Thursday, July 13, 2017

Three Miles of Easy

This morning was another nice one out to go for a run.  Since I did an interval workout style yesterday, I went with a smooth, steady pace for today's run. 

Debating on how I'd feel, I chose to do 2.5 miles at least, and add another route to make it a 3 miler if I wanted to. 

Once I got to 2 miles, I felt fine enough to make it for 3 and a little more.  My 3 mile route I usually take is closer to a 5K by the end of it. 

Today's run was 23:25, about a 7:49 per mile pace to go.  Still trying to break in the new shoes this week, so this run was a good one for accomplishing that. 

I didn't do any riding last night, things were just wet from some rain previously in the day, and I actually got a lot of work in on a boys bike I've customized and restored to a brilliant blue and white combination.


The bike will be going up for auction this September at a scholarship fundraiser at my college. This isn't finalized, as I'm going to get it customized with logos and scripts.
I'm hoping tonight to get in a good ride if the weather holds out well.
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Stay Strong,
Coach Rick Karboviak

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