Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The #JFKChallenge Begins


After reviewing the JFK US Physical Fitness Program book that I got last week, I tested out the Levels of 1, 2 and 3 for the 7 exercise circuit.

The 7 exercises are:

Toe Touches
Sprinters (Mountain Climbers)
Sit Stretches
Side Leg Raises
Flutter Kicks

These are pretty set for the first 3 levels. Levels 4 and 5 get changed up a little on the leg raises and flutter kicks.

The first 2 levels, back to back, take about 10-12 minutes to do, based on my trials of them on Friday and Sunday.  Sunday's workout actually was Levels 1, 2 and 3, all in succession, and taking 20 minutes alone to do.

Not a bad workout in itself as a progressing level routine.

On Monday, I decided to do Levels 1 & 2 as one circuit each morning for 5-6 times this week. Its a brief 10-12 minute workout by itself, very similar to my KB routines for the mornings.

Level 1 is:
10 Toe Touches
12 Sprinters (each side)
12 Sit Stretches
5 Pushups
5 Situps
12 Leg Raises each
30 Flutter Kicks

Level 2 goes to:
20 Toe Touches
16 Sprinters
18 Sit Stretches
10 Pushups
20 Situps
16 Leg Raises each
40 Flutter Kicks

Wondering what a Sit Stretch is? Sit down with your legs straight out, slowly stretch out to your toes, then come back to a sitting position.  I have changed it slightly mostly do an alternating version of a 'sitting toe touch'.  This goes a bit faster and creates a little more twisting to the circuit.

I will also do Toe Touches as the old school "Windmills" of an alternating toe touch from side to side (left hand to right foot, right hand to left foot).  I like doing some cross-body activity with this circuit.

It is nice out now, and I plan to be out for runs or bike rides in the evenings.  These brief bodyweight circuits should be just what I need to get my mornings going, but still feel like I can handle an outdoor workout after work.

Yesterday's Run was for 4 miles in some very pleasant, windless, high 50's.  T-shirt and shorts weather up here. I got it completed in about 31 minutes, so I was happy with how that felt.

Today should be a ride on my new Fat Bike.  

Meet "My Big Fat Pony".

This should be a fun spring and summer ahead!

For the coffee choice, its Columbian Perks out of the K-cup maker and later at work, I'll have some OG Gourmet Black.  

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

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Friday, March 27, 2015

The #JFKChallenge


A video started making its way to me last week, one that covered the implementation of President Kennedy's physical fitness initiative in the early 60's. 

Instead of trying to explain it further, I will let the video do the talking.

I also recently got the book that covered this initiative for adults.

After watching the video, I wanted to find the program for historical purposes, but it lead me to the adult physical fitness program put forward by Kennedy's council on fitness.

I am pretty impressed with the physical prowess of the kids in this video.  In a day and age where we are worried about obese kids... do you see any here in this video?

More on this to come.... I'm pretty inspired by the history of this program, and after reviewing the adult fitness book, its got some good stuff in it.

The kind of stuff that would be pretty solid today. 

Its core base of 7 bodyweight movements doesn't take a lot of time.

For Level One, the circuit takes about 5 minutes to do. Level Two took me about 8. 

There is more than just the bodyweight exercises, but its a good foundation to start with. In a new day and age where bodyweight exercises are still a popular choice, I see some cool benefits from this 'Blast from the Past" workout routine.

Like I said, there will be more on this to come on this blog.  This is some good history to dig into.

Watch the video up above as you sip your morning cup of coffee.

Prepare to be inspired.

Swing & Sip!

Coach Rick

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Runnng, KB's and more Coffee


This week started off with some Swings to get my Monday going in a good direction, another solid 300 Swing workout to energize the body.  In the afternoon after work, I hit the streets for a nice 2.5 mile run, my usual route for a 20 minute jaunt.  Temps were in the upper 30's so just a few long sleeve shirts, a hoodie, and a good pair of pants kept me pretty warm.

