Monday, December 14, 2015

A Mix of At-Home and At-The-Gym Works, Too

The last two weeks I've been back on the bike in the mornings, getting mostly 20 and 30 minute rides in throughout the week. I also joined the gym again to lift with my best friend, as the more I talked with him about lifting, the more I wanted to get back and lift with someone.  Let's face it, workouts at the gym are more fun with a friend and it keeps you on the motivated side. So, for now, I'm getting in a blend of at-home workouts and at-the-gym routines.

Last week was the first week of re-joining the gym. I feel I will get back into running more with treadmill workouts with the gym membership renewed.  The bike workouts at home are a good start to the day, as they get the heart pumping and the blood moving.  Later on I will get into more running at the gym.

At the gym, we are doing the "Power To The People" deadlifts and bench press routine. We follow a certain protocol for reps of 5 and do 2-5 sets of 5 for each exercise.  We then round it out with other exercises and finish it off with kettlebell swings.  My friend has never done deadlifts before or kettlebell exercises, so last week was a good practice week to get into the groove of a new program.

We may get into another program, based on one of the programs I discuss in "Just The Workouts", a Kindle guide I've created a couple years ago.

We will see how well the PTTP program goes for us.  We have some good goals ahead of us: He wants to be in great shape by the time he his 40 next May, and I have my wedding in June.

With him being my best man at the wedding, we would like to look pretty darn good for the wedding.

As for dieting, I'm doing two shakes a day, either a canned shake (think generic slim-fast) or a blended protein shake.  I find the canned shakes affordable and easy for "grab and go" times when needed. 

Overall, its starting to work. I've lost 4 pounds the last two weeks and I feel that's making some good headway towards my goals. 

I have a long road but each day is a new step forward.

Speaking of moving forward, something that can get you started in the mornings is a great cup of coffee!  Right now, Organo Gold has created their "Preferred Customer" option that gives you 25% off the retail prices!
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Great a gourmet cup of coffee at home and save yourself the trip to the coffee shop!

Coach Rick

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter At-Home Workouts

Some snow has finally arrived here, and with it come slick streets, snowy sidewalks, and generally unhappy conditions some days.  Maybe you can't make it to the gym in time, or you just don't have the time to deal with it. 

I've worked in gyms before and I've heard the excuses and reasons.  (There are differences between excuses and reasons!)

Actually, when I was a trainer, I'd enjoy my workouts more at-home than at the gym, mainly because I would always be 'around' my work and never really felt that I left it or took a break from it.  It would definitely be annoying to have my workout interrupted by a gym member who couldn't understand that I was working out on my own and needed my own time.

This led me to get a host of home gym 'toys' and other things. 

Later on, I'd get kettlebells for my training business and kept them after I got out of the business, just because I wanted a kick-butt home gym operation.

Some simple solutions for an inexpensive home gym are:

1. Door chin-up bar - this is not only great for chin ups, but most can be used for raised push-ups and have ab straps for hanging ab exercises.
2. Push-up handles:  Handles can be stationary or rotating, I prefer rotating since its easier, smoother on the joints.
3. Adjustable dumbbells:  A great choice for doing a wide range of total body and single joint exercises. 
4. Exercise bands and door attachment:  Another great option if you need variety or other choices of exercises to use as substitutes
5. Kettelbells:  Of course, my personal favorite device, just a couple of your chosen sizes will do. It can be spendy at first, but for what they can give you in strength and cardio workouts, its a steal.
6. Yoga/Exercise mat: I have a basic foam mat to help make floor exercises more comfortable.

There are a lot of home exercise programs to follow, but one I highly recommend is, of course, Home Workout Revolution.


1. No equipment workouts to start with.  Makes it great for travel trips!
2. Equipment can be added, as needed, for an increased challenge. Tired of push-ups? Do some band chest presses.  Try some chin ups or hanging ab exercises, try some kettlebells for a change.
3. Inexpensive: For under $50, ($70 less than other programs), you can download, watch, and get started ASAP instead of waiting for it to be shipped to you.   This whole program costs less than most kettlebells do!

Of course, I pair up other at-home workouts with my indoor bicycle and also kettlebell power workouts, such as Swing workouts.

It never hurts to have a few basic items for your home gym and make it a go-to option, any time you need to hit the gym.

Check out HWR here:

Coach Rick

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Kettlebell Snatches, I haven't forgotten about you...

This week was a good week of workouts and getting my results in on Thursday was a good way to keep the momentum going.

Friday was another HWR day with a 19 minute workout session in the 20/10 format. It was a good way to start the day and keep things moving. 

Today's workout was a return to kettlebell snatches, something I'm drawn to once again because I know how useful they can be in helping boost fat loss and amping up your metabolism.

I used a 35# kettlebell and followed the 20/10 format structure.  When you do 1 arm snatches this way, you can get in a lot of work and allow a lot of rest on each side. 

8 reps were done per side, per minute, getting in 16/minute total over 10 minutes, 160 to finish.

I haven't done a brief, intense workout like this in quite a while and I know I need more of them in my schedule this winter.  My plans are to alternate these workouts with the HWR sessions and increase up to 20 minutes of doing it in the 20/10 work/rest format.  Once I get to 20 minutes, then its time to boost up to 40# for the KB and start at 10 minutes again, creeping back up to 20. 

It's a simple progression to follow over time.

It reminded me how much I missed Kettlebells. :)

Coach Rick

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Took the 3 Day Trial, Here Are The Results

A while back while on my road trips, I was asked if I wanted to do a 3 day trial offer in using Herbalife products. Looking for a good jumpstart to my health and fitness to get back on track after being on the road a lot, it was a good choice to make.

The 3 day pack was essentially 6 shakes to take, 2 per day, and some pills for energy.  Honestly, all I took were the shakes and just one pill, and accidentally forgot about the rest of the pills.

I was first measured by my friend putting me on the trial, Heidi, who sold me the package.
My weight was 211.6, 15.7% body fat.  That's a breakdown of 169.8/41.8 in Muscle/Fat.
This measurement was taken on Saturday, Nov 7th at 4 in the afternoon.

I kept up with my usual diet on Sunday and started the 3 Day series on Monday.

A shake in the morning after my workout, a shake for lunch, and then a meal, with small snacks in between.

I knew in general that a restriction in calories with just 2, 150 calorie shakes in a day would help me lose some weight. What I saw was a big change in body composition overall.

Today, Thursday, was my weigh-in and body comp test.

My final numbers? 209.2, 12.5%, 174.2 Muscle, 35.0 pounds of fat.

It was a 6.8 pound loss in fat overall, and gain of 4.4 in muscle mass.

Exercise workouts were:
Sunday: Off as a rest day
Monday: 10 Minute KB workout of 2 minutes of Swings, then 2 min of Cleans, 2 min of Presses, 2 min of cleans, and 2 min of swings, done in the 20/10 format.
Tuesday: A 16 minute HWR workout in the 20/10 format
Wednesday: A short 1.5 mile run, followed by 10 minutes of HWR workout in the 20/10 format
Thursday: Another KB workout of 300 swings, doing 100/100/100 of 45#, 40# and 35# swings in succession, brief rests to switch weights.  This was under 10 minutes.

Not a whole lot of workout time, but the restriction in calories plus the boost these workouts give showed me that it did a great change in just a few days, less than a week of time.

I know for some serious long term loss, these types of brief, intense workouts will help and when matched with sensible dieting, it will help me get back to a good 'racing weight' and get my body back into a good shape for running well once again.

If you are looking for a good sample plan to try for a brief time, try it for 3 days and I suggest doing some Home Workout Revolution workouts combined with it.  It is a great blend with any solid, sensible diet plan. 

A shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, sensible meal at night, small snacks as well.  It's not that hard. All in all, I'm very impressed with what HWR can do in a small amount of time when combined with a good diet. I was not expecting those numbers, but it was good to get it done independently and not on my own. 

I'm contemplating going more on the Herbalife products, but I'm sure going to stick with HWR for quite a while as I work toward reaching my goals.

Check out HWR here:

Coach Rick

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Workout Finishers

Everyone seems to be on the lookout for a new program to follow, or something new to add overall. What if you could take the program you're already doing, and add a bonus to the end of it, making your program more effective than before?

What if a lot of these finishers to the end of a workout were 6 minutes or less to accomplish?

You can find 6 minutes or less, right?

Many people already end their workouts with some "ab work", like endless crunches, planks, and a lot of variations of core exercises.  A mistake with doing that is most people will end up doing the same thing at the end of their workouts, and wonder why they can't see any changes.

It's mainly because you keep doing the same thing, and expect a different result!

