Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The COMET Run and My Return to Training (a little)

Now that college is underway, I've been working to generate interest in the Running Club.  Instead of just doing some regular runs, I decided to offer a new concept to it, called the COMET Run.

Comets is our nickname at the college, so I'm using the COMET acronym to lay out how the COMET Run goes. 

COMET stands for:
Course and

We will start out at the college and run to a nearby park. We have a city park nearby the college, plus an elementary school that isn't too far away either. 

We'll use the playground equipment, from benches to steps and swings and even some trees, to go through an exercise circuit as a total body workout.

I wasn't sure how many would show up on Tuesday, but I had a couple new students who showed up and had a lot of fun.  Today I'll be part of the Club Expo on campus to discuss it further with students.

The COMET Run format is a fun little way to get back into the fitness training world again, using it as a way to get the club to grow.

For those curious, we did the following:
Push-ups on the bench
Step-Ups on the steps of the big station on the playground
Pull-Ups using the Swings as our 'straps"
Ab Swing-Outs on the Swings
Single Leg Squats using the Swings
Spider Climbers: Ab exercise using the bench
Zig Zag Sprints around the trees

If you're a part of Mayville State in some way, as a student, faculty or staff member, come and join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30am.

Oh, its also free to do!

If we get more people who want to do more runs on a daily basis, we'll discuss it amongst ourselves and find out a good time to do it. I'm thinking Monday and Wednesday runs would happen at the same time, for just a general run/route to do.

As for other workouts, I've been on the bikes still, just not as much as usual.  Mainly going for about an hour or so on some rides. I have almost 250 miles in for the month of August, so a huge drop in mileage compared to July's.  It has been nice to get in some morning runs lately though.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick

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