bit harder to ride. I'm hoping it makes me stronger to ride a lighter bike.

Speaking of bikes, I'm seriously contemplating a late May duathlon. Its a 5K run, 25K ride, then 5K run all back to back to back.  I think it would be a fun challenging event and be similar to a triathlon that I've done in the past, just two runs sandwiching a 15.5 mile ride.

I know I gotta get some serious training in for it, and the weather right now is looking prime time to get it in.  I think such a race will help me tune up well for the 5K's I plan to run this summer too.

As for my coffee, I'm drinking the good old basic OG Gourmet Black, OG's #1 seller. No bulletproof style this morning, just plain old, black coffee.

If you become an OG distributor like I am, you can get a great deal on OG coffee and their other products.  I'm pretty much a coffee only guy, so I've been trying out their various kinds of BrewKups and this next package I'm getting is OG King of Coffee.  Its in the sachets and for those who are not in favor of using BrewKups or the K-cup style, sachets are an easier way to prepare your single cups of coffee.  Its a lot less of waste and the coffee contents itself fully dissolve into hot water to create your coffee.  I've had instant coffees before and the OG instant sachets are totally different than your store bought 'instant' coffee.  There is no comparison: OG simply stands out as a premium coffee compared to other instant brands. 

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

#JFKChallenge moves along


The JFK Challenge workout series I've been doing has kept going well for me. It works as a great 'limber up' workout to do in the mornings.  Its taking me about 10 minutes or less to do.

I did it last week for 6 days straight, this week I'm aiming for 6 again.  Mon-Fri will be levels 1 & 2 of the series each day, Saturday will probably be a Tabata series session again of 2 rounds of the 7 exercises.

The last 4 days I've been riding or running.  Sunday was a (cold!) bike ride on the Big Fat Pony.  The temp was about 25 but the wind was high enough to make it feel much colder than that.

Monday was a run, a simple 2.5 mile route I typically do and finished it in 18:25 for time. 

Tuesday it was rainy and snowy, a crazy mix.  I ended up with an indoor bike ride of 7 miles in under 20 minutes.  I always go faster on the indoor bike, so I'm not worried about distance, but more for what distance I can do in a set time.

Wednesday night was another run with the running club, a nice 4 miler in under 31 minutes. The first 2 miles were under 15 minutes, the next 2 coming back was more inline with an 8 minute pace to get 16 minutes on that section. 

Today I think I'll try to get on the fat bike again for a fun ride if the weather is decent.  If not, maybe a short run or an indoor ride.

The coffee choices in the mornings are a mix of OG Gourmet Black and some generic K-cup Columbian coffee.  I've made Bulletproof Coffee for a couple mornings but not every one of them.

I ordered some OG King of Coffee this week and it should come in shortly.  I also got some Black Gold in the BrewKups. 

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Friday, April 3, 2015

#JFKChallenge Updates


The JFK Challenge workouts continue onward this week. 

Wednesday and Thursday's routines were once again the #1 and #2 level workouts in a back to back setting.

Wednesday I ran for 4 miles after work for our local Club Run.  Very windy night and the first 2 miles headed out into the wind.  My 2nd mile was 8:30, turning around, my 3rd was 7:30.  It was pretty crazy. 

Thursday I felt pretty wiped and just did the JFK bodyweight circuits in the morning.

For this morning's workout, I tried the JFK circuit but did a Tabata format to it.

It was 14 minutes long, 2 cycles of 20/10 per exercise, and 2 full circuits of the 7 exercise circuit.

Alternating Toe Touches 20/10 x 2
Mountain Climbers 20/10 x 2
Sit Stretches: 20/10 x 2
Push-Ups 20/10 x 2
Sit-Ups 20/10 x 2
Side Leg Raises - 20/10 per side
Flutter Kicks - 20/10 x 2
Repeat circuit for a 14 minute workout.

I'm loving this little change and break from the kettlebells, but I'm also missing the Swings. I may mix them into the schedule 2-3x/week, but I kind of want to keep on a full bodyweight regime to see how my body handles it. Maybe I need a reprieve from some KB beatings. I am going to get some more runs and rides in as the weather warms up.

Bulletproof Coffee was on the schedule this morning, a good mix of some basic generic Columbian coffee with organic butter and coconut oil.  I'm out of OG BrewKups, so I have to wait until my order comes in before I enjoy it again.

I also had a serving of some orange juice (10 oz) and a scoop of vanilla whey protein. Its a very smooth combo and less frothy than regular milk and protein powders.

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