Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 87: Hitting the Track

After a long time of waiting, we were able to hit the track last night for some sprints and some block work.

We first planned to run on the practice field, but some areas were wet still and not fully dry for some safe conditions to sprint on.

We ended up going out to the high school for some track work.

We did some 20m sprints and wrapped it up with 50m ones.  My timer is just long enough to cover1 50m of distance. 

It was a great night, temp wise and with low wind, as the sun was shining and we got in a lot of quality sprints with some good rest between.

For now, we can hit the track a bit more often now if the weather keeps up like this and we don't get hit with major storms.

Slim is working okay this week, I'm already down to 196 and its working wonderfully as I finish out the 90 days here this week.

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Slim is good to try for even a week if you take 2 packs a day, or extended it to 2 weeks with just one packet a day.  14 stick packs make it a great choice for either 1 or 2 weeks. 

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 86: Lift, Sprint, Run

Monday night's routine was another deadlift and bench press session, keeping it in the 3x5's and some other exercises in the 3x5 to 3x8 range.  We followed it up with some 10m and 20m sprints on the timer.  I've been trying to save my meal after work to an after-workout meal, but I may need a snack in between.  I tried a Spark but I felt my body needs more than that. 

This morning's workout was a very good 20 minute run on the treadmill, my legs felt very fresh for it and it was a nice little interval workout of 1 mile easy, then 1 mile of increasing and decreasing speeds between 7.6 and 8.0mph, every tenth of a mile.  I ended it with 1/2 mile of easy at 7.5mph to get 2.5 miles in about 19:40 of time.

Tonight it will be more deadlift combo's with plyometric jumps, as well as split lunges and split jumps. We might try to sprint outdoors tonight if the weather is nice enough for it.

Being back on Slim for this final week is a pretty easy thing to take.  Mix it up and drink twice a day.  Can't get any simpler than that.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 85: Run and KB Cleans

Yesterday, it was nice enough to try an outdoor run and some fresh air was what I needed. I kept it short at 2.5 miles and 20 minutes to 21 minutes to finish it.  Didn't go too wild and crazy on it, my heart rate was right in the 160 to 165 range for the majority of it. 

This morning I woke up feeling a LOT better compared to the last few days of being sick.  I chose the in-between route of doing a 10 minute KB clean workout versus trying a 20 minute one or doing nothing at all.  10 minutes was just right, doing double cleans with the pair of 35's and doing 20 reps every 2 minutes.

I'll plan to do some more stuff tonight with track club and save my energy for that.

I began Slim in full force yesterday too.  2 packets a day will take me through the rest of the 90 days here.

Hoping for a good week to finish things out here for my final days of the first 90 of the year.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sick Days: Automatic Rest Days

It's been a while since my last workout, half a week, in fact. My last workout was on Wednesday morning and planned for an evening one on Thursday once I got back. I felt pretty ill on Wed night and all day Thursday, then Friday kept me at home with the full-blown flu.  Saturday, I started to feel a bit better but still not at 100%. 

After a good night's rest, I woke up today feeling much better and may try to get some fresh air this afternoon on some level.  It should be in the low 50's and maybe a brief bike ride is in order.

I haven't been taking my AdvoCare stuff until this morning.  I didn't want it to interfere with my cold medications I have been taking the last few days.  Today I began with Slim once again. 

I have a few days to go, basically I think it ends on Friday with my 90 Day plan to begin 2017 with.

I was unable to do a mile race on Saturday morning.  I would have been in terrible shape and would have perhaps put myself in a worse state if I tried to race on that morning.  I was glad I stayed home.

All in all, I have one final week push to make in my 90 day effort and keep it moving as a jumpstart effort into my next 90 days.

If you've thought of doing a 24 Day Challenge to kickstart your own 90 Day Challenge, I suggest looking at the AdvoCare 24DC package. 

