Monday, January 18, 2016

Lift, Swing, Bike, Run: Plenty to do this winter at home!

As the KB Swing Challenge continues, I've still found some time for some lifting workouts, scattered as they are.  I've actually found them to be just fine when they are scattered out like this. Even 4 lifting workouts over 12 days seems like a big stretch, but the strength is there, and still boosting. I'm finding the more rest I get, the better I seem to lift.  The deadlifts and bench press routines I'm doing are the only workouts (plus treadmill runs) that I can do away from home.

It is nice to wake up, get warmed up and attack the kettlebells or a bike, or a great bodyweight workout like Home Workout Revolution brings me.

I also hit the treadmill after a long absence, opting for a 2.5 mile run in 20 minutes this morning.  The first half mile seemed to be the most difficult, mainly getting back into the rhythm of it.  I know I need to tackle the treadmill more, or get outside more, but the outdoor conditions just aren't safe when its below zero and wind chills are dangerous.  No sense in risking it outside.

I haven't hit my bike in quite some time, mainly because the KB swing workouts are taking up my mornings as of late.  I've also had other things come up in the evenings after work, so I haven't been able to get in a workout after work either. I feel I'm not missing much, due to the KB workouts doing a lot in a short amount of time.

The big focus this month is the KB Swing Challenge, and I'm on pace to finish it in time. Bumping up to the 45# kettlebell has been a nice change, it feels like more of an effort than 40# has been in the past. It has been a nice progressive bump-up.  Just in a 300 swing workout, its 1500 pounds more in total volume to swing. (12,000 to 13,5000 pounds in volume difference)

I may start reversing the time of workouts: I'm thinking an after-work session of KB swings might be better, and a ride in the mornings might feel smoother.  I've been doing some readings on spinal concerns with heavy lifting in the mornings, so I think it might be better to try it in the evenings instead for something different and to see if it makes a difference.

Maybe this will allow me to ride more in the mornings and squeeze in a 10 minute, 300 swing workout in the evening after work.

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Coach Rick
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

A 2016 Update - Swing Challenge Once Again

As 2016 is underway, I've been up to doing a mix of workouts. 

Things have been done at home and at the gym.

I've been following the Power to the People lifting program for deadlifts and bench presses, shooting for goals back in December of getting 200 on the bench and 300 on the deadlift.  A test on January 4th already put me at 200 for the bench.  I tested out the week before that in the deadlift and attained 275.  300 seems like it is around the corner.

My next goal for Bench is 225. 

I'm getting at least 2 main workouts a week, aiming for 3, but the third isn't lining up too well lately.  One thing I can control very easily are my at-home workouts.

I decided to do the 10,000 Swings Challenge again this January.  It always comes around in online kettlebell circles and I've even created some Kindle guides on the entire challenge.

I felt it was something I could do in the mornings and accomplish it over time at home.  I have all the KB's I need sitting in my apartment, so there's no excuse to keep myself away from it.

So far, I've ripped out 5000 swings between Jan 3 and today, the 14th.  I played catch-up since I was away from home on the 1st and most of the 2nd.  I did a 1000 Swing workout on the 3rd to get to my average of 1000 every 3 days. 

It is a pretty simple plan: Do 300, 400, then 300 on a 3 day cycle.  I have condensed some days with 600 in a workout.  Here's an example of my workouts so far:
1/3 - 1000
1/4 - 300
1/5 - 400
1/6 - 300
1/7- 400
1/8 - 300
1/9 - 300 with 40#, then 300 with 45#
Used 45# from now on
1/10 - 300
1/11 - 400
1/12 - 300
1/13 - 400
1/14 - 300

I usually do 100 to 200 in a shot, and rest between sets.  I'm even doing 150's and resting until the 5 minute mark hits.
If you do 100, it takes about 2:45 to do. I rest until 3:30 hits and do my next set of 100, going at the 7 minute mark.  This allows me to get 300 in under 10 minutes.
Another way is doing 150 swings, then going at the 5 minute mark and doing another 150.

On 400 days, I'll try 150, 150, then 100 to finish.  Even a 400 swing workout can take less than 14 minutes to do.

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Coach Rick
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