Enter "Workout Finishers", an entire series of add-on workouts to boost your regular workout routines.

Finish your running workout with a Finisher.

Finish your cycling workout with a Finisher.

Finish your bodyweight workouts with a Finisher.

Yoga, Pilates?  Give a finisher a try at the end for a high intensity, heart-rate-raising bonus!

Want to find out more?

Check out these awesome additions here:  Workout Finishers

So, you can keep on keeping on with what you currently enjoy, just add these Workout Finishers to boost your results!  Trainer Mike Whitfield is a trainer whose own success story by implementing these routines is something to check out, and is an inspiration!

Best of all, it is only $20 right now!

Be sure to check out Workout Finishers now!


Another great program that has a series of 4 to 6 minute finisher style workouts is Home Workout Revolution, which also has trainer Mike Whitfield doing some, or leading some of the workouts provided. If you haven't checked out this valuable workout resource, available to you instantly for video playback and download from your computer, give HWR a serious look!


Home Workouts Plus!
Coach Rick

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On The Road with HWR

While I'm on the road lately, I have been getting used to the morning and/or evening "hotel room workout".  With the ease of watching downloaded videos from the Home Workout Revolution series, I can follow along and get in my workout each day. 

You can imagine on the road, it can be challenge when you go from place to place, hotel to hotel, and find time for some workouts.  It is one reason why I love the HWR series of workouts, because they can go anywhere with me on my computer, and the space I need is just fine in my hotel room. Even in a room with 2 queen size beds, I can get in a solid HWR routine in the room space I have.

This week, I'm pretty fortunate to be in the same hotel all week and my schedule has a lot of open time in the mornings and evenings to get in some workouts.  I can wake up, get in a workout, shower up, get my continental breakfast, and be set for the day.

Right now I just have a handful of the 50+ workouts available on my computer, most of them are in the 20/10 work/rest pattern format.  Most of the exercises are 2, 3 or 4 minutes in length, following that 20/10 pattern.

The one workout I enjoy a lot starts with:
Jumping Jacks - 2 minutes of 20/10 x 4
Push-Ups - 2 minutes of 20/10 x 4
Bodyweight Squats - 4 minutes of 20/10 x 4
Mountain Climbers - 2 minutes of 20/10 x 4
Prisoner Lunges - 2 minutes of 20/10 x 4

In this workout, you get your basic body movements covered: squatting, lunging, pushing, bending, and some light pulling in the jumping jack action too.  Overall, the exercises hits your major muscle groups in a simple, effective way, and they aren't too complicated. Many have been done and may hearken you back to your physical education days. Who didn't do jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and push-ups back then?

Its like Amped Up Phy Ed, in a way: simple exercises that are more focused than it used to be. Instead of doing just sets of 10-15 of basic exercises, you do concise periods of work for each exercise.

For example, when doing push-ups, you can try to rip out 20-30 reps at once, but I'm sure you'll get tired past 10 and struggle to hit 20 and really hit a wall as you shoot for 30. 

When you do a 20/10 circuit of 4 times, you can get about 6-7 reps per 20 second period, getting 24-28 reps of push-ups in just 2 minutes of time, then letting you switch to another exercise.

Get more reps without getting wiped out all the time, like some other workouts may hit you with!

Check out the HWR series, if you haven't already.

Are you on the road and have time to read, too? Check out my Kindle guides at:

Coach Rick Karboviak
Home Workouts Plus!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kettlebells, Bodyweight Workouts, and More

It's time I get back to some blog posts and routines to share. I feel the need to change the focus of the blog to the various workouts I do, instead of just workouts on kettlebells alone. I run, I bike, I do KB's, and do bodyweight routines, I do a lot of different things. I still enjoy my coffee too, so maybe its just "Home Workouts Plus" for a new name.  My Kindle guides also have workouts for running to ketltebells, and perhaps the blog needs to reflect all of that.

"Home Workouts Plus" will have the focus on Home Workouts, of course!, plus Kindle guides, free programs, and other workout systems you can purchase online, and find out more about some great coffee too!

For the last month, I have tried the following:

Week 1: Mainly kettlebell workouts of Swings in the Tabata format (20s work, 10s rest format). I was on the road this week and my workouts were just scattered, from Swing workouts to runs and some bodyweight ones. Nothing really structured though, and even I make the mistake of just cherry-picking what I want to do next.  This was getting me nowhere, so maybe I needed some plan of attack to just try and follow for something new. So, Week 2 began with that in mind.
Week 2: I started the "Ruthless" workout DVD series from Weider as something new to try.  After discovering how insanely messed up it was and how it almost screwed up my back, I opted out of it after tingling sensations reached my upper back.  I even fully warmed up my body with foam rolling, stick rollers, and more before the workouts.  Needless to say, I feel screwed out of my $20 I spent on it in the discount section.  I strongly recommend not doing this workout system since it has no safety factored into it.  Its more of the same old 'scream at you' workout video style, which supposedly is there to push you through ridiculous movements that an athlete would never do in real life.  (Like Insanity, only dumber and more risky)  This is why I got out of selling a certain brand's lineup of DVD workouts a long time ago.  With my exercise science background, I carefully critique things more than someone who just thinks if its a tough workout, it ought to be good enough to continue doing. In short, P90X was okay but would be better off with 3-4 workouts a week with its durations. Insanity has no place in someone's workout lineup, period.  A dance instructor trying to take you through high impact jumping moves over and over with little rest has no place in this world. I would never take athletes through that many jumping sequences and call it an effective workout.  It's a recipe for shin splints, backaches, and more issues that could be avoided.


Week 3: I began with Craig Ballantyne's Home Workout Revolution series, which you are able to instantly download once you purchase.  I have done these workouts on and off for the past few years from time to time in my training cycles and it was time to return to workouts that made sense and didn't jar my body in ridiculous ways.

I was on the road once again with my job, doing hotel room workout sessions with my laptop playing the videos.  (No DVD's to worry about bringing with!)  These workouts were great to fit in for a morning sessions, or even a 2nd workout in the evening if I had the time to do so.
When you have 10-20 minute workouts to choose from, it was a good option, especially since I didn't have to bring any equipment with.  It is all bodyweight workouts. 

Week 4: I continued on the road with HWR's bodyweight routines and even did some 10 minute ones at night.  The 10 minute ones get a lot of work done in the 20/10 formats and rev up your body, but don't leave you absolutely fatigued either. 

When I added up Week 3 & 4, I ended up losing 5 pounds, all while on the road!  Of course, you need to watch your diet while on the road, and choose some healthy options when you can. Some meals were at fast food places, but many were from the deli sections of grocery stores too.

I'm continually sold on the HWR system and I know I haven't even tapped into the 50+ workouts that are offered with the whole system. 

If you are tired of the DVD Jungle out there of which workouts to do next, give yourself a break from it all and give the Home Workout Revolution a shot.

For $47, its far less than other systems out there. Plus there is no waiting for the videos to be shipped to you: just instantly download them and the workout manuals as PDF's after you purchase it! You can be all set to go with your next workout, directly after purchase, in just minutes!

At least do yourself the favor and give the HWR program a solid look!

I know I push Craig's program a lot because hey, he gives me the opportunity to sell it as an affiliate and its a nice side income with each sale. But I wouldn't sell it if I didn't fully believe in it  either. It is why I got out of selling other DVD systems a few years ago and now sell Craig's program, and looking at selling others as well from him.

Don't forget about the coffee after your workout: Organo Gold has been coming out with some great new flavors and options, plus a new website to view and order your next great cup from!


Add More To Your Workouts with Home Workouts Plus!
Coach Rick

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Benefits of Brief Workouts

The past month has been filled with a mix of rides, runs, and kettlebells, typical of my usual training schedule.  When free time becomes a minimum, its time to turn to the best workouts you can do to get the maximum out of that minimum time.

Minimum Time Workouts have a great series of benefits:
1. you save time, obviously!
2. you beat your body up less versus grueling, fatigue-inducing workouts that last 1-2 hours
3. less body beatings = less injuries or susceptibility to injury.
4. you can get more workouts in per week when they are shorter in duration.
5. If you don't have time for an hour workout, you will feel better by doing a 10-20 minute routine versus doing nothing at all.

There is one routine and format I go to often to take advantage of those benefits: The 20/10 Pattern.

The 20/10 work/rest pattern is a time tested routine I go to a lot, especially with kettlebell workouts. It also works great with bodyweight movements and exercises.

