Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kettlebells and Coffee: Speedwork and Kettlebells

This week started off with some Tabata style efforts over the course of 24 minutes.

Monday's workout went like this:
4 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard
4 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard, turn-around to return
4 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard
4 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard.

3.2 miles were covered in this 24 minute workout. 2 miles worth were covered in the 'easy' portions, and 1.2 miles were covered in the 8 minutes of hard efforts.

Tuesday was a simpler, easy, steady pace run of 3 miles in 23 minutes.

Wednesday's run was shorter, 2.15 miles, done in about 16 minutes time.
It was 4 minutes easy (.5 mile), then 1 mile hard (done in 6:35 in time) and then finishing off the rest at an easy pace.

This morning's workout was strictly kettlebell, using a 40# one and alternating arms every 20/10 period of work/rest time.

I called this one the 4-5-6:

4 minutes of Swings (100 total)
5 minutes of Cleans (100 total, 10 per side, 2 rounds per minute)
6 minutes of Snatches (60 total, 5 reps per side for every 20/10 period of time)

This was a great 15 minute workout that got a lot of work done.

As far as the morning coffee goes, some OG Black Gourmet always goes well with kettlebells in the morning.

Great coffee starts here:

Looking for a great workout system that won't break your bank, like some other DVD systems will?
Check out Home Workout Revolution for 10-20 minute workouts, done in the 20/10 work/rest format. 

HWR is right here:

Swing & Sip!
Coach Rick
Kettlebells & Coffee

Saturday, August 22, 2015

More Runs and More Bicycle "Re-Cycling"

Lately, I've been doing a lot of bicycle work on the older bikes I am trying to rebuild and refurbish. I have mostly done my work on these bikes after work, which means less bike riding time after work.  My main workouts have still been the Tabata interval runs for 2-3 workouts a week in that style, then I do 1-2 regular, easy pace runs to balance out the week.

Looking back on my blog, since August 9th, I've only done 4 rides, including today's 12 miler on my Fat Bike.  I haven't been on the bike as much as I would like to, but I am enjoying the process of getting the bikes painted and fixed up.

I have done a handful of kettlebell total body workouts, and I can tell I need to add more of those workouts to the mix. 

I mainly need more strength work. I'm only getting so fast on my runs and strength is the missing component to boost my speed and power.

The running workouts are sort of going away from the Tabata circuits of 20/10 x 8, and more into 4 minutes easy, 4 minutes hard, x 2 rounds of that. I can usually get 1/2 mile into the first 4 minutes, then .6 miles in the next 4 minutes.  My best '4 minutes hard' effort had me getting a half-mile in 3:10 during that portion, with an additional tenth of a mile to finish it out.  It gets a bit tougher on the 2nd round.  I have done 20 minute workouts of 4 easy, 4 hard, 4 easy, 4 hard, and 4 easy. 

Another workout I want to try is a 4-8-4, with 4 easy, 8 hard, 4 easy as a cool down, aiming for a very hard 8 minute effort and see the mileage I can get in that 8 minutes.

Overall, I still want to get on the bikes, but I gotta take advantage of the time I do have to work on my retro bikes this fall. 

Until next time, enjoy your workouts and don't forget about the coffee afterwards:

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Runs, a Ride, and more Rides to Re-Cycle

This past week, I have mainly been running as my main modes of exercise. Not much time has been spent on my bikes.  Rather, I started spending time on fixing a couple of them, ones I found from the shed on a farm.

The first two are a set of 10 speeds. The one on the left is the most fixable. It was able to still ride when I filled up the tires.  Only thing missing was the right brake. The other red one I decided to take in case there were parts I could use.
The bottom bike is an old single speed cruiser, and it just had a style I couldn't pass up on trying to fix up.  It is a Hawthorne cruiser, only sold by Montgomery Ward stores back at the time. It even has it on the label as being from MW. Time frame I think is from the late 50's, to 60's.

My main project to start with is the light blue 10 speed. At first, I thought it was silver, but it was more of a greyish-blue color. It was pretty rusted up, so I thought I'd try to brush off all the paint I could and give it a fresh coat of my own favorite color: Comet Blue.

Right now, I'm debating on keeping the handlebars. The brake handles are okay, I might get a new pair, or just get new cables for the older ones.  I also had to destroy the chain to get it off, and figured it would be best to just get a new chain anyway. 

This is my first bicycle 're-cycle' project, learning as I go and since the bikes were free to me, I've got some leeway of investing a little bit here and there into the bike.

The wheels still look decent, I just had to buff off the rust off the rims and they have held air for a week, a good sign that things should hold up well for a classic look on the tires.

As for the cruiser, I got started on a little of that this Saturday.  Got it cleaned up and started buffing some paint off, only to discover that this bike was once....Comet Blue! 

This was a nice discovery, and upon other inspections throughout, it looks like this bike was once a royal blue and painted over to its current color.  This one may take a lot of work to do in brushing off the paint, but it will be worth it once its done.

I was finally able to go for a nice ride this morning on the Big Fat Pony.  I went for a 12.5 mile ride around the outskirts of Mayville and Portland, travelling through some rolling hills down by the Goose River on the SE side of Mayville.  I love country rides where you discover those kind of things, like finding some beautiful countryside views that are hidden when you are always driving on the highways.

Afterwards I had a nice coffee to finish off the morning.

Until next time, keep running and riding and hitting the weights!

Coach Rick

Great coffee begins here: