Thursday, April 27, 2017

Summer Training Options with ASAP Workouts

This summer, I plan to bring back some summertime speed training options to the Mayville-Portland area.

Last year's options are the same as this year's:

If you want to train One-on-One exclusively, the cost is $200 for 10 sessions.

If you want to train in a small group in a Semi-Private setting of 2-6 athletes, the cost is $100/athlete for 10 sessions. Athletes must be present for each session.  If some can't make it to each one, I may be able to offer another workout for those who had to miss.

You can make arrangements with me over email or phone/text to schedule when you'd like to start.

If you want me to come and speak to a group or team, I can do that as well.

The centerpiece of my training plans are focused on getting your true speed times with my SpeedTrap Laser Timer. 
Here is a short video of me explaining the SpeedTrap Timer and how it simply works.

Every sprint we do will be timed and recorded to get your true speeds measured and to make sure you're in the right speed zones for maximum effort.

I start the workouts with a mix of agility and light jumping exercises to work on body control and awareness.  These essentials are needed for athletes to move better and more efficiently in their sports. 

Since many athletes play multiple sports, I try to cover the essential basic actions to help athletes get the basics down and improve upon them.

Many times I have watched youth and high school sports and witnessed a lot of athletes who simply can't stop their body properly and change direction smoothly.  A large part of my training plans will cover this essential need.

Skills camps are great for learning specific technique with sports skills, but the essential skills of movement are what can really be the difference for many athletes.

Many times, athletes will work more on specific skills than basic training needs and simply don't get coordinated enough or conditioned well enough to master the specific skills.

My training sessions are meant to 'fill that gap' to get in quality training and conditioning for your basics, while you work out the individual skills you need for your sport.

I finish the training session up with sprint sessions to complete the session with some maximal sprints and sufficient rest times between sets. 

Download your forms at and let me know that you want to start up this summer!

Call or text me at 701-361-3101 to discuss the best training option for your young athlete. 

College students, I can train you as well!  If you're looking for some private coaching at an affordable price, ASAP Workouts is your choice! ASK ABOUT THE "CAPTAIN COMET SPECIAL!"

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Coach Rick Karboviak
ASAP Workouts

Monday, April 17, 2017

Back On The Track Plus Some HWR

After a good Easter weekend, I hit the track last night once I got home and finally did a distance speed workout on the track. I've been doing a lot of short distance starts and sprints from 10m to 40m.

I was feeling like doing an easier, break-in workout for a speed session.

I did the following:

300m jog, 100m race pace sprint x 10 (2.5 miles)
After that, I did a nice finisher that took a while, but my sprints went very well.
100m walk recovery, 100m sprint on the straights x 8 (1 mile total distance, 1/2 mile of sprints)

Overall the workout was 3.5 miles long, but with 1/2 mile of walking and 1/2 mile of sprints at the end, with 2.5 miles of continuous running of the 300/100 cycles.

It was a bit windy yesterday but the track was shielded well on one side with some trees to break the wind on the north side, and the straights on the south side had a good northwest wind to push me.

The workout went a lot better than expected.

This morning I returned to the HWR series for a nice workout to do after the speed sessions last night.

It was the 12 minute HWR workout that's a part of the entire series.

These are great routines to fit in for tight workout situations.

Take a look at HWR here:

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Workout Update and AdvoCare, too

Things are going along with my workouts, still coming off last week's cold a little. Since Saturday, I've ran a couple times and did some kettlebell work. 

Sunday was 2 miles at a faster pace than usual, doing 2 miles in 15:10 for a 7:35 average.  It made for a quick little workout to do since I wasn't quite up to feeling well for a workout on Sunday morning.

Monday was a Kettlebell day with some double KB cleans once again for a 20 minute workout.  Did my usual 20 reps every 2 minutes routine, 10 rounds of that for 200 reps total.

Tuesday I ran in the morning for 2 miles and saved a bit for an evening session of sprints on the track.  I was a bit bugged by a bothersome neck injury from sleeping wrong the previous night, which made sleeping last night a real pain in the neck, literally.

