Monday, November 21, 2016

A Return to Home Workouts

Wow, what a crazy summer and fall it was for me.

Summer was a hard time to get through, as I experienced a major loss in my life and tried to stay active through it all. I started lifting again in the new weight room at the college, but soon fell out of the habit of it due to school starting and beginning a running club for the college.

I still kept up with cycling a lot outside and went around 200+ miles per month in July and August.
Then, I went on the road for my job and ended up doing a lot of indoor workouts with an occasional run outside.

Running was an entirely different beast this summer. I had a bothersome and flared up Achilles tendon that I dealt with all summer and even into the fall. I have been slowly returning to 3-4 runs a week now during the last weeks of October and first half of November.

My 'go-to' routines for indoor and on-the-road workouts have been the Home Workout Revolution series from Craig Ballantyne.

HWR workouts are 20 minutes or less and very focused to do a fair amount of work in those small times.

I have them on my computer and they are a quick thing to pull up in the morning when I'm on the road.  Even if I feel up for a brief, 4-6 minute workout in the evening, there are a separate series of workouts designed just for that need, or for a little extra that you have in the tank for your main workout.

My schedule usually jumps around all the time in the winter, due to basketball games I go to and take in as a fan. I love the local college games, especially since I work at a college.

This typically means that my mornings are set aside for my workout time.

Right now, I'm alternating a HWR workout for 3x/week, then a morning run or an indoor bike workout on the days in-between.

My workout setup is in my living room, with a bike off to the side, and a mix of dumbbells and a kettlebell or two. 

Even though I used to workout in gyms as a trainer, there is something I just love about at-home workouts, and its because the workout is right there for you.  No time to travel, get to the gym, wait for a spot to open on a treadmill or bike or a power rack to use.  Your weights are there, your equipment is right there, your bike is right there.  Everything is THERE and no one to bug you.  There are some key advantages to working out at home when you consider time management issues.

Part of me dislikes the guessing game though of who is going to be there or not (will it be busy, or scarce, or somewhere in between?) Your workout space is as busy as you make it to be.

Anyway, I will be able to get more into a routine without being on the road so much, and develop a solid plan of action for my workouts and my diet.

I'm going to be doing a hybrid routine of my own indoor bike, some HWR workouts, and the diet program from The Achievable Body.  With TAB's diet plan, I was able to drop a good portion of weight before my wedding and liked how I felt after it.  I feel I had a terrible diet over the course of my travel schedule for work, so now its time to get that back on track.

I also may start using some Advocare products along with this. I have some other stuff to use up before I get some new Advocare products though. 

I plan to update the blog along my journey, so feel free to follow along. 

Since I no longer do fitness training, I am now into selling those programs as an affiliate.

With the HWR and TAB programs, I sell them straight up as an affiliate.

Advocare products I also sell as a distributor. 

Links for all these programs and others can be found at the top under each tab.

This blog is my avenue to discuss my experiences with all of them, and let you be a judge as well. 

Overall, this blog is to help people who are looking for solutions. These are the ones I see as being a great fit for many!

Coach Rick Karboviak
Home Workouts Plus!

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