Thursday, July 6, 2017

Races, Rides, Rebuilds

Since I last updated in May, I've done a few things:

A 26.2 mile bike race in May (on my 40th birthday!)
I timed two 5K races
I ran in a 5K for the first time in two years (last year was full of injury for me)
I've put on a fair share of miles on the bike
I got some nice bikes this spring to rebuild and one to keep for my own rides, too.

My big surprise was getting a 12 speed Schwinn Tempo off the curb, it is an older 1985 model and was marketed as a triathlete's bike back in the day. I got new tires on and had it worked on more technically than I'm capable of with such a bike.  It really rides smooth.  I also just found a better seat for it at a thrift shop, so it really is a great bike for long distance rides now.

I also did a fair share of running in May and June.  I got about 4-5 runs per week, mixed in with bike rides too. My 5K time was 22:22, not quite my personal best ever, but since its been a long time from my last race, I was happy with it.  I also got 2nd in my age group and 14th overall in the race.

I did not do a lot of strength training, and I can definitely feel how I need more of it.

I'm starting out with some Home Workout Revolution style routines to do with dumbbells, keeping the workouts brief in the mornings and allowing me to ride at night more often. 

This week since Sunday, I've put on about 50 miles already.  I had 8 on Sunday, 24 on Tuesday, and another 17 last night... just shy of 50 at 49 total.  I'd really like to get more miles in this month and back off the running.  My left foot is again bothering me and worrying me, so I'll take a break this week after my run on Monday morning left me pretty worried about my foot.

As far as supplements go, I used some Spark on my Tuesday ride and also last night's ride. 

I got my order of Slim on Wednesday, so I started that today and will take Slim in the mornings and Spark in the afternoons and on evening rides when I go on those.

Take a look at Slim and Spark, they are some pretty simple supplements to take from AdvoCare.

Simply mix in a pack of Slim with water, and Spark also mixes easily with water too.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
Home Workouts Plus!

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