Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rides & Runs Before the Big Race


It's been another long break between blog posts here, as I've been pretty tied up with workouts. Most mornings I have been running, while trying to get some rides in after work.  There was about a 2 week stretch of really cold weather that would have made long rides and even long runs outside pretty unpleasant.  I mainly ran shorter distances those weeks, and then would ride inside on my spinning bike. When it did warm up, I at least got some rides in.

My race comes up on May 30th, just one week away.  I did another "halfsie" routine of the full distance of this upcoming race.

The full distances are 5K run, 25K bike, then 5K run successively. I kept it relatively in half with a 1.5 mile run (11:10), a 7.5 mile ride (30 minutes estimate) and 1.5 mile run (11:30 estimate).  All in all it was 52:30 total run-ride-run time, with about a 2 minute total add-on for transitioning between things. My estimation will be about a 2 hour race in good conditions. All depends on weather and wind speed along the route.

I've had some fun rides with the Fat Bike. Here's a few shots of my #FatBikeFriday ride yesterday: It was near Portland, ND, where the historic Viking Bridge, the oldest documented transportation bridge in ND is. First built in 1885, it was moved to this location in 1915, and renovated from 2006-2010. Pretty neat bit of history just a few miles from my home.

I have a couple races I've signed up for, but also more come my way to direct and time. Summer is speeding up and coming soon. So far I have three 5K's to direct, another 5K/10K to time, a tag-team race, plus a youth mini-combine. All within about a month. :)

As far as coffee goes, I'm basically drinking OG Black Gourmet and also some OG Latte now and then. They are always good for a morning pick-me-up.

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Kettlebells & Coffee
Coach Rick

Friday, May 8, 2015

KB&C: More Runs, Rides and JFK Series Update


It's been forever since my last blog.  I got pretty tied up with morning workouts and after-work workouts, plus bits and pieces of life mixed in there.

I ceased from doing the JFK Physical Fitness Program, as it just became too repetitive and I needed a switch to more running in the mornings, with bike rides in the afternoons after work. With the duathlon coming up, runs and rides are my main focus and do take up a fair amount of time with two-a-days.

Not every day is a two-a-day workout day, but I'm trying to find a delicate balance. Weather and other factors (such as meetings at night, work travel, etc) come in as well.

Since my last blog on April 18th, here's what I've been up to:
April 19: Off
April 20: JFK circuit, 7 mile ride inside
April 21: JFK circuit, 2.5 mile run
April 22: JFK circuit, 4 mile run
April 23: JFK circuit, 5 mile Fat Bike ride
April 24: 10 mile indoor ride
April 25: Duathlon Trial: 1.6 mile run, 7.5 mile ride, 1.5 mile run (12 min, 30 min, 11 min)
April 26: 16 mile leisure ride, 11-12 mph average with my friend
April 27: 4 mile run
April 28: 6 mile indoor ride
April 29: 2.5 mile run
April 30: 2.5 mile run
May 1: 2.5 mile run
May 2: Off
May 3: 4 mile run
May 4: 2.5 mile run, 6 mile ride outside
May 5: 3 mile run
May 6: 3 mile run
May 7: 3 mile run (1 easy, 2 miles of .20 intervals on the parking lot)
May 8: 3 mile run

I've been doing more morning runs now since its been warmer to run at that time. I love this time of year as the temps get to be 40-50 degrees at sunrise and even when it gets colder, it still feels great.

As for coffee?  I've been enjoying OG's King of Coffee and the mainstay of OG Black Gourmet.
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Yes, I will return to KB's soon. :)

Coach Rick