The basis of why I go to these routines is mainly from doing Craig Ballantyne's "Home Workout Revolution".  When I was very busy at times in doing a custodial job, and coaching some sports, I had some short times between the two in order to get a workout in.  Most of these workouts were 10-15 minutes a piece, sometimes closer to 20.  Overall, it kept the workouts short, brief, focused, and effective when doing 2-4 minute cycles of the 20/10 work/rest pattern.

I've typically created my own from time to time, focusing on the basic movements of the body:

Squatting exercise
Pushing exercise
Lunging exercise
Pulling exercise
Bending exercise
Twisting exercise

2 minutes of each and you have a quick 12 minute routine.

3 minutes each? an 18 minute workout.

Even with a kettlebell routine, I can do 2-4 minute cycles of Swings, Cleans, Snatches, Presses, plus a Clean & Press combo.

I've done 2 minute rounds of Swings, then Cleans, then Snatches, then Cleans, then Swings to end it all in quick 10 minute routine. It's a good little 'ladder' type workout of going from simple actions in the swings to more complex ones in the cleans and snatches.

Bottom line, you can take a lot from Craig's routines that he's set up with the HWR series, and spend far less than a P90X, Insanity, or other overpriced DVD set.

In fact, you can start downloading his workouts ASAP after purchase and burn your own DVD sets of select workouts, like I have done. 

You need to do yourself a favor and check out Craig's complete, affordable, and time-saving system:

Coach Rick
Kettlebells & Coffee

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kettlebells and Coffee: Speedwork and Kettlebells

This week started off with some Tabata style efforts over the course of 24 minutes.

Monday's workout went like this:
4 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard
4 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard, turn-around to return
4 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard
4 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard.

3.2 miles were covered in this 24 minute workout. 2 miles worth were covered in the 'easy' portions, and 1.2 miles were covered in the 8 minutes of hard efforts.

Tuesday was a simpler, easy, steady pace run of 3 miles in 23 minutes.

Wednesday's run was shorter, 2.15 miles, done in about 16 minutes time.
It was 4 minutes easy (.5 mile), then 1 mile hard (done in 6:35 in time) and then finishing off the rest at an easy pace.

This morning's workout was strictly kettlebell, using a 40# one and alternating arms every 20/10 period of work/rest time.

I called this one the 4-5-6:

4 minutes of Swings (100 total)
5 minutes of Cleans (100 total, 10 per side, 2 rounds per minute)
6 minutes of Snatches (60 total, 5 reps per side for every 20/10 period of time)

This was a great 15 minute workout that got a lot of work done.

As far as the morning coffee goes, some OG Black Gourmet always goes well with kettlebells in the morning.

Great coffee starts here:

Looking for a great workout system that won't break your bank, like some other DVD systems will?
Check out Home Workout Revolution for 10-20 minute workouts, done in the 20/10 work/rest format. 

HWR is right here:

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick
Kettlebells & Coffee

Saturday, August 22, 2015

More Runs and More Bicycle "Re-Cycling"

Lately, I've been doing a lot of bicycle work on the older bikes I am trying to rebuild and refurbish. I have mostly done my work on these bikes after work, which means less bike riding time after work.  My main workouts have still been the Tabata interval runs for 2-3 workouts a week in that style, then I do 1-2 regular, easy pace runs to balance out the week.

Looking back on my blog, since August 9th, I've only done 4 rides, including today's 12 miler on my Fat Bike.  I haven't been on the bike as much as I would like to, but I am enjoying the process of getting the bikes painted and fixed up.

I have done a handful of kettlebell total body workouts, and I can tell I need to add more of those workouts to the mix. 

I mainly need more strength work. I'm only getting so fast on my runs and strength is the missing component to boost my speed and power.

The running workouts are sort of going away from the Tabata circuits of 20/10 x 8, and more into 4 minutes easy, 4 minutes hard, x 2 rounds of that. I can usually get 1/2 mile into the first 4 minutes, then .6 miles in the next 4 minutes.  My best '4 minutes hard' effort had me getting a half-mile in 3:10 during that portion, with an additional tenth of a mile to finish it out.  It gets a bit tougher on the 2nd round.  I have done 20 minute workouts of 4 easy, 4 hard, 4 easy, 4 hard, and 4 easy. 

Another workout I want to try is a 4-8-4, with 4 easy, 8 hard, 4 easy as a cool down, aiming for a very hard 8 minute effort and see the mileage I can get in that 8 minutes.

Overall, I still want to get on the bikes, but I gotta take advantage of the time I do have to work on my retro bikes this fall. 

Until next time, enjoy your workouts and don't forget about the coffee afterwards:

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Runs, a Ride, and more Rides to Re-Cycle

This past week, I have mainly been running as my main modes of exercise. Not much time has been spent on my bikes.  Rather, I started spending time on fixing a couple of them, ones I found from the shed on a farm.

The first two are a set of 10 speeds. The one on the left is the most fixable. It was able to still ride when I filled up the tires.  Only thing missing was the right brake. The other red one I decided to take in case there were parts I could use.
The bottom bike is an old single speed cruiser, and it just had a style I couldn't pass up on trying to fix up.  It is a Hawthorne cruiser, only sold by Montgomery Ward stores back at the time. It even has it on the label as being from MW. Time frame I think is from the late 50's, to 60's.

My main project to start with is the light blue 10 speed. At first, I thought it was silver, but it was more of a greyish-blue color. It was pretty rusted up, so I thought I'd try to brush off all the paint I could and give it a fresh coat of my own favorite color: Comet Blue.

Right now, I'm debating on keeping the handlebars. The brake handles are okay, I might get a new pair, or just get new cables for the older ones.  I also had to destroy the chain to get it off, and figured it would be best to just get a new chain anyway. 

This is my first bicycle 're-cycle' project, learning as I go and since the bikes were free to me, I've got some leeway of investing a little bit here and there into the bike.

The wheels still look decent, I just had to buff off the rust off the rims and they have held air for a week, a good sign that things should hold up well for a classic look on the tires.

As for the cruiser, I got started on a little of that this Saturday.  Got it cleaned up and started buffing some paint off, only to discover that this bike was once....Comet Blue! 

This was a nice discovery, and upon other inspections throughout, it looks like this bike was once a royal blue and painted over to its current color.  This one may take a lot of work to do in brushing off the paint, but it will be worth it once its done.

I was finally able to go for a nice ride this morning on the Big Fat Pony.  I went for a 12.5 mile ride around the outskirts of Mayville and Portland, travelling through some rolling hills down by the Goose River on the SE side of Mayville.  I love country rides where you discover those kind of things, like finding some beautiful countryside views that are hidden when you are always driving on the highways.

Afterwards I had a nice coffee to finish off the morning.

Until next time, keep running and riding and hitting the weights!

Coach Rick

Great coffee begins here:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

More Sprints, Kettlebells, and A Nice Ride

I had a great ride on Sunday out in the country, it was a 15 mile ride, heading out towards Portland Junction, a railroad connection out in the country.  It was a pretty ride to go on after sunrise.

Monday's workout and Wednesday's workout were Tabata Runs.

Monday was a 20 minute run of:
4 minutes easy
4 minutes Tabata
4 minutes easy
4 minutes Tabata
4 minutes easy

I also spooked up some deer along the river on this run, thankfully they ran along the river and not across the road!

Wednesday was a 16 minute run, similar to above.

Tuesday was a kettlebell workout, done Tabata style.
40# kettlebell used
2 minutes Swings
2 minutes Cleans
2 minutes Snatches
2 minutes Cleans
2 minutes Swings

Today's morning workout was kettlebell swings exclusively, done for 10 minutes and getting 250 of them in with the 40# bell.

I'm finding a nice mix of runs and lifting with rides interspersed.  My summer school class is done now, so I see some more time in the afternoons for riding more.

Coffee Time:  Drinking some OG Black Gourmet as usual.  Its a good start to the morning and also goes well in the afternoon at work.

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Strong & Steady Week of Training, Plus My Intro to Tabata's

This week has been pretty good with the workout schedule, feels like I finally found a nice blend of workouts to get in.  I'm mostly doing them in the mornings with some rides in the evenings.

The weekly schedule is pretty much:
Monday - Tabata Run - 16 minutes, 4 min easy, 4 min Tabata x 2
Tuesday - Kettlebell Circuit in AM, 8 mile Fat Bike ride in PM
Wednesday - Tabata Run - 16 minutes
Thursday: Kettlebell Circuit in AM, 6 mile ride in PM
Friday: Tabata Run, 16 minutes
Saturday: 3 mile run, easy/moderate pace

After next week, I won't have summer classes going on, so I will probably get more rides on the bike in, after my work days.  With a little more free time, I am planning some good rides.

The KB circuits have been Tabata based as well, working in 20/10 work/rest formats and alternating sides.  This makes for a very efficient workout, moving from left side to right side and keeping the body moving, while resting parts of it actively.  Tuesday was a series of 2 minute rounds with the 40# bell, doing Swings, Cleans, Presses, Swings, and Snatches.  Thursday was the same routine, but I also added a 4 minute Tabata circuit of good old cross-body mountain climbers.

I've really liked the Tabata format of workout design for about 15 years now. 

If anyone remembers the magazine, Muscle Media, I was introduced to it back around 1999 or 2000 in that magazine. It was a magazine published by Bill Phillips of EAS fame.  2000 seems like the right time in my memory, because I remember trying it as a 12 minute workout to do with 4 minutes easy, 4 minutes Tabata style, and 4 minutes easy as a cool-down. I experimented a lot with this format, mainly with my running workouts.  It became a staple workout for me, adding in 16 minute circuits and also 20 minute circuits. When I first worked as a sports performance trainer, I needed short brief workouts for my running ones, and the Tabata format did wonders for me. 

Fast-Forward to today, and I was introduced to Craig Ballantyne's 20/10 Home Workout Revolution system.  I liked it a lot, because:
1. Its more workouts than a P90X or Insanity or any other system's lineup of workouts.
2. The workouts were much, much shorter and less time-wasting overall. I'm sorry, but workouts like P90X Yoga were painful to do and go through, plus Insanity's 'recovery' workouts were far from it.
3. The videos were all downloadable, and I could CREATE my own series of workouts to put on a DVD myself.  I basically have my workout selection, all on one DVD, and no massive amounts of DVD's sitting around.
4. It follows my favorite workout pattern, the Tabata format!

Another bonus: it was far, far less than the cost of a P90X program or other infomercial system!

The other big bonus: I could sell this system and make more commission off of it, versus trying to sell P90X and those other programs.

Slight Rant: Yes, I used to sell the Beachbody lineups of their workout programs, back when P90X was the 'best thing ever' it seemed.  I did the programs, tried to sell the systems, and simply got tired of the same old rhetoric from the company that kept telling me to sell a big program plus their supplement packages, mainly Shakeology.

I get it: you want people on supplements because its a recurring thing to buy each month. But not everyone can afford $100 bags of powder to mix with milk or juice and only get a month's worth of servings out of it.

The reality of it: I would maybe make $30/sale on a $120 P90X program. Plus I'd still have to purchase so many 'points' worth of stuff, PLUS pay a monthly fee for my website that sold the stuff.

Now I make more money off one sale of HWR that I'd every bring in on a sale of a $120 program from BB. Needless to say, I've made more money selling HWR than I ever did off BB.

Anyways, back to HWR: it is a solid bargain to obtain this complete system. Check it out further at

If you like it, you can also sell it by signing up as an affiliate. There is no magical 'team' to be a part of, just sell it straight up like me and tell others about it. I've been selling it for a couple of years now through my blogs and websites.  Give it a look and see if it is right for you.

Maybe you want to read up on it while enjoying some OG Coffee: check out the many flavors of coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate from Organo Gold. Yes, you can also sell OG like I am doing, too. It is a pretty low-cost start-up and you can get a great discount on OG products on top of that.

Coach Rick
Kettlebells & Coffee

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Run Less, Lift More, Bike A Bit

It has been a week since my last post, and it ended up being pretty active. I started to add more kettlebell work with a steady approach of Swings, Cleans, Presses and Snatches. I also ran less, but harder with Tabata cycles and intervals, plus some bike rides in there too.

The Tabata Runs I've been doing are essentially 16 minute workouts of alternating every 4 minutes with:
4 minutes easy
4 minutes of 20/10 Tabata hard/easy intervals
4 minutes easy
4 minutes of 20/10 Tabata's

I can get around 2.2 miles in this 16 minute time frame. Mileage isn't my concern, its the sprint/hard efforts that I get in. Some times it feels rough at first, but my body loosens up.

I also hopped on the bike a couple times for some quick rides. I have a nice 6 mile route that I can get done in under 25 minutes on a average day. It works great for an after-work ride and gives you time for more stuff at night to do.

This week, I started with a Tabata run on Monday, then this morning was a 10 minute Tabata pattern workout of 2 minute cycles of Swings, Cleans, Presses, Swings, and Snatches with a 40# kettlebell.

I'm aiming for 3 Tabata runs this week with rides in-between. Tues-Thurs will be KB days and potentially one on Saturday or Sunday as well.

Interested in some kettlebell workouts? Find your best program with the links up above with my Kindle guides, especially my #1 seller, "Just Swing It!". "Kettlebell XL" is also another popular one lately, too.

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After your workouts, enjoy some awesome coffee from Organo Gold: check out the lineup, from instant pouches to BrewKups for your K-cup coffee maker.
Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tearing Up The Tabata's


Monday afternoon, I decided to dig into some files of mine and give a look at some programs I purchased a long time ago. One of them was the Kettlebell Metabolic Resistance Training program from Chris Lopez, a Turbulence Trainer who specializes in Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training method. After seeing a 4x/week plan of his for 4 weeks, I decided to give it a try. The first workout lasted 20 minutes and it seems that most of the workouts are around that time frame. That will work great for me and my schedule. I plan do to workout #2 this afternoon.

My workout this morning was a Tabata series of 2 cycles of hard/easy intervals.

It was a 16 minute run total, getting 2.25 miles in. Here's how it went:
4 minutes easy
4 minutes of 20s hard, 10s easy x 8.
I turned around, then continued with:
4 minutes easy
4 minutes: 20s hard, 10s easy x 8.

I haven't done Tabata's with my running in a long time, so I wasn't sure what to expect, other than handling the 4 minute Tabata intervals well since I have been doing speed sessions lately.

Coffee choice today is the generic brand of Arabica coffee out of my K-cup maker. Later on, I'll get some more OG Black Gourmet.

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick Karboviak
KB's & Coffee

Monday, July 13, 2015

Almost a Fat Bike Face-down

After taking Saturday off, I got back on the fat bike on Sunday morning for an early morning ride. After more than 2 miles into my ride, I missed running over a rabbit with my fat bike by just a few feet.  The rabbit kind of darted out of nowhere behind some branches and ran across the trail in front of me.  It startled me, as you'd imagine, something just darts unexpectedly and you get that weird sense around you. It's the first time I've been fat biking and encountered a critter. I have come across deer before on gravel rides but they usually jump out plenty of feet in front of me.

This morning was a nice 2.5 mile run on my usual route for a brief morning run. Sometimes you get bored with the same old routes, but the nice thing with a repeated run on the same route is that you pretty much know where the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 mile increments are at along your route. I am getting consistent with 7:30, easy pace mile time averages.  Just need to find a race soon!

There might be a race next week. until then, I am getting ready for putting on another race in September locally.  I helped out with another race in a local town on Saturday and they had a tremendous turnout for it. It was for the non-profit fitness center that first hired me after college, so it was nice to see them put on a great race, a race that I once helped direct years ago.

As far as morning coffee, its some OG Black Gourmet once again.

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Kettlebells & Coffee
Coach Rick Karboviak

Friday, July 10, 2015

More Runs & Fat Bike Friday


The schedule this week had me doing 2 more runs and a Fat Bike ride later today.  Thursday, I started it off with a 20 minute run around the campus of Mayville State, as I'm trying to find a new running route for a 5K race. I ran into a problem with the first trial run of it, just wasn't long enough. So I ended up trying it again this morning and I believe I found a better route to try. It should be a unique race to do through parts of the sports complex for our Farmers Bowl day that we have here in September.

Later today, I'll get out on the Fat Bike for a fun ride out in the country. I'm trying to get in a ride every Friday this summer as my "Fat Bike Friday" tradition.

I will help time a 5K this Saturday for something else to do this weekend.

If the weather is decent, I will probably get in a longer ride over the weekend too.

Morning coffee this morning was some Eight O-Clock Columbian Perks, later this morning I'll have a Café Latte from Organo Gold. I'm starting to run low on Café Latte now, I'll have to order some more from my site:

Enjoy the weekend!

Get on your Fat Bike for #FatBikeFriday!

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Subsonic Sprints and Swings


Last night I hit the track for some sprints and intervals, then hit the Swings this morning.

The track workout last night was brief:
400m every 2 minutes x 4, getting 400 in 83-85 seconds each.
Rest until 10 minute mark
4 x 300m with a 300 in 60 seconds, rest 60 seconds after.
400m to finish in 78.

First mile added up was in 5:40, 2nd mile was about 5:18 when all said and done.

