Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Some Changes In Direction

It has been since May when I last blogged about anything.  I decided to change some things up and pondered on more things going on in my life outside of work-related stuff.

I got into fixing up bicycles last summer and things really began to build in the fall.  This spring, after a successful spring-clean-up week hunt for bikes and parts, I amassed a good collection of basic parts to use for future rebuilds. 

I also planned to offer some speed training camps again this summer, but no interest really came my way and I've discovered that many youth in the area are tied up with sporting events in the evenings now. 

So, between an increase in bike restorations and rebuilds, plus a decrease in summer speed camp interest, I had to rethink what I need to focus on.

I'm finding a new niche with working on bikes, and bikes are even starting to just come to my door for free.  I guess I'm the new 'bike guy' in town and this hobby has turned into a good little operation in recent weeks.  I've been getting good interest and also some sales to go with it.

My site, has some good pictures of what I've been up to since last summer.

I also realized that any evening training camps would take away from the bike building and restorations, so perhaps its time to reduce a past passion, and increase the new one to full strength.

I've decided to also just focus on the online programs I sell, like HWR and TAB, plus the lineup of products from AdvoCare.  I really put AdvoCare on the back burner when the bike stuff increased, and need to rethink my strategy on that as well. I know the products work well and can help others in many ways.  I need to share more of that with people. The blog will be doing a lot more of that in the future again.  This is something I can do once a day in the mornings and tend to it throughout the day with relative ease.

Also, my race directing has been scaled down now to mainly local races to assist with, and that isn't such a big production any more.  I put the Finley 5K back on again, helped time the Mayville 5K, and will do the same for the MSU Farmers Bowl 5K this fall.  I'm assisting with timing of 40 yard dashes for a combine and that will be about all of my focus with any sort of race directing/timing services I will offer.  I can offer to come to time athletes in a small group setting, like a team camp going on, or come to help run an evaluation of your team on speed/agility tests.

So, in closing, I'll be doing the following:
- Cutting back on speed camps/fitness training that I do face-to-face. I'm pretty much done with that.
- Focusing more on online fitness programs I can help others with (HWR, TAB, Workout Finishers)
- Focusing more on the products people can use to help them with fitness objectives (AdvoCare)
- Cutting back to just local races/events for timing and directing
- Using this blog more effectively to help more and more people than just a fitness program or product to use

Look for me to be sharing more of my workouts and other adventures as well.

Stay Strong,
Coach Rick
Home Workouts Plus!

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