If it seems like too much for you, I suggest doing a 14 Day plan with 2 boxes of Slim and 1 box of MNS-E, 3, or C.  It may be more affordable for some to try that type of plan.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 80: Combo's, Sprints, and a Run

I've now hit the 80 day mark and had some decent workouts the last two days.  Last night was a mix of complex combo's, matching deadlifts with box jumps and DB lunges with split jumps, followed by 10, 20m sprints that were timed. 

I woke up fairly earlier than normal, and I felt pretty good for a treadmill run.  That went for 2.5 miles in under 20 minutes, doing an 8 minute mile to start, then a mix of increasing .1 of a MPH every tenth of a mile, up to 8.0mph. 

It went like this:
7.6mph to 1.10 miles
7.7mph to 1.20 miles
7.8mph to 1.30 miles
7.9mph to 1.40 miles
8.0mph to 1.60 miles
7.9mph to 1.70 miles
7.8mph to 1.80 miles
7.7mph to 1.90 miles
7.6mph to 2.00 miles
7.5mph to 2.50 miles (finish)

Results so far: I'm down 10 pounds overall since Day 1, down to 198.  Body fat % is 16.3%, down from 18.3% at 208 pounds.  It's a 6 pound fat drop and 4 pounds drop in lean body mass too. 

It's a nice drop and I feel a lot better for running so far.  It has been helpful in getting a treadmill to get in morning runs. 

My AdvoCare stuff should come today, as I'll be finishing out with the Slim and Spark products for my final days of the first 90 days this year.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 79: Lifts, Sprints, Kettlebells, Oh My

After a 2 mile run on Monday morning, the evening session was a round of weights in the weight room first with some Bench, Deadlifts, Rows, and Side Presses.  We then hit the gym for some 10m sprints and made some good progress with a crouch start and no starting blocks.  I was finally in the 2.30 range after a long time of not getting there.

This morning was another session with the kettlebell cleans.  I used the 40# one to do some alternating cleans for a set of 100 in about 4 minutes, resting for 2, and hitting 2 more sets in that work/rest pattern.  This got me to 300 reps in 16 minutes.  40# is feeling pretty light compared to 70# with a double KB clean and single ones with 53# to wrangle with.

Looking forward to my AdvoCare products coming soon, should be here mid-week.

Tonight's workout should be more sprints with some complex training beforehand.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 78: Bike Ride plus a Run

Yesterday was a very nice afternoon, so my friend and I went for a 20 mile ride. It started out pretty decent, then it got chilly when the sun hid behind some clouds and the wind seemed to pick up by the mile. It is still a great feeling though to get some rides in March on the weekends.

This morning was a quick 2 mile run on the treadmill. I'm planning for some more workouts tonight at the gym.  My legs were a little sore from the ride too, so 2 miles was just right for this morning.

I got my Slim and Spark ordered yesterday, so I will probably start with some Spark and finish my last week with Slim.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 76 and 77: Outdoor Run and Cleans

Saturday's routine was a much needed outdoor run for a change. I went for a 5K distance, nice and easy, roughly at 9 minutes/mile pace from what I gathered.  The breeze was a bit chilly and I only wished it was a bit warmer as it was predicted to be.  Today should be a lot better and I'm planning for another bike ride. 

This morning I hit the pair of 35# kettlebells for some 20 rep sets, climbing up to 200 total in under 20 minutes. Been almost a week since I did some KB work and I missed it.

Hoping for a sunny afternoon or at least a warmer one to hit the bike path and the countryside.

I have basically 2 weeks left before 90 days are up, but in no way am I stopping.  It has been a nice journey up to this point and I'm feeling a lot stronger/fitter since I began.