This morning was another KB workout of some Tabata style swings and cleans. 20s work, 10s rest x 10 rounds for some Swings (just 10 swings per 20s), and another 5 minute round of 10 cleans x 10 rounds of 20s work, 10s rest.  I used a 40# kettlebell to keep things running smoothly. 

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Coffee this morning has been OG's Gourmet Black option in the sachet form.  Add some hot water and you're good to go.  Gourmet Black is OG's #1 selling item. 

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Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Swings, Rides, and DB Workouts


This week has been a mish-mash of workouts. It started out with running early in the week but with a crazy schedule it was time for other things. I also had about 11 straight days of workouts and by Friday I needed a day of rest.

Wednesday was a Swings workout - 300 Swings with the 45# kettlebell.  I did 200 at once, rested until 7 minutes ticked away on the stopwatch (roughly 1:15 of rest) and then did another 100. 

Thursday was a return to my indoor bike.  10 miles done in about 27 minutes of time. I just ordered a new Fat Bike this week, so I felt the need to get back with my bike riding, even on an indoor setting for now.  When weather gets nice, I will get more on my bike outside, especially with the Fat Bike.

For those wondering, this is what my new bike will look like:

Later on, Friday just didn't feel like a workout day for me. I took the morning off with intentions of an afternoon workout, and after work, my body just didn't want to start into it.

This morning was time for a total body routine with a new set of adjustable dumbbells I bought. I wanted a new change to my workout plan and I kind of missed dumbbell routines. 
It was a Dumbbell Thruster routine of Squat, curl, then press in a continuous fashion, going for 5 reps in 20s of work and 10s rest. I was able to go for 100 reps in 10 minutes of time, calling it off at the end of that.  I figured that would be a good point to stop since it was a new workout to add. 
The workouts in general lately have been quite the cross-training mix.  From runs to kettlebells to bikes and dumbbells, there's something to do different each day. 
Once weather gets more consistently nice out, I feel I will run and bike more in the afternoons/evenings and use my mornings for brief KB and DB workouts to add in strength/power workouts to the plan.  That seems to workout the best for me at the moment. When its nice in the mornings, I do enjoy a hard run or some speed sessions to do. 
As for coffee lately, its been a return to some basic coffee for a change, as I'm waiting for my OG coffee to be ordered in early April and arrive to me.
My BPC versions are still the same, just with Eight O'Clock's Columbian Perks instead. I still prefer OG Black Gold, but it will do for now.
If you aren't into K-cups (they have been getting some bad press lately because of so many of them not being recyclable plastic), then you might want to check into the individual sachets of OG's Gourmet Black Coffee.  You get 30 sachets in a box, and you can take them anywhere with you.  I have them at work for an afternoon cup. Plus all you toss away is a small sachet and not an un-recyclable cup. 
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Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Runs, More Swings, More Coffee


This past weekend, I had another couple of runs squeezed in.  Just another 2.5 miler on Saturday at an easy pace, then a 2 mile run setup as 1 mile easy, then 400's around a parking lot - my new makeshift track of sorts - and doing some "Subsonic" 400's. 

A Subsonic 400 is doing a fast 400 with minimal rest and repeating it, usually 4 times to get 1 mile in.

My 400's were basically right around 90 seconds, with 30 seconds rest.  Since its been a long time of doing some major speed sessions, I decided to stick with 4, 400's.  In the future, I might do up to 2 miles of 400's like this, but with more rest between the miles. 

I got the Subsonic idea from doing 2 and 4 minute workout circuits of the Tabata method and realized its almost the same time frames of work/rest as a Tabata style workout.

Monday and Today were Swing workouts.  Monday was a total body workout day within a Swing workout itself:

100 Swings, done in 2:45 with 1:15 rest, used 40# KB
2 minutes of Tabata style work/rest for Push-Ups
100 Swings as above
2 minutes of Cross-Body Mountain Climbers, Tabata style
100 Swings as above

This was a good 15 minute workout interspersed with some pushups and mountain climbers.

Never underestimate the Mountain Climber.  An oldie but goodie.

This morning was a 45# KB Swing workout in 10 minutes time.

