Friday, September 29, 2017

Travel Workouts: Bands & a 'Bell

I've been on and off the road, and preparing for more road travels with my job as a recruiter.  Last week when I was on the road for about a full week, I used some resistance bands and one kettlebell I brought with for a workout.  I ended up doing a blend of some HWR workouts with the kettlebell and bands, plus some standalone kettlebell workouts in the mornings. 

I still have my HWR workouts on my computer, so they are quick and easy to do within the confines of a hotel room's space. 

The HWR series has been a solid staple during my travel weeks and they keep my activity levels higher while on the road. 

HWR can be found here to check out further.

A simple kettlebell can offer a lot of workout options from power cardio workouts like Swings and Cleans to strength routines as well.  I have a good series of Kindle guides that cover some simple KB routines, found at

When travel throws a kink into a program, you have to adapt, and some simple aids can do the trick for you.  Take a look at HWR and some simple KB routines today!

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
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