AdvoCare has been a great part of that solution.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Friday, March 17, 2017

Day 75: Combo's, Sprints, and Core

Last night after work, I hit the gym for another session of Track Club workouts. We did some Deadlift and box jump combos, plus lunge and switch jump combos to start the workout.  We followed it up with a good dose of 10m starts with the timer and a handful of 20m ones to finish.
Both of us felt some fatigue in our legs and weren't quite running at top end with our sprints, we were within a tenth or so, but we didn't feel very fresh. I had a previous heavy deadlift session the day before, plus a morning run, which made me feel pretty sore before the workout began. My student-athlete was a bit tired from a leg day at the gym as well. Overall, we at least got in some work for the week on power and speed.

This morning I was still feeling some soreness and achy feelings, so I went with the CU24 Level 2's Core routine on the stability ball.  This is a nice 14 minute routine of bodyweight core exercises.  It is a good little routine to help loosen things up and not pound my body like a kettlebell workout may do. I was thinking of a KB clean workout this morning, but my back was telling me NO.

I'm reaching the last 2 weeks now of my first 90 days of workouts for the year. I've had a bit of a break from my AdvoCare products and am planning to finish with some Slim and Spark. 

I look back and I've lost 8 pounds, I seem to keep steady at 200 at the moment and about 16% body fat.  I hope to nudge that a bit further down before the 90 day mark, but there are a lot of factors to get there as well.  I've noticed every day can be a little different, even with 2 workouts a day some days.  I usually do a morning session of either running or kettlebell work, then leave the evening workouts for the weight room and some sprints at night.

I do have a race next week, a fun one-mile race to try and I've been waiting a long time for such a race to happen.  I feel I should be in decent shape to handle that.

All in all, its looking like a nice weekend for a workout and perhaps some bike rides, so maybe I'll get out on the fat bike again in the country.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Days 72, 73, 74: Cleans, 300 Workout, DL's, and a Run

The past couple of days had me on the road for half of Tuesday and the other half of Wednesday.

Tuesday morning I did a 100 rep, double KB clean workout with my 35's. 

Wednesday morning was a unique 300 rep workout of bodyweight exercises.
20 reps of bodyweight squats
20 reps of push-ups
20 reps of 10 lunges per side
20 reps of standing ab twists
20 reps of bodyweight windmills
3 rounds of this was my 300 rep routine, took about 10 minutes to do.

I had an evening routine of just Bench Presses and Deadlifts.  Stuck with 4 sets of 5 on BP, then 3 sets of 5 with 185, 225, and 225, followed by a max rep attempt with 275 for 2 reps total.

My back was feeling pretty rough with a not so great night of sleep in a hotel room and sitting in a car for 10 hours of driving overall.

This morning, I had a nice 20 minute, 2.5 mile run on the treadmill. I had a mix of 1 mile easy, then half a mile at 7:30/pace, 1/4 mile at 8:00/pace, then 1/4 mile at 7:30 pace again, followed by half a mile at 8:00/pace to end on.  This got me to 2.5 miles in about 19:30 for time. 

Tonight I'll do more strength and speed work with Track Club.

Probably shooting for some complex work with speed sessions after.

Getting down to roughly 2 weeks of time now before the 90 day mark.  Can't believe its getting that close but its a good feeling, too.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 71: Morning Run, Evening Lift & 200's

I had two workouts today, opting for a morning run for 2.5 miles in 20 minutes to start the day.

My evening was a lifting session after work and then some 200m efforts on the treadmill for a mile's worth of those.  We set the treadmill at 10mph and did 45 second runs on it for a 200m distance, resting 15 seconds as the switch time.  Basically, we'd have 1 minute of rest between each set we did.

The lifting went pretty good and the sprints at the end for 200m efforts went well, too.

Getting in some solid 45 second periods of work at a good clip was a nice change from doing sprint starts in the gym.

If we had a speedy and heavy duty treadmill, we could do a lot of sprint workouts on there. 

Makes me miss training athletes on such a heavy duty machine, like I used to do.  I worked with athletes on a treadmill that went 28mph and up to 40% incline. You can't buy them in stores, they were specific to the franchise I worked for. There are similar models that go almost as fast and almost as high.

