Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Super Speed Day at the Track


Just wanted to share yesterday's routine I did at the track in the afternoon.  It was a mix of traditional and my new 'subsonic' pattern of lower rest periods.

In a traditional sense, I will usually do a 1:1 work/rest pattern when it comes to intervals. In an example of this, I would do a 400 in 90 seconds with 90 seconds rest, mainly doing one every 3 minutes in this fashion.  Even if I got under 90 seconds, such as an 84 or 85 second 400, I'd still rest until 3 minutes hit the watch.

In my new 'subsonic' patterns, I greatly reduce the rest time and work under more fatigue. Following the 84 second 400 example, I would rest only 36 seconds and go every 2 minutes for another 400.

Yesterday was a mix of these two, as I decided to do a 400 every 2.5 minutes, effectively getting in 800m worth of distance every 5 minutes this way.  Turned out to be about 1 minute rest between sets of 400's.

My plan was to do just 2 miles worth (3200m, 8 reps of 400m), but I decided to keep going to 2.5 and did 10 of them. Feeling like I had just a little more in me, and noticing my times were still consistent, I amped it up for the end like this:

200m in 40 seconds, rest 40 seconds, x 4.  This is 4:40 worth of time to spend in doing 800m worth. Its a 1:1 work/rest pattern, and I've found its a good finisher to end a workout on with shorter speed intervals.

With the 1/2 mile of warm-up I did before this, it was a solid 35 minute workout for total time spent on the track for 3.5 miles worth of running.

If you are looking for a bank vault of speed workouts, my 'Just The Track Workouts' guide book is quite a collection of what I've produced.  I used to have all these guides as single Kindle guides, but decided to combine them all into one resource. 

Check it out here if you want some solid speed workouts to choose from, for your program design needs.

JTTW is also a part of the Kindle Unlimited program, so if you're signed up for that, give it a read.

Lift. Dominate. Repeat.
Coach Rick Karboviak

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Racing & Riding

Greetings, RAW Warriors,

I finally had a 5K race this past Saturday, finishing 2nd with a 21:37 time and feeling pretty good for the most part. First 2 miles of the race went really smooth for me, even though it was a guess, time wise, where those marks were. My GPS did not work on Saturday morning, so it was basically by total feel.  The last 3/4's of a mile in the race was into a wind and that taxed me more than I thought it would. It wasn't quite the time I wanted, but I will take a 2nd place finish and medal that went along with it for a start to the 5K season for me.

The last 2 days I've been riding a lot, doing a 10 mile ride on Sunday and 8 miles on Monday afternoon. I rode on Sunday on all pavement, Monday was mostly on gravel and prairie roads. I'm planning on another 5K on Saturday morning too.

Going to hit the kettlebells today as well as the track. Will be using the 20/10 format of the HWR programs and follow along with a video of a 10 minute workout to do a mix of KB, band, and bodyweight stuff.


Speaking of KB's, I have seen the new Kindle Unlimited option become a positive thing for my guides recently. JSI and KBXL are improving in sales and total borrows. I think the rise of Crossfit workouts and such have given kettlebells a new avenue. Even though I am not a CF fan of their workout formats and style, it does give people another avenue to get introduced to kettlebells with some of their workouts. I know KB's are here to stay and will not go away.  Those who train with them, such as myself, have discovered the benefits of their use for our training needs. I love them a lot just for the metabolic workout capabilities of them.

Just Swing It! was a big part of that discovery, in doing two, 10K+ challenges in two months time. It helped me reduce body fat and boost my running in a time of the year that is hard to get runs and speed workouts in. JSI is still my top seller, but KBXL, its 'sequel' in a way, is also getting a boost in sales too. Both books can be bought for just under $4 for some solid programs to follow.

Check them both out at

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Friday, July 25, 2014

Life Changes, Blog Changes, Kindle Unlimited News

Greetings all,

I'm making a new change in careers, as I leave the custodial and coaching worlds and move into the field of college student recruiting as an Enrollment Services Rep for my alma mater soon.

I still plan to keep up with Kindle guides and stick with coaching in a private role, primarily with runners. I will no longer be coaching youth sports and will have more time for more intensive workouts and other adventures.

I will still keep this blog going and maybe once I get settled into my new job, I will start doing more daily or semi-daily posts each week with workouts and tips.

The Rats Alley Barbell Club is going to continue.  Its a good blog that people come to for my free programs and other information on the programs/guides I sell through it.

Now that I'm going to be on more of a basic, everyday schedule with things, I think I will start doing more KB routines and once I get into a gym membership, I will hit the barbells once again with fury.

Running is still a high passion and you'll get some good workouts coming soon. The Subsonic routines I've come up with have been really working well and will get tested over the next 2 weekends with 2 area 5K's. My mile time is right where it should be on an open mile road race, and might get tested again.

You may have heard of the new Kindle Unlimited service out of Amazon. Its $9.99 a month and you get access to over 600,000 titles of books to read. I am happy to announce that 12 out of my 13 guides are eligible for this new Kindle Unlimited subscription service. 

So, if you are a part of Kindle Unlimited, you can check out 12 of my 13 guides through that program. 

I have intentions of making a new guide on the Subsonic workouts I've been testing out.  Should have more free time as well to create other guides in the future.

Check out all the books I have in the KU program right here:

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Coach Rick Karboviak

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

RAKC Week 1, Day 2


Here is Day 2 of the RAKC Plan:


Bench Press: 3 x 5
1 Leg DL's: 3 x 5 per side

KB Renegade Rows: 3 x 5 per side
All Star Sit Ups: 3 x 5 per side

3 Minute Warning: 20/10 x 6, or do all 3 minutes as an ultimate finish to the routine.
KB Swings, 1 arm at a time, alternate every 10 reps if going for 3 minutes. Switch arms every 20/10 period if doing 20/10 x 6.


I had a decent day on the track, despite temps in the 50's and high winds, plus no sun in sight. Just miserable weather for July 1st in ND today.

Anyways, I wanted to see how I'd handle a mile trial on the track under such crappy conditions.

Got 5:55 on the clock. Rested 4 minutes and then did an 800 trial in 2:55.  Rested 3 minutes, did a 85 second 400. Rested 1.5 minutes, and then did my final 400 in 79 seconds to finish it.  Happy with my times overall, under 6 on the mile and under 3 minutes on the 800.  Would like to see what a fresh 800 would be, expecting around 2:40-45 if I am fresh.  Sounds like a good future workout for me.

Lift. Dominate. Repeat.
Rats Alley Barbell Club
Coach Rick Karboviak