I did ride the bike out to the track and back, 3 miles of that put in, plus another leisure ride for about 3 miles after the workout later in the evening.

This morning was a great time to hit the KB Swings:
2 x 100 with the 35# KB
2 x 100 with the 40# KB
I did a set of 100 every 3:20, so I finished this workout in under 13 minutes total.

It is raining out this morning, so hoping I can get a quick bike ride in this afternoon.

Coffee choice this morning is OG Black Gourmet.

It's a staple of many OG customers, why not make it one of yours?

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick
Kettlebells & Coffee

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cooler mornings = smoother runs


The temps have come down a lot in the mornings yesterday and today. On Monday, it was in the 50's and a bit breezy from the north, making it for a great running temp for a run. I had about an 18 minute time, with change, 18:18 to be exact, for a 2.5 mile run, making for a nice smooth workout where I kept about a 7:20 pace for the run.

Since I have Tuesday Night Track (TNT) tonight, I opted for a bodyweight and KB workout this morning.

4 minutes of 20/10 work/rest for KB Swings
2 minutes of 20/10 with push-ups
2 minutes of 20/10 with sit-ups
2 minutes of 20/10 with KB cleans

I have been lacking a lot of KB/BW workouts since April, and I know its well past time to do some workouts like that again. I feel I need to follow the 20/10 pattern since that has many advantages.
- Short, brief workouts
- Easy transition between exercises
- very minimal equipment to use
- videos can be downloaded, burned onto DVD's if you wish
- workouts are easy to follow

I follow the Home Workout Revolution programs (and create my own with that style, of course) and have done so for a few years now.  I feel they are better than most home workout video systems on the market and you're not bombarded with endless garbage of supplements to take after the sale.

Check it out at

If you ask me, its one of the most affordable home workout programs you will find.

50+ videos are yours for the taking.

Take a serious look at it here:

Coffee choices this morning are Eight O-Clock Columbian Peaks, mixed with Café Latte. from OG.
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Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dashes at Dawn


It was pretty humid out this morning, but I got a good little track workout in. The air was eerily still and calm, and very humid, but I was able to get some kind of a track workout in.

1.5 mile ride to the track

Jog 100, race pace 100's x 8: 1600m total in 6:30 for time. I find that this series of jog/sprint over 100 meters each one for a mile is a good indicator of your 5K race pace.  Its just about spot-on.

I walked for a good 4 minutes after this, then did one lap of 200/200, jog/race pace in 85 seconds. Rested about 1 minute, then did an all-out 400 in 82 to end the workout. Was just getting too humid for me to cool off, so I went back home.

Rode the bike back to my place, so its always nice to get some bike miles in on a trip to the track. It also helps cool you down a bit with the breeze generated by your ride.

Got finished with my morning coffee (OG Café Latte mixed in with some basic coffee) and checked my email. I got my affiliate information for SoloStrength, a very cool bodyweight training apparatus. They have doorway options, wall options, and free standing options.  Bodyweight training is a trend that will never leave, and offers many functional movements to strengthen your body well. SoloStrength has some unique options for you, if you are serious about a home gym setup that will last.

Check out what they have to offer here:

Hope you have a Happy & Safe 4th of July!

Celebrate your freedom to do whatever you want, like starting a home business and earning money by sipping, sampling, and sharing a great, All-American classic morning beverage: Coffee!

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fat Bike Friday


I added in some kettlebell swings to the workout mix this week, some track stuff, some easy running, and a nice fat bike ride as well.

Monday was a nice run for 2.5 miles, nice and easy pace to start the week.

Tuesday was a 5 mile bike ride in the morning, with a 2.5 mile track workout in the evening for TNT, or Tuesday Night Track.  I did 400's in 82-85 second times, doing one every 2:30 on the clock. After 2 miles of that in under 20 minutes, I then did some striders for 4 x 100 walk, 100 striders. Before the 2 miles under 20 minutes, I also did a warm-up 400 in 90 seconds to add up to 2.5 miles total.

Wednesday was a Swings workout in the morning, and a 7 mile ride after work.

Thursday was another 2.5 mile run in the morning. Today was a nice adventure ride in the country on "Fat Bike Friday", its kind of a summer theme I have going on, trying to get in a nice ride on the fat bike each Friday if I can.

As for coffee choices, I'm getting a mix of OG's Gourmet Black and Café Latte in the mornings, and a cup in the afternoon at times.

Check out OG's great tasting coffees and teas at

I'll be adding more kettlebells next week, just have to start doing it. Harder to make the choice between morning runs and kettlebell workouts this summer. Was a lot easier this winter to make that decision.

Coach Rick
Kettlebells & Coffee

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Races, Races, Races

Greetings, KB & Coffee Lovers!

Blog posts here have been pretty sparse. Just haven't thought about posting anything recently since I've been very busy this month with putting on 5 race & contest events, plus doing another 5K race myself.

I have mainly been getting in runs in the morning, an occasional bike ride some mornings, and a handful of afternoons with bike rides as well. Really enjoying the heck out of my fat bike out in the country.

I finally raced my first 5K of the season at Hillsboro, taking 1st in my age and watching a few fellow runners that I run with on our running club, they ended up taking 1st in their age groups too!  A big surprise was seeing a former athlete I coached when he was in junior high, now running for a D-I college, taking the 5K race in 14:57!  That was a great surprise to see for me as his former coach.

The races I've put on were on back to back nights, then 3 events in one week: a tag team race, a 5K/10K night, and also a Kids Dash & Jumps Contest. Things should tame down a bit after this last week.

As far as other races to do, I think I will probably do an area 5K close to the 4th of July if I can.  There is also another area race in a couple of weeks I will probably try too.

As far as coffee goes, I'm enjoying a mix of the regular Keurig options in the grocery store, plus some Gourmet Black and Café Latte options from OG.  A Café Latte blended in with some basic coffee from a K-cup tastes pretty well.

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Yes, I have been attacking the kettlebells again, too. Doing a fair amount of Swings as usual. Will be adding in Cleans plus Cleans and Presses soon, too. Til next time, keep swinging and sipping!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Duathlon Done, Return to KB's


Well, my first Duathlon is in the books, it was a very enduring race to get through for me. Very similar to the past sprint triathlons I've done, but a bit different of course.
The sprint tri's were 500m swim, 12 mile bike, 5K run. The duathlon was 5K run, 25K bike, (15.5 miles) and 5K run to finish.

My goals were:
1. Get under 2 hours total time
2. Aim for 24 minute 5K's as my pace
3. Try to get the bike race in under an hour

Well, I got the 5K's done in approximately 24 minutes each, with the first mile being 7:15-20 paces and then slowing down for miles 2 & 3.

I did get under 2 hours of time, at 1:54 and change.

The bike ride was the hardest to get through on the 2nd half of the race. 

At the actual halfway point of the race, I was at a 24 minute 5K with transition time, meaning I hopped on the bike at 24 minutes. I made the halfway point on the bike ride at 48... I was hoping I could make it back decently at 4 minutes/mile and really grab a good time.  However, the wind and cold greatly slowed me down, as well as others in the race too.  I was down from 3 min/mile pace with the wind to my back, to a 10-11mph, under 6 minute/mile pace for a ride into the wind for the next 7.75 miles.  It was tough mentally to get through, but I finished the last half in 42 minutes on the bike. Then it was time to see what was left in the tank for the last 5K stretch.

I felt a little twinge in my right calf, and figured I better take a short water break at the turn-around for the last 2.5K of the 5K. I slowed down, and rested to get a good glass of water, which really made a difference to finish out the race.  The wind wasn't much of a factor on the 5K course since it was on a nice bike path that went mostly east/west with a northerly wind.

All in all, I was happy with my time and took a nice day of rest on Sunday.

My friend from college, Nick, took 5th overall and 1st in our 30-39 age group. I took 9th in the age group. 44th overall out of 85 participants.

If I was to do this again, I will definitely look at a faster bike to get. My bike was a Schwinn Hybrid bike for road and gravel, so it was a cross between a mountain bike and a road touring bike.  Since the ride was all on road, a true road bike for racing would be best to get, as a large majority of those bikes were racing bikes.

Today I started back up with a KB Swings protocol, as I feel its time to hit them once again after almost a 2 month absence.  I devoted a lot of time to runs and rides, accumulating 71.5 miles of runs and 104 miles of rides total in the month of May alone.
June is busy with a few races and I will back off and still cross-train a lot with most likely alternating runs and rides each day, with longer rides on the weekends if time allows.

