Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Busy Road Life Leads To....


Been quite a while since the last post, I went on a road trip and didn't have much time for blogging stuff, mainly worried about work on my trip.

I  mainly did a mix of bodyweight workouts with a door strap in the hotel, plus my kettlebell stuff. I would run about 3x a week on the road, with a running club run and my own run on Sunday as well.

The door strap I got was at Walmart, it wasn't perfect, but it did the job for a brief workout of 1 leg squats, push ups, inverted rows, ab crunches, and back extensions. I also tried some mountain climber hangs with my feet in the handles.

Here is a sample of the bodyweight routine I'd do with the simple door strap with handles:

20/10 work/rest cycles

1 Leg Squats: Alternating legs every 20/10, 2 sets per leg (4 cycles total)
Push-Ups: 4 sets of 20/10
Basic Squats: 4 sets of 20/10
Inverted Rows: 4 sets of 20/10
Ab Crunches (like an ab rollout on a wheel) 4 sets of 20/10
Back Extensions (got this one from the guide, kind of like a squat with a pull at the top) 4 sets of 20/10
Mountain Climber Hangers (feet in straps, push-up stance) 2 sets of 20/10

As always, my handy dandy GymBoss timer set for the 20/10 cycles did wonders with this workout.

I had a lot of nice runs in a lot of Minnesota that my business trips took me on. My last run in Brainerd had a great run going right by the Mississippi River on a park trail. It was a great, peaceful run to bounce these ideas in my head that have been going strong the last month or so.
I'm churning up ideas on a new running themed motivational program specific for runners. Its not ready, but it will be in a few months.  I am brainstorming a lot on the idea and bouncing around ideas with other runners to get their specific perspective.

I see a lot of good stuff with it and think it would really take off.

Until then, get what you can from me with the guides I have at http://tinyurl.com/rkofp

Lift. Dominate. Repeat.
Coach Rick Karboviak