Anyways, it went very well for getting into the next week's worth of workouts.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 70: Double KB Cleans

After quite a few weeks of kettlebell cleans with a single bell, I opted to use my pair of 35# kettlebells and try some double cleans. 

I did sets of 20 for the first 10 minutes, then 4 sets of 10 every minute, going back to sets of 20 to finish it up by 20 minutes of time on the clock. All in all, it was 200 reps total. I'll mostly stick with the sets of 20 since I could get them done in under 1 minute, and rest for a minute between sets. 

This was a really good workout in that time frame.

I'm basically 3 weeks away from the 90 day mark now, so its time for a buckle-down home-stretch of effort.

I'll keep up with KB and treadmill workouts at home, then full body strength and speed stuff for track club routines.

If you want a good mix of KB and home workout routines for brief sessions, HWR is a great choice as well as Kettlebell Evolution. Check out HWR and KBE for some top-notch choices.

AdvoCare has been a great part of my progress too.  It's a great deal when you become a Preferred Customer and save 20% right away on purchases.  You also get a sample package of Spark with your membership, so its a great deal to go with your overall savings!

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 69: Rest & Run, again

I took off Friday, Day 68, as a break from everything. My body was just telling me to do that.  This morning I hit up another workout on the treadmill, getting in 2.5 miles again in under 20 minutes.
The workout was pretty steady for the first mile, then I went up .1 mph every 10% of a mile for about half a mile, then went back down for the next half mile and finished it with the 7.5mph speed for my last half mile.

7.5mph is basically an 8 minutes/mile pace and that speed has always been a 'go-to' speed for me to aim for on easy pace runs.  Come summertime, I may be in the 7:30 to 7:45/mile range for a majority of my running speeds unless its a speed workout. 

I feel I'm getting pretty used to my treadmill now and I'm liking how I don't have to go outside and bundle up in layers just to get in a running workout. 

I hope pretty soon that the weather perks up again and I can run outdoors with minimal layers at least.

As I'm nearing 90 days with my overall workouts, I realize its a great start but 90 days is merely a mile marker on the journey.  I'm happy so far that I am at least back into running and getting in speed sessions with sprints, plus a good mix of strength and power workouts in the mix too.

I'm glad I've had AdvoCare products to help me along that journey.  I'm still deciding what to go on next, but I'm leaning towards another week or two of Slim since I felt that really worked great for me.

Read more about Slim and the other products here at

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 67: Rest & a Run

Last night we didn't have any session for Track Club, so it was just the kettlebells yesterday. 

This morning was another run on the treadmill downstairs for 20 minutes and 2.5 miles again. 

Tonight we'll do some lifting and some more sprints on the timer.

As I look back so far, I'm staying steady at a certain weight and wondering how to get down a bit more myself.  I'd like to get down to the low teens in body fat percentage and I know with some running workouts and KB ones I'll get there.  I've only had the treadmill for less than 2 weeks and I know over time with 3-4 runs a week, plus sprint work in the evenings, it should help out a lot.

I'm taking a small break from AdvoCare products but will be back on them soon enough.

I'm looking at using Slim again and perhaps combining it with MNS.

Take a look at those two products at

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 66: Plyo's, Speed Circuits and Kettlebells

For last night's workout at Track Club, we did some complex training that combined strength lifts with plyometric ones.

We paired up deadlifts with box jumps, doing a set of box jumps after each set of deadlifts.
Then we connected DB lunges with split jumps after that.

Once we finished up that brief round of complex work, we setup a 20 minute workout station of speed and plyometric drills.
Jump Rope
KB Swings
Ladder High Knees
Single Leg Hops
Jump Rope
Total Body Extensions
Lateral Hurdle Hops
Standing Broad Jumps

With 8 stations, we did 20s work with 10s rest for 4 minutes total, resting for 4 minutes between rounds.  We did 3 rounds total of this for a nice 20 minute workout station.

