Friday, July 14, 2017

A Nice 30 Miler, Plus The New FIT Series

Last night was a perfect summer night for a good ride, so my buddy and I went out for a good 2 hour, 30 mile ride overall.  Temps were right around 70, with no crazy wind at all.  A very, very comfortable evening for a good casual ride. 

When I got home, I discovered that AdvoCare just came out with a "FIT" line of products, plus its own unique FIT package of products to order as a bundle.

It has a PRE workout portion, an INTRA workout drink, and POST workout drink as well.

Check out the entire package here:

FIT Package

If you order it now, you will also get a free FIT cinch bag with your order!

Preferred Customers save 20%, I highly suggest becoming at least a PC to get some great savings on this bundle! 

I still have my offer going too with the free Spark packages to give away to the first two PC's or Distributors to join. Simply become one of my PC's or a new Distributor and I'll deliver one free package of Spark to you as a thank-you gift.

Now is a great time to get into using AdvoCare products, especially with this new FIT package and lineup they are offering!

I like it because their products are easy and simple to use and prepare.  They lay it all out for you, whether its the FIT package lineup or the 24 Day Challenge lineup of products. 

There's no better time than the present to take advantage of it!

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick

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