I'm also hitting some new coffee with the OG Café Latte.  Enjoy a cup and order some at

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rides & Runs Before the Big Race


It's been another long break between blog posts here, as I've been pretty tied up with workouts. Most mornings I have been running, while trying to get some rides in after work.  There was about a 2 week stretch of really cold weather that would have made long rides and even long runs outside pretty unpleasant.  I mainly ran shorter distances those weeks, and then would ride inside on my spinning bike. When it did warm up, I at least got some rides in.

My race comes up on May 30th, just one week away.  I did another "halfsie" routine of the full distance of this upcoming race.

The full distances are 5K run, 25K bike, then 5K run successively. I kept it relatively in half with a 1.5 mile run (11:10), a 7.5 mile ride (30 minutes estimate) and 1.5 mile run (11:30 estimate).  All in all it was 52:30 total run-ride-run time, with about a 2 minute total add-on for transitioning between things. My estimation will be about a 2 hour race in good conditions. All depends on weather and wind speed along the route.

I've had some fun rides with the Fat Bike. Here's a few shots of my #FatBikeFriday ride yesterday: It was near Portland, ND, where the historic Viking Bridge, the oldest documented transportation bridge in ND is. First built in 1885, it was moved to this location in 1915, and renovated from 2006-2010. Pretty neat bit of history just a few miles from my home.

I have a couple races I've signed up for, but also more come my way to direct and time. Summer is speeding up and coming soon. So far I have three 5K's to direct, another 5K/10K to time, a tag-team race, plus a youth mini-combine. All within about a month. :)

As far as coffee goes, I'm basically drinking OG Black Gourmet and also some OG Latte now and then. They are always good for a morning pick-me-up.

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Kettlebells & Coffee
Coach Rick

Friday, May 8, 2015

KB&C: More Runs, Rides and JFK Series Update


It's been forever since my last blog.  I got pretty tied up with morning workouts and after-work workouts, plus bits and pieces of life mixed in there.

I ceased from doing the JFK Physical Fitness Program, as it just became too repetitive and I needed a switch to more running in the mornings, with bike rides in the afternoons after work. With the duathlon coming up, runs and rides are my main focus and do take up a fair amount of time with two-a-days.

Not every day is a two-a-day workout day, but I'm trying to find a delicate balance. Weather and other factors (such as meetings at night, work travel, etc) come in as well.

Since my last blog on April 18th, here's what I've been up to:
April 19: Off
April 20: JFK circuit, 7 mile ride inside
April 21: JFK circuit, 2.5 mile run
April 22: JFK circuit, 4 mile run
April 23: JFK circuit, 5 mile Fat Bike ride
April 24: 10 mile indoor ride
April 25: Duathlon Trial: 1.6 mile run, 7.5 mile ride, 1.5 mile run (12 min, 30 min, 11 min)
April 26: 16 mile leisure ride, 11-12 mph average with my friend
April 27: 4 mile run
April 28: 6 mile indoor ride
April 29: 2.5 mile run
April 30: 2.5 mile run
May 1: 2.5 mile run
May 2: Off
May 3: 4 mile run
May 4: 2.5 mile run, 6 mile ride outside
May 5: 3 mile run
May 6: 3 mile run
May 7: 3 mile run (1 easy, 2 miles of .20 intervals on the parking lot)
May 8: 3 mile run

I've been doing more morning runs now since its been warmer to run at that time. I love this time of year as the temps get to be 40-50 degrees at sunrise and even when it gets colder, it still feels great.

As for coffee?  I've been enjoying OG's King of Coffee and the mainstay of OG Black Gourmet.
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Yes, I will return to KB's soon. :)

Coach Rick

Saturday, April 18, 2015

More Biking, Fat & Skinny, Plus some Runs


This week has been a combo of many avenues of exercise: mainly bodyweight exercises (still doing the JFK Fitness Program workouts from that 1960's book), some runs, and some rides.

I got back on the hybrid bike (basically a skinny version of a mountain bike tire, ideal for pavement and on gravel) and also spent some time on the fat bike. Wednesday was mainly a running day, with a 5 mile run with the running club. Thursday was a bike ride on the hybrid. Friday, another ride on the hybrid for 7.5 miles, then a 1.5 mile run after that, as a way to prep for the duathlon training I wanted a good measurement of what half of some parts of the race would be like.  The Duathlon is a 5K, 25K ride, and 5K to finish.  25K is roughly 15.5 miles, so I did 7.5 on the bike, then 1.5 as a run to see how I'd feel getting off the bike and into a run. I know from my days of triathlon training it was a hard thing to get used to.

This morning was a cool morning with no wind at all, so I put up with 35-40 degree temps and dressed warm enough for a 7 mile ride on the fat bike.   Took me about 33 minutes, so it was a pretty slow ride compared to a hybrid bike ride, but I feel the fat bike is a great strength builder due to its size and weight to propel. 

Coffee Time!  This week has been a good mix of OG's Black Gourmet in the sachets, King of Coffee in sachets, and Black Gold in the BrewKups.  I think it was on Friday when I created a good Bulletproof Coffee mix with the Black Gold coffee flavor and the usual organic butter and coconut oil.

I'm really enjoying the OG brand and find the sachets to be very useful for at work and at home.  They don't take up a lot of space and can easily be portable anywhere for a quick cup to make. 

Still looking at doing a Coffee Party online with my OG Coffee Facebook group.  Join the page if you want to take part very soon and in the future too.

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Coach Rick Karboviak - OG Coffee - Kindle Training Guides

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Duathlon Training


I'm in the planning stages of training for a Duathlon race in the end of May. Its a 5K run, 25K ride, and 5K run at the end.  I'm already doing a mix of rides and runs, so I feel its time to blend the two together and train for a race.

The training will be similar to a triathlon race I did twice in 2004 and 2005, as the distances are similar to that for the bike (it was 12 miles in the tri) and a 5K at the end. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

I know I'd have to get my fastest bike back in order.  Its been a while since I've ridden that bike, but I can handle 20+ mph on it pretty well.

The last few days I've been doing some fat biking, once on Sunday and once on Tuesday. Monday was a wild day for running, as there were 45+ mph gusts of wind that day.  It was wild going into it, and felt like someone pulling you when it was behind you.

Overall, the bike rides and running will have to amp up a bit and do some double workouts on the weekend to get used to both.

I got my OG King of Coffee in, and it tastes better than Black Gourmet.  BG still tastes good, but King of Coffee is pretty darn bold. It does cost a bit more, so in comparison, I'd probably stick with Black Gourmet in the sachets for a quick cup at work.  It costs less overall and has a pretty comparable taste.  It all depends on what you like in your coffee.

I also got my Black Gold in BrewKup form, that is definitely in my top 3 from OG.  I like the Royal Blend of Jamaican coffee as my favorite, Black Gold is #2. Black Gourmet is #3.

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Coach Rick
Kettlebells & Coffee

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fat Biking & Coffee


The JFK Challenge workouts keep moving along, doing 5 per week and its lasting about 8-10 minutes each time.  I have one more week of Levels 1 & 2 mixed together. I will then do just Level 3 for 3 weeks.  Still have Levels 4 and 5 to go in 3 week periods.

The workout series sort of reminds me of the old ab workout series I'd do back in HS that took me about 15 minutes.  Looking back, this routine would have been a lot better for me since its more well-rounded and balanced with a total body focus.  Its a great mobility series to get the body going before a basic cardio routine. 

In the last week I've been riding my new Fat Bike, aka My Big Fat Pony. I went on a training ride for 6.5 miles on Thursday.  Friday I felt ill in the afternoon and evening so I stayed at home. Saturday I felt better and well enough to do a leisure ride (no worries about effort/time/distance), which was a good thing to do after feeling so ill on Friday. 

This morning was a slightly chilly morning ride but felt great doing a 6 mile ride from Mayville to Portland and back.  I went about half a mile or so into Portland to get to the 3 mile point and then turned around to ride back into Mayville.  There is a great bike path built between the two towns and it is nice and safe to travel on.  No major worries along a major highway. The 6 miler was done in 26:30, about a 4:25/mile pace for an average. I know I'm slower on a fat bike compared to my hybrid, but since its heavier than my other bikes, its also a bit harder to ride. I'm hoping it makes me stronger to ride a lighter bike.

Speaking of bikes, I'm seriously contemplating a late May duathlon. Its a 5K run, 25K ride, then 5K run all back to back to back.  I think it would be a fun challenging event and be similar to a triathlon that I've done in the past, just two runs sandwiching a 15.5 mile ride.

I know I gotta get some serious training in for it, and the weather right now is looking prime time to get it in.  I think such a race will help me tune up well for the 5K's I plan to run this summer too.

