Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Days 50 and 51: An Off Day and More Kettlebells

Monday turned into an off-day for me.  I guess my body was a bit more sore than expected after 2 longer than usual rides and a long stretch of days without a rest day, too.

This morning I went after the kettlebell cleans again, using the 53# bell, doing sets of 60 this time and getting them done every 4.5 minutes.  I had 240 done after 18 minutes and hit another 60 to finish, still hitting my 300 total.  It was basically 5 sets of 60, instead of 6 sets of 40 followed by a finishing set of 60.

I at least had a good bit of endurance in the tank with the sets of 60. 

Last night, I shared some before and after photos of the 7 weeks that I've been on AdvoCare and doing the mix of my workouts.

Here are some side views:
The one in black shorts is January 2nd.

Below is after 7 weeks on Feb 20th.

All in all, its been a nice bit of progress.  I'm only down 6 pounds but it feels like 10 off of me.

I did the following:
24 Day Challenge: 10 days of Cleanse, 14 days of Max Phase.
14 days of MNS and Spark, similar to the Max Phase of MNS, Spark, and the Meal Replacement Shakes.
Days 39-49: I used the Slim Challenge, using two packs of Slim per day.

I have another week to go on it once Wednesday hits me.

Now is a great time to be a Preferred Customer too, if you want to try the 24 Day Challenge, or do the Slim Challenge like I'm currently doing.

Let me help you: take a look here at http://tinyurl.com/asapadvo.

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Coach Rick Karboviak

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