Thursday, August 21, 2014

Comet Barbell Club

Greetings RAW Warriors,

Now that I'm back in Mayville with a new apartment and a wellness center just 2 blocks from me, its time to get back after some lifting for deadlifts and bench presses for sure. Just got my membership this week, so once I'm all settled into the new apartment, it will be time to go back to the "Comet Barbell Club" for some good old workouts once again.

My membership gets me into the athletes' weight room as well, so I'm looking forward to some 6am workouts under the bar once again. This weight room was where I mainly discovered the "Indestructible!" program that's outlined in "Just The Workouts" and charted in the "Just The Chart" workout guide for 1 rep maxes and their corresponding weights for sets/reps needed in the Indy program.

In the meantime, I'm getting in a lot of good runs in the morning and KB Swing workouts too. Looking forward to a mix of barbells, kettlebells, and speed workouts.

Once I get more settled in, I will also look at some private coaching for runners in the Mayville area. This is the best transition I can see myself doing instead of trying to go full bore into personal training again. I wouldn't mind doing some online workouts in that capacity but I still love the personal workout atmosphere. Private coaching as a 'track coach' for serious runners is right up my alley.

I'm looking at private sessions and semi-private sessions for individuals alone, as well as small group training.  Check out CTP Coaching at

Lift. Dominate. Repeat.
Coach Rick Karboviak

Friday, August 15, 2014

Run, HWR, Run, etc.


The blog posts are once again sporadic at best lately, making some changes in the future here with a move to where I'm working now and trying to finish up stuff at my old house. Not to even mention packing and cleaning through stuff I have.

In sections of my house, I discovered all the old track workouts and binders I've collected through the years of coaching. I did turn a lot of those into Kindle guides now, so there really isn't a need to hold onto the junior high track meet results from May 5th of 2010. :)  Most of these solid workouts are in my "Just The Track Workouts" guide at  The new Kindle Unlimited program is really doing well for my guides, since a majority are on the KU plan.

I am looking at some private coaching once I get settled into my new place, and things settle down on the other end of trying to sell my house as well.  Looking at my work schedule, I'm not sure how it would go, but I could do a lot of distance coaching online with some people too. The coach in me still wants to go, but keep it pretty simple as well and easy to manage. I know plenty of runners who might have an interest in some additional help with their running plans and race objectives.

In the meantime, I am getting in some solid workouts in the wee morning hours, sometimes with moonlight to begin with, followed by the sunrise as I end the workout.  Its also a lot cooler in the mornings and pretty peaceful. I really missed morning runs for a lot of years unless it was on a weekend. Now that my workday is starting later, I have the time to do this and I'm thankful for it.

Also, I've been getting in some solid kettlebell and bodyweight routines again, following the HWR circuit style. This past week was 12 minute circuits, doing mostly 2 minute rounds of various exercises to squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, and twist. (2 minutes on each movement and you're set!)

I know its time to start lifting heavy with the kettlebells too.  I've took off a lot of time from the KB's and after a couple weeks now of readjusting to them, I'm set to get after them again.

That's one great thing I tout about with the HWR plan, is that even though its all bodyweight on the videos, you can sub new exercises in for some of the same movements with KB, band, or dumbbell exercises.  You're not just stuck with 51 workouts (which is plenty to begin with, can P90X give you that? nope!) but you can make them more challenging if you need to.

Check out the great value of the HWR plan and get downloading the videos ASAP (another thing you can't do with those at-home DVD-only plans!) at

Lift. Dominate. Repeat.
Coach Rick Karboviak

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Run, Lift, Repeat


The past week was a mix of lifting and running workouts. With the new job, I have more time in the mornings to workout now and its been a nice boost to the day to start things off with a workout.

Monday was an HWR day of a 10 minute circuit. I really love the HWR circuits, as they are brief, intense and short on time for effectiveness.

Tuesday and Thursday were track workouts.  Tuesday I did some 100/100's, which is easy for 100, hard at race pace for 100, in a continuous fashion.  I started with a 1/2 mile warm-up, then went into the 100/100's for 6 laps worth (12 cycles of 100/100's).

Thursday was the 2nd track workout of the week, with 200/200's. That started out with a 1/2 mile warm-up, followed by 2 miles worth of 200/200's, getting under 7 minutes a mile in my mile pace for the 2 mile portion on the track. This workout felt like a good mimic of a 5K pace, since you may be alternating paces quite a bit in some races due to hills, wind, and other race day happenings (such as getting around people in a surge).

Wednesday was just an easy run, going 2.5 miles on the Finley 5K route.  I didn't do the whole route of course, but finished up 2.5 miles in under 20 minutes for a nice, solid, steady pace. 

Friday was another HWR day, mixing in my kettlebell with some Swings and Cleans for some portions of the circuit.  I like mixing in kettlebell exercises with the HWR videos a lot.

Check out the HWR videos, all 50+ of them, for less than $1 per workout:

Are you a Kindle book reader?  The new Kindle Unlimited plan is a nice boost for my guides, as a majority of them are on the KU plan now. "Just Swing It!" is taking the lead overall as the most downloaded in the KU plan this month so far, as well as last month.

See which one of my training guides meets your needs and download a few of them today at


Lift. Dominate. Repeat.
Coach Rick Karboviak

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Biggest Little 5K in North Dakota


Yesterday was another small town 5K race locally, as I made it over to Binford, roughly 40 minutes away from me. Binford, ND claims itself to be the "Biggest Little City in ND", so it was fitting that their T-shirts were like this:

The race weather was pretty calm, about mid 60's, but a little humid and it got a little more hot/sticky as the race went on. The course went in and around Binford, then back into town for the finish.

My GPS had the course at 3.23, so it was almost 3 and a quarter miles. I finished in 1st with a 21:56 time, making it my 2nd win ever in a 5K race. My first one was in 2010 for the Finley 5K right in my hometown here. I did glance at my watch as 3.1 came about for a 5K estimate, and it was right at 21 minutes, give or take a few seconds. Pace wise, I think my first mile was about a 6:40, 2nd mile around 7 minutes (13:40 on the watch) and the last mile & a quarter was over 8 minutes. Last mile felt slow but maybe its because I had no one to go with or chase, since I was in a comfortable lead. 21 minutes at the 3.1 mark though, I was pretty happy with for a humid day. I am getting better at keeping a steady pace for the 2nd mile, and better control over the first. Many times I'd burn out a 6:20 or faster for the first mile, and then slow down for a 'recovery mile' over the 2nd, and try to hit a final charge over the last 1/3 of the race. Both 5K's now have felt pretty good in this pacing sense.

Not sure what else is on the schedule coming up, there will be a few more around Fargo that I may have an interest in doing this fall.  My college also should have one coming up in the fall too.

For now with my new job change, I should have more opportunity to workout in the mornings as well as evenings. Planning more runs and KB routines to get through.

If you get a chance to do some small town 5K's, they are very fun to do. Its a good mix of walkers and runners and just the social nature of them are really great to experience.

Lift. Dominate. Repeat.
Coach Rick Karboviak