As for my coffee, I'm drinking the good old basic OG Gourmet Black, OG's #1 seller. No bulletproof style this morning, just plain old, black coffee.

If you become an OG distributor like I am, you can get a great deal on OG coffee and their other products.  I'm pretty much a coffee only guy, so I've been trying out their various kinds of BrewKups and this next package I'm getting is OG King of Coffee.  Its in the sachets and for those who are not in favor of using BrewKups or the K-cup style, sachets are an easier way to prepare your single cups of coffee.  Its a lot less of waste and the coffee contents itself fully dissolve into hot water to create your coffee.  I've had instant coffees before and the OG instant sachets are totally different than your store bought 'instant' coffee.  There is no comparison: OG simply stands out as a premium coffee compared to other instant brands. 

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Coach Rick
Kettlebells & Coffee - Kindle Guides - OG Coffee

Thursday, April 9, 2015

#JFKChallenge moves along


The JFK Challenge workout series I've been doing has kept going well for me. It works as a great 'limber up' workout to do in the mornings.  Its taking me about 10 minutes or less to do.

I did it last week for 6 days straight, this week I'm aiming for 6 again.  Mon-Fri will be levels 1 & 2 of the series each day, Saturday will probably be a Tabata series session again of 2 rounds of the 7 exercises.

The last 4 days I've been riding or running.  Sunday was a (cold!) bike ride on the Big Fat Pony.  The temp was about 25 but the wind was high enough to make it feel much colder than that.

Monday was a run, a simple 2.5 mile route I typically do and finished it in 18:25 for time. 

Tuesday it was rainy and snowy, a crazy mix.  I ended up with an indoor bike ride of 7 miles in under 20 minutes.  I always go faster on the indoor bike, so I'm not worried about distance, but more for what distance I can do in a set time.

Wednesday night was another run with the running club, a nice 4 miler in under 31 minutes. The first 2 miles were under 15 minutes, the next 2 coming back was more inline with an 8 minute pace to get 16 minutes on that section. 

Today I think I'll try to get on the fat bike again for a fun ride if the weather is decent.  If not, maybe a short run or an indoor ride.

The coffee choices in the mornings are a mix of OG Gourmet Black and some generic K-cup Columbian coffee.  I've made Bulletproof Coffee for a couple mornings but not every one of them.

I ordered some OG King of Coffee this week and it should come in shortly.  I also got some Black Gold in the BrewKups. 

Check out your great coffee choices at

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

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Friday, April 3, 2015

#JFKChallenge Updates


The JFK Challenge workouts continue onward this week. 

Wednesday and Thursday's routines were once again the #1 and #2 level workouts in a back to back setting.

Wednesday I ran for 4 miles after work for our local Club Run.  Very windy night and the first 2 miles headed out into the wind.  My 2nd mile was 8:30, turning around, my 3rd was 7:30.  It was pretty crazy. 

Thursday I felt pretty wiped and just did the JFK bodyweight circuits in the morning.

For this morning's workout, I tried the JFK circuit but did a Tabata format to it.

It was 14 minutes long, 2 cycles of 20/10 per exercise, and 2 full circuits of the 7 exercise circuit.

Alternating Toe Touches 20/10 x 2
Mountain Climbers 20/10 x 2
Sit Stretches: 20/10 x 2
Push-Ups 20/10 x 2
Sit-Ups 20/10 x 2
Side Leg Raises - 20/10 per side
Flutter Kicks - 20/10 x 2
Repeat circuit for a 14 minute workout.

I'm loving this little change and break from the kettlebells, but I'm also missing the Swings. I may mix them into the schedule 2-3x/week, but I kind of want to keep on a full bodyweight regime to see how my body handles it. Maybe I need a reprieve from some KB beatings. I am going to get some more runs and rides in as the weather warms up.

Bulletproof Coffee was on the schedule this morning, a good mix of some basic generic Columbian coffee with organic butter and coconut oil.  I'm out of OG BrewKups, so I have to wait until my order comes in before I enjoy it again.

I also had a serving of some orange juice (10 oz) and a scoop of vanilla whey protein. Its a very smooth combo and less frothy than regular milk and protein powders.

Coach Rick Karboviak
Kettlebells & Coffee
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The #JFKChallenge Begins


After reviewing the JFK US Physical Fitness Program book that I got last week, I tested out the Levels of 1, 2 and 3 for the 7 exercise circuit.

The 7 exercises are:

Toe Touches
Sprinters (Mountain Climbers)
Sit Stretches
Side Leg Raises
Flutter Kicks

These are pretty set for the first 3 levels. Levels 4 and 5 get changed up a little on the leg raises and flutter kicks.

The first 2 levels, back to back, take about 10-12 minutes to do, based on my trials of them on Friday and Sunday.  Sunday's workout actually was Levels 1, 2 and 3, all in succession, and taking 20 minutes alone to do.

Not a bad workout in itself as a progressing level routine.

On Monday, I decided to do Levels 1 & 2 as one circuit each morning for 5-6 times this week. Its a brief 10-12 minute workout by itself, very similar to my KB routines for the mornings.

Level 1 is:
10 Toe Touches
12 Sprinters (each side)
12 Sit Stretches
5 Pushups
5 Situps
12 Leg Raises each
30 Flutter Kicks

Level 2 goes to:
20 Toe Touches
16 Sprinters
18 Sit Stretches
10 Pushups
20 Situps
16 Leg Raises each
40 Flutter Kicks

Wondering what a Sit Stretch is? Sit down with your legs straight out, slowly stretch out to your toes, then come back to a sitting position.  I have changed it slightly mostly do an alternating version of a 'sitting toe touch'.  This goes a bit faster and creates a little more twisting to the circuit.

I will also do Toe Touches as the old school "Windmills" of an alternating toe touch from side to side (left hand to right foot, right hand to left foot).  I like doing some cross-body activity with this circuit.

It is nice out now, and I plan to be out for runs or bike rides in the evenings.  These brief bodyweight circuits should be just what I need to get my mornings going, but still feel like I can handle an outdoor workout after work.

Yesterday's Run was for 4 miles in some very pleasant, windless, high 50's.  T-shirt and shorts weather up here. I got it completed in about 31 minutes, so I was happy with how that felt.

Today should be a ride on my new Fat Bike.  

Meet "My Big Fat Pony".

This should be a fun spring and summer ahead!

For the coffee choice, its Columbian Perks out of the K-cup maker and later at work, I'll have some OG Gourmet Black.  

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

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Friday, March 27, 2015

The #JFKChallenge


A video started making its way to me last week, one that covered the implementation of President Kennedy's physical fitness initiative in the early 60's. 

Instead of trying to explain it further, I will let the video do the talking.

I also recently got the book that covered this initiative for adults.

After watching the video, I wanted to find the program for historical purposes, but it lead me to the adult physical fitness program put forward by Kennedy's council on fitness.

I am pretty impressed with the physical prowess of the kids in this video.  In a day and age where we are worried about obese kids... do you see any here in this video?

More on this to come.... I'm pretty inspired by the history of this program, and after reviewing the adult fitness book, its got some good stuff in it.

The kind of stuff that would be pretty solid today. 

Its core base of 7 bodyweight movements doesn't take a lot of time.

For Level One, the circuit takes about 5 minutes to do. Level Two took me about 8. 

There is more than just the bodyweight exercises, but its a good foundation to start with. In a new day and age where bodyweight exercises are still a popular choice, I see some cool benefits from this 'Blast from the Past" workout routine.

Like I said, there will be more on this to come on this blog.  This is some good history to dig into.

Watch the video up above as you sip your morning cup of coffee.

Prepare to be inspired.

Swing & Sip!

Coach Rick

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Runnng, KB's and more Coffee


This week started off with some Swings to get my Monday going in a good direction, another solid 300 Swing workout to energize the body.  In the afternoon after work, I hit the streets for a nice 2.5 mile run, my usual route for a 20 minute jaunt.  Temps were in the upper 30's so just a few long sleeve shirts, a hoodie, and a good pair of pants kept me pretty warm.

This morning was another KB workout of some Tabata style swings and cleans. 20s work, 10s rest x 10 rounds for some Swings (just 10 swings per 20s), and another 5 minute round of 10 cleans x 10 rounds of 20s work, 10s rest.  I used a 40# kettlebell to keep things running smoothly. 

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Coffee this morning has been OG's Gourmet Black option in the sachet form.  Add some hot water and you're good to go.  Gourmet Black is OG's #1 selling item. 

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Swings, Rides, and DB Workouts


This week has been a mish-mash of workouts. It started out with running early in the week but with a crazy schedule it was time for other things. I also had about 11 straight days of workouts and by Friday I needed a day of rest.