This morning's session called for kettlebell cleans once again, but I opted for 40# instead of my 53# one. I was still able to get my sets of 100 in, with the same pattern of Monday's routine (4 minutes of 100 reps, 3 minutes rest, x 3).

I was glad I went with the 40# one for a little less intensity.  After 3 days of a long ride then 2 workouts a day on Monday and Tuesday, I needed to back off a bit.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 65: Lifting, Sprints, and a Run

Last night's Track Club routine was a session of lifting, then more sprints.

Deadlifts: 4x5
Bench Press: 4x5
DB Rows: 3x8 per side
Side Presses: 3x5 per side

5x10m starting block sprints
8x Flying 10's: 10m crouch start with last 10m timed on the fly

Both of our Flying 10's came down in time.

This morning was a session on the new treadmill for 20 minutes and 2.5 miles worth.  That time/distance always seems to be a staple of mine and for now, its perfect for getting used to the treadmill. 

I'm looking for someone to host an AdvoCare Mixer at their home or even their workplace.

If you want to host one, I will give you a free package of Spark with your choice of flavor. 

I know AdvoCare has many options to help people out with their health and fitness goals.

Please contact me if you have an interest in hosting a Mixer at your home or workplace.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 64: 100 Rep Sets

This morning began with some kettlebell cleans and a little test of endurance with it.
I went with a set of 100 at first, which took about 4 minutes to do.  I rested for 3, then went after my next set, climbing up to 100 again. I rested again and went for 40 at first, getting 60 next, aiming for 80 and finishing with a final set of 100.  All in all, I got the complete workout done in under 19 minutes. That final set was tough to do but I was able to complete it. It was a new physical challenge and change of pace from my typical sets of 40 to 60 reps throughout the workout.

Tonight should be more lifting and sprints to follow for Track Club.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 63: 21 Miles of Puddles and Mud

Since today had some good weather in the forecast, I opted for an afternoon ride.  I got a hold of my best friend and we ventured out in some mid 40's and a southerly breeze to boot.  We got a good dose of mileage around town and into nearby Portland, then went out west and south of Portland. 

All in all, it was a good 21 miles done and I took my main hybrid bike for road, gravel and my long rides in general.

Great way to end the week and cap off Week #9 after 63 days since the start of the year.

Next week looks like a solid week of training with morning and evening routines.

I'm now doing morning routines of either running or kettlebells, saving my lifting for the evenings when I do Track Club during the week.

Since I'm tackling deadlifts, bench press, rows and windmills at the gym with Track Club, I'm going to use that as my main total body effort and supplement it with the KB stuff in the morning.  We're also adding some deadlifts and plyometric work on days in-between for some complex training methods, that is combining a strength movement with a plyometric one.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day 62: Another 300

This morning was a good one to hit the kettlebell again and knock out another workout of 300 cleans in my usual format.

I'm used to getting sets of 40 in, every 3 minutes. After 18 minutes, its 240 total, so I'll finish off with a set of 60 to get 300 even.

My progress so far with all the mix of workouts is fine, staying steady at 200 and I'm hoping with an increase in running workouts with my treadmill, things will continue to move downward in weight for me and get back to a good performance weight for 5K's.

Looking back, the 24 Day Challenge was a great jumpstart to my progress.  I feel the MNS/Spark and Slim phases I went through helped get me further along. 

If I were to create my own, I'd do Slim for 2 weeks worth, then follow it with MNS and perhaps some Spark in there as well.

What would that cost? 

Well, as a Preferred Customer, 2 weeks of Slim with shipping would be about $60 total.  MNS and Spark is right around $60 as well.  All in all, it would be about $120 or less if you ordered it all at once as a PC and saved 20%. 

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 61:Power Work, Sprints, and the Perks of a Morning Run

Last night was another night of Track Club, this time starting with some Deadlifts and Box Jump combo's for power work, then we hit the starting blocks for some 10m starts. 