100 swings the first 3:30, then 200 swings in about 5:20 for time.

Coffee this morning was some OG Black Gold once again, bulletproof style.

Organo Gold's Black Gold is a great, bold choice for some morning joe.

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Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick


Friday, March 13, 2015

Running, Running, and Running. Plus Some Coffee


This week has been heavy on the running workouts, as the temps are tremendous for getting out there and enjoying the nice 50-60 degree temps the past week.

The weekend looks better for even warmer temps. Talking near 70...

This week, I've been going steady on the running since Sunday.

Sunday was a 2.5 mile run, Monday and Tuesday was 3 miles each day. Wednesday night was the first Club Run for our local running club, we got 5 miles in that night.  Thursday was too nice to pass up and I did a 2 Mile Trial outside around the campus.  I got it done in 14 minutes flat. Not a bad pace to start things out in March.  It was a good trial test to see where I'm at in terms of 5K speed.

This morning was a 300 Swings workout with the 40# kettlebell, I haven't given up on the KB workouts this week either.  They make a nice addition for a morning workout and don't zap you too much.

Bulletproof Coffee was once again on tap this morning, Same recipe as usual with the OG Black Gold, organic butter and organic coconut oil.

Looking forward to a nice weekend of getting out and enjoying some runs and maybe a bike ride or two.

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time to RUN Again


With the weather turning out to be superbly awesome around here the past few days, it is time to enjoy some runs outside again!

The weather started out better on last Friday, going out for a run in the afternoon was pretty pleasant. I got busy on Saturday but resumed running workouts on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Sunday was a 20 minute, 2.5 miler.  Monday and Tuesday were 3 mile runs on each day. Tuesday was about a minute faster, I think most of that was the route I took though.  Had the wind to my back and side for most of it.

I did get some Swings in on Monday and Tuesday mornings, deciding to take today off since I have a longer run tonight with my local running club.

I sure am enjoying the fact I don't have to bundle up in lots of gear just to get an outdoor run in.

Coffee choices the past few days has been the usual BPC option with:

10 oz OG Black Gold in BrewKup format
1 tbsp. organic butter
1 tbsp. organic coconut oil

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Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Run, Swing, Run, Swing


The weather right now is getting to be awesome for springtime runs. Its been in the 30's to 40's and near 50 in some areas.  Friday afternoon was the first afternoon I went out for a run since past Monday.  We had a cold snap in the middle of the week and it was very pleasant to get out there. My run alone was starting out rough and got a bit slower, but overall it was an 8 minute mile pace and good enough to just enjoy the afternoon run and nice temps.

Saturday was a busy day for me and I opted for a day of rest.  After 6 straight days it was time for a day's break.  Sunday afternoon was beautiful and toasty, in the 40's and was great for another afternoon run.  Friday and Sunday's runs were 2.5 miles each, done in 20 minutes each run.

I started this morning off with another Swing workout, much like Friday's morning.  I did a 300 Swings workout to start things off, Friday's was a 400 Swing day.  I'm starting to get 200 reps in a set with the 40# kettlebell.  200 is plenty in one shot. That takes close to 6 minutes to do but watching some TV helps out with making the workout go faster. 

I should have another run this afternoon on the docket, the week looks great for afternoon runs.

I'm even getting the running club going again this week.

This morning's coffee is once again Bulletproof Coffee, made with:

10 oz OG Black Gold coffee
1 tbsp. organic butter
1 tbsp. coconut oil

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Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kettlebells & Coffee: More Than Just Workouts


The past two days of workouts were pretty basic kettlebell workouts, and some brief ones too.

Wednesday was a 10 minute, 300 rep Swing workout with the 52# kettlebell.

It was done with 100 reps every 3:30 for the first 200, then ended after the last 100 done under 3:00 of time.

Today was a Total Body Thursday kind of day:

100 Swings in the first 4 minutes: 40# KB used, 20/10 work/rest pattern.
40 Clean & Presses, 4 minutes worth (5 per side) of 20/10 work/rest.
40 Ab Rollouts, 5 per set, 20/10 pattern used again for this.