Wednesday was a Swings workout - 300 Swings with the 45# kettlebell.  I did 200 at once, rested until 7 minutes ticked away on the stopwatch (roughly 1:15 of rest) and then did another 100. 

Thursday was a return to my indoor bike.  10 miles done in about 27 minutes of time. I just ordered a new Fat Bike this week, so I felt the need to get back with my bike riding, even on an indoor setting for now.  When weather gets nice, I will get more on my bike outside, especially with the Fat Bike.

For those wondering, this is what my new bike will look like:

Later on, Friday just didn't feel like a workout day for me. I took the morning off with intentions of an afternoon workout, and after work, my body just didn't want to start into it.

This morning was time for a total body routine with a new set of adjustable dumbbells I bought. I wanted a new change to my workout plan and I kind of missed dumbbell routines. 
It was a Dumbbell Thruster routine of Squat, curl, then press in a continuous fashion, going for 5 reps in 20s of work and 10s rest. I was able to go for 100 reps in 10 minutes of time, calling it off at the end of that.  I figured that would be a good point to stop since it was a new workout to add. 
The workouts in general lately have been quite the cross-training mix.  From runs to kettlebells to bikes and dumbbells, there's something to do different each day. 
Once weather gets more consistently nice out, I feel I will run and bike more in the afternoons/evenings and use my mornings for brief KB and DB workouts to add in strength/power workouts to the plan.  That seems to workout the best for me at the moment. When its nice in the mornings, I do enjoy a hard run or some speed sessions to do. 
As for coffee lately, its been a return to some basic coffee for a change, as I'm waiting for my OG coffee to be ordered in early April and arrive to me.
My BPC versions are still the same, just with Eight O'Clock's Columbian Perks instead. I still prefer OG Black Gold, but it will do for now.
If you aren't into K-cups (they have been getting some bad press lately because of so many of them not being recyclable plastic), then you might want to check into the individual sachets of OG's Gourmet Black Coffee.  You get 30 sachets in a box, and you can take them anywhere with you.  I have them at work for an afternoon cup. Plus all you toss away is a small sachet and not an un-recyclable cup. 
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Coach Rick

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Runs, More Swings, More Coffee


This past weekend, I had another couple of runs squeezed in.  Just another 2.5 miler on Saturday at an easy pace, then a 2 mile run setup as 1 mile easy, then 400's around a parking lot - my new makeshift track of sorts - and doing some "Subsonic" 400's. 

A Subsonic 400 is doing a fast 400 with minimal rest and repeating it, usually 4 times to get 1 mile in.

My 400's were basically right around 90 seconds, with 30 seconds rest.  Since its been a long time of doing some major speed sessions, I decided to stick with 4, 400's.  In the future, I might do up to 2 miles of 400's like this, but with more rest between the miles. 

I got the Subsonic idea from doing 2 and 4 minute workout circuits of the Tabata method and realized its almost the same time frames of work/rest as a Tabata style workout.

Monday and Today were Swing workouts.  Monday was a total body workout day within a Swing workout itself:

100 Swings, done in 2:45 with 1:15 rest, used 40# KB
2 minutes of Tabata style work/rest for Push-Ups
100 Swings as above
2 minutes of Cross-Body Mountain Climbers, Tabata style
100 Swings as above

This was a good 15 minute workout interspersed with some pushups and mountain climbers.

Never underestimate the Mountain Climber.  An oldie but goodie.

This morning was a 45# KB Swing workout in 10 minutes time.

100 swings the first 3:30, then 200 swings in about 5:20 for time.

Coffee this morning was some OG Black Gold once again, bulletproof style.

Organo Gold's Black Gold is a great, bold choice for some morning joe.

Order up some OG coffee and check out their Lattes and Mochas too, did I also mention Hot Chocolate?

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Friday, March 13, 2015

Running, Running, and Running. Plus Some Coffee


This week has been heavy on the running workouts, as the temps are tremendous for getting out there and enjoying the nice 50-60 degree temps the past week.

The weekend looks better for even warmer temps. Talking near 70...

This week, I've been going steady on the running since Sunday.

Sunday was a 2.5 mile run, Monday and Tuesday was 3 miles each day. Wednesday night was the first Club Run for our local running club, we got 5 miles in that night.  Thursday was too nice to pass up and I did a 2 Mile Trial outside around the campus.  I got it done in 14 minutes flat. Not a bad pace to start things out in March.  It was a good trial test to see where I'm at in terms of 5K speed.

This morning was a 300 Swings workout with the 40# kettlebell, I haven't given up on the KB workouts this week either.  They make a nice addition for a morning workout and don't zap you too much.

Bulletproof Coffee was once again on tap this morning, Same recipe as usual with the OG Black Gold, organic butter and organic coconut oil.

Looking forward to a nice weekend of getting out and enjoying some runs and maybe a bike ride or two.

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick - OG Coffee - Kindle Guides

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time to RUN Again


With the weather turning out to be superbly awesome around here the past few days, it is time to enjoy some runs outside again!

The weather started out better on last Friday, going out for a run in the afternoon was pretty pleasant. I got busy on Saturday but resumed running workouts on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Sunday was a 20 minute, 2.5 miler.  Monday and Tuesday were 3 mile runs on each day. Tuesday was about a minute faster, I think most of that was the route I took though.  Had the wind to my back and side for most of it.

I did get some Swings in on Monday and Tuesday mornings, deciding to take today off since I have a longer run tonight with my local running club.

I sure am enjoying the fact I don't have to bundle up in lots of gear just to get an outdoor run in.

Coffee choices the past few days has been the usual BPC option with:

10 oz OG Black Gold in BrewKup format
1 tbsp. organic butter
1 tbsp. organic coconut oil

Black Gold is a great premium coffee for your K-cup maker.

K-cups have been getting some bad news lately.  If you prefer your coffee in individual sachets to mix with hot water, OG Gourmet Black is ideal for you. 

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Swing & Sip!
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Run, Swing, Run, Swing


The weather right now is getting to be awesome for springtime runs. Its been in the 30's to 40's and near 50 in some areas.  Friday afternoon was the first afternoon I went out for a run since past Monday.  We had a cold snap in the middle of the week and it was very pleasant to get out there. My run alone was starting out rough and got a bit slower, but overall it was an 8 minute mile pace and good enough to just enjoy the afternoon run and nice temps.

Saturday was a busy day for me and I opted for a day of rest.  After 6 straight days it was time for a day's break.  Sunday afternoon was beautiful and toasty, in the 40's and was great for another afternoon run.  Friday and Sunday's runs were 2.5 miles each, done in 20 minutes each run.

I started this morning off with another Swing workout, much like Friday's morning.  I did a 300 Swings workout to start things off, Friday's was a 400 Swing day.  I'm starting to get 200 reps in a set with the 40# kettlebell.  200 is plenty in one shot. That takes close to 6 minutes to do but watching some TV helps out with making the workout go faster. 

I should have another run this afternoon on the docket, the week looks great for afternoon runs.

I'm even getting the running club going again this week.

This morning's coffee is once again Bulletproof Coffee, made with:

10 oz OG Black Gold coffee
1 tbsp. organic butter
1 tbsp. coconut oil

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Swing & Sip!
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kettlebells & Coffee: More Than Just Workouts


The past two days of workouts were pretty basic kettlebell workouts, and some brief ones too.

Wednesday was a 10 minute, 300 rep Swing workout with the 52# kettlebell.

It was done with 100 reps every 3:30 for the first 200, then ended after the last 100 done under 3:00 of time.

Today was a Total Body Thursday kind of day:

100 Swings in the first 4 minutes: 40# KB used, 20/10 work/rest pattern.
40 Clean & Presses, 4 minutes worth (5 per side) of 20/10 work/rest.
40 Ab Rollouts, 5 per set, 20/10 pattern used again for this.

It is a good 12 minute workout style I enjoy.

Bulletproof Coffee was the same as usual, this time with OG Caramel Vanilla.

10 oz of coffee, 1 tbsp. of organic butter, 1 tbsp. of coconut oil.

Yesterday I just tried the butter alone and I actually prefer the coconut oil to be a part of it.


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I've tried selling supplements and workout DVD's from two different companies. After a while, I didn't care too much for their overpriced products. 

For example, I used to sell the Beachbody lineup of stuff and fell for their marketing, only to get lost in the shuffle of buying up products just to maintain your 'status' to possibly sell their stuff.

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I chose coffee because:
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4. Its easy, its simple, its coffee!

That last line is from OG, and I love using it. Why? Because coffee is a simple thing to sip, sample and share with your friends.

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Swing & Sip!
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