Thursday, July 20, 2017

Add Another 18 This Week

Last night was another ride for the week, adding another 18 for the week and if you've been keeping track, its 84 since Sunday.  I plan to go out tonight if the weather cooperates and try to hit 100 or more.

I'm almost getting to the point of my Huffy Stone Mountain bike project being done, but it has a little ways to go yet.  I was able to get an older set of 1.75" x 26" tires on there for a nice smooth rider conversion.  However, after trying to shift gears up front, that cable snapped on me.  I later removed it after my main bike ride last night, but discovered that my chain needs more fixing too. 

My plan is to convert it into a straight-up 6-Speed cruising machine, since it might be very hard to find a good derailleur and shifter cable system to replace it.  The rear one does shift, so by keeping it on the front ring, I can at least use 6 speeds out of it.

I know the rims aren't perfect either, but for a bike that's 26 years old, I'll take it as a fun retro cruising machine conversion.  I do have a more modern Huffy seat on there now, taking off the severely yucky seat that was formerly on there.

I did find a very funny video late last night to share, its about a guy discussing his experiences at the gym.  As a past fitness trainer in gyms, I'd run into some people that would feel that way about fitness!

I have it on my Facebook page, right here:


Another part of the FIT line from AdvoCare is a ready to drink protein that you simply chill at first and drink it when you're ready.  If you're looking for convenience, its a great FIT for your on-the-go life.

Check it out and see if its a FIT for you!
Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

20 Miler and My Old Bike Returns

Last night was another good night for riding, as my buddy and I ventured out for just a 20 miler.  The 30 miler from the day before left us pretty sore. 

This morning I hit the kettlebell again and did some 1 arm cleans with the 40#, alternating 10 reps every arm all the way to 100 total (50/side).  This took just under 4 minutes, so I took 2 minutes rest, hit another 100, and called it good.  This helped loosen up the body a bit from the ride last night.

Another little joy was finding an old mountain bike that was the same model and paint job as my old bike when I was in junior high.  I rode that bike all the way through college and a bit past college. 

After I got into fixing up bikes, I always thought it would be fun to discover one of my old bikes if I could.  I have an idea of what they still look like, and this old Huffy was pretty easy to discover as a match. It had a grey, black, and white paint combination that looks splattered on, plus it has neon green forks up front.  Pretty easy to say 'that's my old bike" when I saw it right away from a distance.

The water bottle was missing, which was integrated into the frame on its own unique holder.  The little zipper pack in the frame was also brittle, faded, and all-around shot to heck.  I took that off due to its condition.  I also took off the grips, which looked almost melted somehow.  They were pretty gross.

The rims are off, tires off, and shined up as well as they can be.  They are 90-95% shiny now, just a few spots are pitted and rusty. 

I also put a new chain on it, but I'll have to play around with it and see why it almost catches when I try to freewheel it.

All in all, its a fun little project and a fun find.

I also got the new FIT package from AdvoCare, which I plan to go over tonight and perhaps post something on my ASAP Workouts Facebook page about it.

Look for something very soon on the FIT package!
Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fat Biking for 30

Last night was a good adventure with the Fat Bike, I ended up going for a 30 mile ride with it.  It has been a long time since I've been on it for a ride, and it was my longest ride ever on that bike.

We had a pretty stiff north wind to contend with, but a good portion of the ride was with a cross-breeze and also a nice stretch that went south.  The north wind helped us a lot on some hill climbs and I was able to keep it in full gear while climbing a hill.  My buddy hit 20 mph going up the hill on his bike, so that wind saved us a bunch of time.

I was thinking of selling my fat bike soon, as I wasn't really riding it that much any more and doing more rides with my road bikes.  However after last night's ride, and seeing how smooth it was over a long ride, I think I'll keep it around a bit longer.

My AdvoCare FIT package should come today.  Looking forward to start that very soon, most likely starting it fresh on Monday.

Check it out on this page, as its setup instantly to view on the sidebar on the right.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Rides and the Return of the Kettlebell

This past weekend was mainly a weekend of riding.  I discovered that last week, I had 85 miles from Sunday through Thursday, so I went for 15 on Friday night after work and hit the 100 mark for a week's time.

It's been quite a while since I've gone that far, but I have had a lot of evening rides in the past couple of weeks, so it came pretty quick.  I've also noticed that going on my road bikes is much smoother on my body as well. 

Saturday was a day I took off, and just relaxed with some flea market digging and also a quick stop to the antique shop that was hosting it.  I was able to find some great comic books, plus a cool pop bottle that was a ND bottled product.  I was also able to find a Batman book & record combo. 

Sunday afternoon was windy, but I still managed to get in a ride.  I kept it mostly east/west on my travels, since the southerly wind was ridiculous.  I am lucky that the two towns I live nearby all have a good portion of their roads going east/west, which makes it good to weave in and out of and get some miles without feeling like it takes forever.  Sunday's ride ended up being 16 miles total.  I took out the hybrid bike in case I wanted to go on the gravel, but with the wind they way it was, I'm glad I didn't venture out. 

