Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Review of April

April was a varied month, as I ran inside to start and then with warmer weather, outdoor runs became the norm.
I've also got some shorter bike rides in, mostly on weekends.

My lifting hit a standstill and was mainly some at-home kettlebell routines.  With track club, we tended to hit the track more and the weight room less. 

My lone track athlete at the college finally competed this past Saturday, it was a fun meet to go to. It was my first college meet that I've attended, and if we ever get a team started at the college here, it would be very manageable to start out with the local meets and get 5-10 athletes on board.

My Advocare additions were mostly Slim and some Spark.  I haven't taken Slim in a couple of weeks now.  Spark has been a basic staple for me, especially for bike rides and some runs.

I feel Spark is a great option for just about anyone. It's a good option before workouts and also as an afternoon pick-me-up when needed.

I'm preparing for some summertime speed training sessions for athletes, as well as a couple 5K's to time in June.  I'm also trying to gather up interest for a Bicycle Cruise too.

May looks like more of a month to train for strength & speed and get in some longer runs too.  The mornings are becoming brighter by 6am and that means better morning runs overall as the temps warm up.

I'm also looking at getting in some HS track meets to watch them as well.

I just ordered some more Spark to help get me through May.  Take a look at ordering some here and become a Preferred Customer to save even more money: http://tinyurl.com/asapadvo

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Coach Rick Karboviak