Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Fuji Experience and a 50/60 Run

Last night after work, I started to work a bit on my bike resto project of a 16" boys AMF Roadmaster cruiser.  It felt pretty decent for a ride as well, so I texted my friend to go on another ride that night. I also wanted to go test out my Fuji Sports 10 ride that I just picked up for a weekend fixer-upper. 

We decided to keep the ride shorter than usual, since there were some stormy clouds to the north and east of us.  We made it about 12 miles when we rolled back in time before the storm really hit to the east of us, which did produce a tornado and some seriously high winds. 

This morning I went for another run and decided to do another round of going easy/hard for 4 minutes each.  Basically I was getting about 50% of a mile in during the easy portions, the harder portions was 60% of a mile. 

First 4 minutes: .54
Hard 4 minutes: .60
Next 4 minutes: .53
Hard 4 minutes: .59
Last 2 minutes: .24

All in all, it was a 2.5 mile run in 18 minutes again like it was on Monday.

Last night I took some AdvoCare Spark before the ride, and saved a good meal for afterwards.

This morning I took some AdvoCare Slim after my run.  I'm back to taking this once a day as a part of my routine.  I had real good results taking two packs a day, but I'm stretching it out over 4 weeks with two packages and only one per day.

I still have some Spark packages to give away to two new Preferred Customers or new Distributors, now is a great time to start up with AdvoCare.  PC's get a special sample box and some other gifts.  Distributors get more of a package deal when you begin, with other sample products in your start-up pack.  Don't forget, Distributors can save more on purchases as your business increases and you also get an easy-to-use website to sell your products, order materials, and get valuable training videos/handouts to help you grow.

Ask me about it once you check it out at

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak
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