Thursday, October 26, 2017

A New Satirical Side of Fitness: "The PJ Way"


While on the road for my job and reading fitness books, articles, and even buying some older used ones, I came to finding some new ideas.

I often see plenty of supposed 'fitness celebrities' out there as I'm searching the net for what's new and exciting.  Plenty of these have a marketing machine and photoshop-enhanced image they are displaying. It's almost as if the pictures are doing the selling.

I guess a picture of six-pack abs will continue to sell things, no matter who is behind it.

I also see internet fights go on about which program is better than the other.  CrossFit comes to mind in this light, as various proponents and opponents have been duking it for years since its inception.

We've also seen the rise of 'hardcore' lifting come to a new light and some people rise to new levels of celebrity due to massive amounts of YouTube hits and Retweets and Facebook Likes.

I have this feeling at 20% of the population actually does this in the training world, while the other 80% are lucky to make it to the gym, or hopefully pop in that DVD for once and workout.

Call it the fitness "80/20" Rule:  80% of the fitness population wants to be like the 20% who stick with it or 'get it' for a change.

Well, Trainer "P.J. Wimpleton" is here to save the day for those 80%.

PJ will tell you like it REALLY is. 

He's knows the struggle.

PJ may not have all the right answers when it comes to fitness, but he'll tell you what you really want to hear.

And he'll also put a light-hearted edge to the extreme limits that are highlighted in today's fitness landscape.

I'm starting this new take on fitness with some funny t-shirts.

I started one shirt with a good take on how to be a "Big Bad Man".

Also, if you like to "Hang Out" in the gym, this shirt and/or tank top is for you:

Now, these shirts are on a limited campaign timeline, so if you want one, now is the time to order in this limited time frame. There are approximately 15 days left to order these shirts. 

If these shirts meet their campaign deadline, they will ship out 11/20.

T-shirts are just a start.

You can also download this FREE, SERIOUSLY AWESOME GUIDE from PJ himself!

Here's that link again: