Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Nice Boost in Numbers

After the first month of RABC's program, my results and my best friend's results are up for Bench & Deadlifts.

Bench Press
Before: 175
After: 200

Before: 290
After: 315

Bench Press
Before: 290
After: 290

Before: 315
After: 375

Mitchell's Bench numbers have stayed the same, mainly due to a shoulder issue that was bugging him and we backed off the intensity.

My Deadlift boosts shocked me, wasn't expecting that much of a boost by 25#.  I did get 200# earlier in the year on Bench, then I just stopped lifting.  It's good to get it back up that quickly.
Mitchell's Deadlift numbers were also a nice surprise. He's also been doing a lot of shoulder shrugs and I may have to start doing them as well if his numbers went up that much.

We are now doing another phase of the RABC plan and doing a bit of this style to it:
Bench Press
Bodyweight Rows
Strap-Push-ups in place of dips some days
Bent Presses

Overall, we're both pretty happy with the results thus far.  Last week was our first week but we were only able to train once together last week due to our schedules. This week we are still in the first week's percentages and sets/reps so we get more consistent training.

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Coach Rick