Monday, July 10, 2017

Retro Riding Weekend

This weekend was a nice mixture of working on some bikes, finding a retro one, and taking some rest too.

I began Saturday with selling some bikes at the local farmers market with my own booth, it was nice to get a presence with a booth now and if I'm around most weekends, I think I'll keep doing this. I tried to get a couple bikes sold as well through online channels.

I worked on a classic youth boys bike in starting the painting process of the frame, tank, and chain guard.  Painting is such a patient process, but worth it when it all comes together.

I ended up finding a bike on Sunday and brought it home that afternoon.  I bought a 1978 Fuji Sports 10, a 27" wheel ten speed.  I was able to fix it up within an hour or so, and took it for a ride. I went about 5 miles on it around town.  It is still a bit creaky, so I have just a little more work to do on it.

The 5 miler was on top of the 11 I rode in the morning. I took the weekend off from running, but went for one this morning, doing an interval workout.

4 minutes easy, 4 minutes hard (5K race pace feel), 4 minutes easy, 4 minutes hard, then 2 minutes to finish, as I got 2.5 miles done in just about 18 minutes.  My GPS watch had a funny glitch, telling me I ran a quarter mile in about a minute when I started.  That's pretty unlikely at the pace I start with on a run.  I never head out that fast!  Anyways, it all became pretty normal after my first mile of running.

I got a new pair of Nikes and they feel pretty light.  My Brooks Launch shoes were blown out and it was time for a change.

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