I took this morning off due to the huge neck and trap pain I was having.  I am feeling much better throughout the day and will hit the track tonight for some more sprints.  This time I probably won't overdo it and play it a little bit safer.  Sleeping with a neck issue is not a fun thing.

In the meantime, I'm looking at selling more AdvoCare products as a way to help others out.

You don't have to do the business side of it to get tremendous deals, as the Preferred Customer routes are a deal in itself.  For less than $20, you can get membership in the PC program and start by saving 20% on your orders, plus get a few free products once you join. 

You'll get a sample package of Spark flavors to use as trials and decide which one you like the most.  Spark is a great option for pre-workout and morning or afternoon lifts, instead of coffee or energy drinks all the time.

Many people will combine Spark with the MNS series for an all-around effort of energy boosting and timely nutritional intake of key vitamins, minerals and other helpful supplements.

Of course, if you are interested in the benefits of the business side of AdvoCare, it has a great model to use and wonderful tools to help you get started on the right path.  I've been a part of others and I love AdvoCare's simple, easy to follow, low-pressure way of handling sales and service.  It is very affordable to start too, basically for $5/month over the course of a year.  For under $60, you'll get a starter pack to help you and a website to use instantly to sell your products.  This means that you are starting up an at-home, on-your-time business for an average of $5/month. 

Contact me if you need help in getting started in either routes as a PC member (which I highly recommend for the big savings you receive) or as an Independent Distributor.

AdvoCare has helped my internet presence grow with my blog and websites, plus the products have helped me trim up greatly as I prepare for a successful racing season. Let me tell you the ways it can help you, too!

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Little Break

After 90 days, I took a lighter break of not working out so much, then I got sick again, which really made me take a break. 

This past week, my schedule was like this:
Monday: Double KB Cleans, 10 minute workout, 100 reps, doing 20 reps every 2 minutes.
Tuesday: Only a 2 mile run inside, fighting a cold and had a hard time breathing.
Wednesday: 20 minute KB workout in the morning, doing double cleans with the 35#'ers.
Had Track Club in the evening where we did a lot of 10m and 20m sprints on the track.
Thursday: Woke up feeling ill, came to work, went home sick.  This day wiped me out good.
Friday: took off the entire day from workouts since I still felt a bit wiped from Thursday.
Saturday: It was a nice morning outside, so I did a 3 mile run in about an 8:40/mile pace. Not fast for me, but considering the past week, I'll take it.

Right now, I'm planning to do some of the same: some mix of KB and running workouts in the morning, followed by some evening track club sessions of lifting and more track work now, since its nice outside and warmer out for a change.

My weight has stayed about the same as before. 

I'll probably get some AdvoCare products again soon. Looking at doing another week or two of Slim, or trying something new out. 

Have you become a Preferred Customer yet? It's always a great time to become one with AdvoCare. Save 20% right away and build up to 30% off with the more you purchase over time.

Not too many discount programs offer a progressive option like that! 

Being a Distributor has even more advantages, building towards 40% with the more you buy and sell to customers. 

Look at both options more closely at

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day 90 Results

Day 90 arrived on Friday for me.  Here are the results from my first 90 days:

Day 1: 208, 18.3% body fat.

Day 1 Views

Day 90 Views

Day 90: 195, 16.6% body fat.

Overall, I had some good success with the 24 Day Challenge package and a mix of other AdvoCare products, like Spark, Slim, and the MNS series. 
Out of all the products, I felt that Slim did the fastest work and best job in delivering a true 'slimmer' feeling overall.  It really helped with appetite suppression in the afternoons, too.
There were a lot of morning and evening workout sessions, since I'd do some morning workouts and then an evening one 2-3 times a week with track club.  It ended up being a lot of workouts each week, plus a handful of rides on the weekends if the weather was decent for it.
To check out the lineup of the 24 Day Challenge package and other products like Slim and Spark, take a look at
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Coach Rick Karboviak