I rested well last night and actually felt pretty rested by 5am this morning.  I warmed up my legs and back for a bit and hit the treadmill downstairs. 

The run went very well and faster than Tuesday morning's run.  The foam rolling really helped loosen up my calves better and I ended up doing a bit of an interval ladder.  After 12 minutes of doing an 8 minute mile at 7.5 mph speed, I upped it by .1 mph every 10%.  So, at 1.60 miles, I upped it to 7.6. 1.70 went to 7.7, 1.8 to 7.8, 1.9 to 7.9, 2.00 miles even had it at 8, then I went down .1 mph every tenth of a mile, finishing with 7.6 at the end for 2.5 miles total.

This overall run went faster than Tuesday's and felt a lot better overall. 

I have always noticed that a morning run, whether its outside or inside, just seems to do more to wake your body up better than anything.  Kettlebell lifts come close to that feeling, but I think running just releases more mood-enhancing hormones overall compared to other exercises for me.  Not sure if anyone else feels that way, but a good morning run can really cleanse the mind and body to help start your day.

The sprints at night have been fun to do as well, as I don't feel wiped out as much I would after a steady, long run and its a nice change from everything else. It's also a great new challenge to drop my times down and make progress in a new athletic avenue that I've never really focused on.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 60: Parachute Sprints and Recovery

Last night for Track Club, we took out a new toy, the parachute, and did some slight resistance sprints with the chute, followed by no chute. 

We did 5 with the chute, then 3 without on 10m sprints.

After that, it was 3, 20m sprints with the chute and then we ended up doing 5 without. 

We started with just 2 without and got motivated to get a lower time.  Marc ended up getting under his 3.35 goal with a 3.34, so it was a great note to end on with that.

It was nice to see that just over a month ago when we started, our 10m and 20m times are going down and our Flying 20's are down even more as well.

This morning, I was feeling pretty beat up, then I looked at my log book and realized I have done 14 workouts in about 10 days straight, maybe that's why I'm feeling a bit beat up this morning.

I decided to just roll out my body on the foam roller for a good 15 minutes, which energized things up more than I expected.  It was a good thing to do and help the body recover better.

Tonight I'll do another Track Club workout, so I should feel pretty fresh for that.

Lent has also started up for me, so I plan to cut back a lot on my kryptonite, CHIPS, and if I do eat chips, I'll be going with a healthier option I've found and keep that at a minimum.

I'm also planning to pray more and reduce TV time at night, just shutting it off and reading more things.  I got some faith-filled books over the summer and have yet to crack them open.  Lent will be a good time for that. 

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day 59: Sprints and Cleans

It was another night of sprints with Track Club last night, as we did 5, 10m sprints, 5, 20m sprints, then 5, flying 20m sprints.

The flying 20's are with a 10m start, then the timer is started by somebody as you pass the 10m mark.

We used a crouch start and no starting blocks for a change, also to be the same as our first tests we did with the flying 20's before we had a starting block.

Both of our flying 20 times were down, mine was almost half a second down, so I was surprised by that.

This morning it was another kettlebell clean morning, using my 53# bell and doing 6 sets of 40 for 240 total on the day.  Later tonight I'll be doing another lifting session and sprints again too.

My 3 week Slim Challenge has ended and I'm at 200 and 16.5% overall.  I'll be taking a little time off from Slim and going back on it again soon. 

So, after 2 months I'm down 8 pounds and almost 2% body fat too.  I'm not sure if I'm at stable point of weight with 200 or what, but I'll at least go for losing body fat % and dropping that for better performance.  I think with having a treadmill now and also doing sprints throughout the week will be beneficial for me to achieve that goal. I want to get in the 12-14% range of body fat and if that gets me in the 190's, I'll be happy with that.  I really want to be back closer to my top performing measurements of a few years ago. 

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Coach Rick Karboviak