Tuesday, January 3, 2017

More Snow, More Cleans for Day 2

Well, the weather brought some more snow and even a delay at work, so I went out and shoveled the snow from my driveway right away, and came in to get in a good workout with some KB Cleans.

The snow was light and I was glad that I went out yesterday morning and removed the first round of it. Wind chills are close to -20, so I was glad it only took about 15 minutes to complete all my shoveling.

Once that was done, I was able to use my new KettleShields, they are a special wristband with a plate inside them to help absorb the impact of kettlebells on your forearm.  I used them last Saturday, after they came in the mail on Saturday. Very helpful and less stressful on the forearms for sure.

I used the 53# kettlebell, doing sets of 20 every 90 seconds, then I tried 2 sets of 40 every 3 minutes, with 20 to finish on the last set for 200 reps total in under 15 minutes.

I think over some time, I will get 40 every 3 minutes, x 5 rounds of that. 

The first day of the 24 Day Challenge from AdvoCare went well, It was pretty easy to follow along to it.

I just noticed that AdvoCare has put the CU24 Level 1 workouts for free on YouTube.
I may give those a try in the evenings.  You can view them right here on this page. I won't do them every evening, but I've been curious about them in the product catalog and website, so this is a good way to try them out and decide if you want to get a hard copy on DVD for future use.

I am putting on my ASAP Workouts Online Mixer on Wednesday night this week, from 7pm to 9pm.

How does the Online Mixer work? I'll be going live through the events page and showcasing some products throughout the time frame.  If anyone orders an item from my AdvoCare page, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free product from me!

It is a fun way to learn more about AdvoCare from the comforts of home.

Join me tomorrow night and show your interest here on the Facebook Events page for it!

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Coach Rick Karboviak
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