This morning, I returned to Kettlebell training after a little funk of not training with them.  I tried to get in more runs, and now my left foot is having issues and I need a break.  That means its a good time to get back into high quality KB workouts again.  This morning's routine was an interval one with sets of 20 for double KB cleans, using my pair of 35's.  A set of 20 took about 52 seconds to do, So I went with a set every 2 minutes.  Since it has been quite a while, I only did 100 reps total to break myself back into them. 

This week, actually tomorrow, I expect to get my FIT package from AdvoCare.  Looking forward to seeing how this new product line goes. 

It's a good starter package, coming with a Pre, Intra, and Post workout pack for each step of the process.  I feel it will be good to take for my evening bike rides, since they could last 1 to 2 hours in time.  I've mainly been taking Spark during my rides, which is helpful and keeps me from bonking late in the ride.  It will be good to see what the Intra drink will do for me while on these rides.

Take a look at the FIT package, it is only $99 and you get a free FIT cinch bag to go with it, while supplies last.  As a PC or Distributor, you can get it for $79 (since you're saving 20%). 

My Spark offer is still standing, if you become a new Preferred Customer or Distributor with my business, I'll give you a free package of Spark. 

So, with becoming a PC, you'll be getting a special PC package that has a sample box of Spark, plus a special Spark package from me individually, plus you'll be saving 20% on any order.  It's only $19.95 to join as a PC, think of it like a membership card to a wholesale store.  The more you buy, the more you save, up to 30% off retail, too!

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Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak

Friday, July 14, 2017

A Nice 30 Miler, Plus The New FIT Series

Last night was a perfect summer night for a good ride, so my buddy and I went out for a good 2 hour, 30 mile ride overall.  Temps were right around 70, with no crazy wind at all.  A very, very comfortable evening for a good casual ride. 

When I got home, I discovered that AdvoCare just came out with a "FIT" line of products, plus its own unique FIT package of products to order as a bundle.

It has a PRE workout portion, an INTRA workout drink, and POST workout drink as well.

Check out the entire package here:

FIT Package

If you order it now, you will also get a free FIT cinch bag with your order!

Preferred Customers save 20%, I highly suggest becoming at least a PC to get some great savings on this bundle! 

I still have my offer going too with the free Spark packages to give away to the first two PC's or Distributors to join. Simply become one of my PC's or a new Distributor and I'll deliver one free package of Spark to you as a thank-you gift.

Now is a great time to get into using AdvoCare products, especially with this new FIT package and lineup they are offering!

I like it because their products are easy and simple to use and prepare.  They lay it all out for you, whether its the FIT package lineup or the 24 Day Challenge lineup of products. 

There's no better time than the present to take advantage of it!

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Three Miles of Easy

This morning was another nice one out to go for a run.  Since I did an interval workout style yesterday, I went with a smooth, steady pace for today's run. 

Debating on how I'd feel, I chose to do 2.5 miles at least, and add another route to make it a 3 miler if I wanted to. 

Once I got to 2 miles, I felt fine enough to make it for 3 and a little more.  My 3 mile route I usually take is closer to a 5K by the end of it. 

Today's run was 23:25, about a 7:49 per mile pace to go.  Still trying to break in the new shoes this week, so this run was a good one for accomplishing that. 

I didn't do any riding last night, things were just wet from some rain previously in the day, and I actually got a lot of work in on a boys bike I've customized and restored to a brilliant blue and white combination.


The bike will be going up for auction this September at a scholarship fundraiser at my college. This isn't finalized, as I'm going to get it customized with logos and scripts.
I'm hoping tonight to get in a good ride if the weather holds out well.
My Spark offer is still out there this week.  Become a PC or Distributor today to take advantage of this special offer, directly from me!
Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Fuji Experience and a 50/60 Run

Last night after work, I started to work a bit on my bike resto project of a 16" boys AMF Roadmaster cruiser.  It felt pretty decent for a ride as well, so I texted my friend to go on another ride that night. I also wanted to go test out my Fuji Sports 10 ride that I just picked up for a weekend fixer-upper. 

We decided to keep the ride shorter than usual, since there were some stormy clouds to the north and east of us.  We made it about 12 miles when we rolled back in time before the storm really hit to the east of us, which did produce a tornado and some seriously high winds. 

This morning I went for another run and decided to do another round of going easy/hard for 4 minutes each.  Basically I was getting about 50% of a mile in during the easy portions, the harder portions was 60% of a mile. 

First 4 minutes: .54
Hard 4 minutes: .60
Next 4 minutes: .53
Hard 4 minutes: .59
Last 2 minutes: .24

All in all, it was a 2.5 mile run in 18 minutes again like it was on Monday.

Last night I took some AdvoCare Spark before the ride, and saved a good meal for afterwards.

This morning I took some AdvoCare Slim after my run.  I'm back to taking this once a day as a part of my routine.  I had real good results taking two packs a day, but I'm stretching it out over 4 weeks with two packages and only one per day.

I still have some Spark packages to give away to two new Preferred Customers or new Distributors, now is a great time to start up with AdvoCare.  PC's get a special sample box and some other gifts.  Distributors get more of a package deal when you begin, with other sample products in your start-up pack.  Don't forget, Distributors can save more on purchases as your business increases and you also get an easy-to-use website to sell your products, order materials, and get valuable training videos/handouts to help you grow.

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Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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