It is a good 12 minute workout style I enjoy.

Bulletproof Coffee was the same as usual, this time with OG Caramel Vanilla.

10 oz of coffee, 1 tbsp. of organic butter, 1 tbsp. of coconut oil.

Yesterday I just tried the butter alone and I actually prefer the coconut oil to be a part of it.


KB &C is a blog that brings you more than just workouts.  I'd like to talk about opportunity today.

I've tried selling supplements and workout DVD's from two different companies. After a while, I didn't care too much for their overpriced products. 

For example, I used to sell the Beachbody lineup of stuff and fell for their marketing, only to get lost in the shuffle of buying up products just to maintain your 'status' to possibly sell their stuff.

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Another opportunity I like and have picked up is with Organo Gold, selling everyone's favorite beverage: coffee.

I chose coffee because:
1. Just about everyone has coffee during the day
2. It doesn't have any big claims to it, other than waking you up and being a beverage you enjoy in many different ways
3. Its a popular drink overall
4. Its easy, its simple, its coffee!

That last line is from OG, and I love using it. Why? Because coffee is a simple thing to sip, sample and share with your friends.

OG's lineup isn't a collection of coffee grounds to sell you in bags, it comes in convenient packets to create single servings with, simply add hot water to the sachets of certain kinds, or use the BrewKups for other flavors you desire.  I use both, the BrewKups in the morning and the sachets to bring to work and enjoy a fresh cup during the day.

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Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Running + Swings = Great Solution


After a literal 2 week layoff between running workouts, I was once again surprised how well my run went after such a layoff.  The weather was 27 degrees with a fair south wind, so I wasn't sure what to expect while on the run.  The first mile was at 7:30, next mile about 7:45, last 1/2 mile right at 4 minutes for a 19:10 total to cover 2.5 miles.

Even with no running workouts, an 'easy' workout was a minute faster than I planned it to be, expecting a 20 minute run for that 2.5 mile jaunt I usually do.

Yesterday I did a brief swings workout, and today it was the same.  It was 300 swings in about 10 minutes of time.

I did 200 swings at once in 5:30 for time, then rested 1:30 and completed another 100 rep set.

This afternoon looks a lot colder and windy as usual, so a bike ride may be more sufficient to get in.

Bulletproof Coffee was once again on tap, but this time with organic, unsalted butter.  I did notice a slight difference in taste and it was for the better.  Didn't think it would be a big difference, but it was.


10 oz OG Caramel Vanilla BrewKup
1 tbsp. organic, unsalted butter
1 tbsp. organic coconut oil


Swing & Sip!

Coach Rick

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Monday, March 2, 2015

New Month Ahead, New Goals


Another month has now passed and the workouts continue.  I've taken a slight break from running outside recently the past two weeks, and this week it looks like it will be fine to head outside again for some runs after work. 

A look in the forecast has some temps in the 40's within 10-12 days from now, so I'm looking forward to that (if it is true).  I take forecasts lightly, because two weeks ago, the race I was supposed to do outside had a forecast for 28 degrees, one week out from it, then 5 days out, it changed to -10. 

Anyways, as the weather warms up, my goals are to run outside daily when I can.  If this means 5-6 times a week, I'm going to do it.

5K season is coming up quick and its time to get the running club going again soon. If we get in the 40's, I'm sure we'll get together at least once a week for some runs.

As for my mornings, I still plan to hit some KB workouts in, since they are short, brief workouts and can be easily squeezed into a day on just about any day.

Today's workout was a basic Swings workout.

45# kettlebell was used, 100 swings at a time, every 4 minutes. Under 12 minutes, I got 300 swings in for the day.  My plan is to run 2.5 miles to 3 miles after work today. 


This morning's coffee choice is Bulletproof Coffee, this time made with:

10 oz OG Black Gold from the BrewKup
1 tbsp. coconut oil
1 tbsp. organic butter

Starting my mornings with BPC has been going pretty good.

Get some Black Gold for your own BPC mixture at http://tinyurl.com/kbcoffee

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick

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