Friday, February 2, 2018

Train The PJ Way Newsletter: Fitness Friday

Hey Hey, It's Fitness Friday!
Fridays are always a Great Day To Curl! #GDTC

Speaking of Curls, here is today's workout!

Classic Volume Training, Week 1, Day 3

CVT Day 3:
Tricep Pushdowns: 8x10
DB Curls: 8x10

Use 65% of estimated 1RM for resistance.
Alternate between exercises after a minute rest between sets.
Pushdowns, rest 1 minute, Curls, rest 1 minute, etc.

Shoulder Presses: 4x10
Side Raises: 4x10
Use same style of resting 1 minute between sets and exercises (Press, 1 min rest, Side Raises, 1 min rest, etc)

Core Finisher: Bent Presses with DB or KB per side

We're only 12 days away from Valentines Day.

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Today's Fitness Tip:
Classic workouts are classic for reason: They've stuck around because of their simple ability to be productive workouts.  Others have tested them before you and have applied them to others. 
Workouts like the 5x5 plan have stuck around for decades because of the simple ability to apply them to compound exercises and eliminate confusion.
Try not to get caught up in workouts that have 10-12 different exercises per workout day.  Its a lot to learn and the only confusion happening is not to your muscles, but to your brain.
It's like doing algebra in first grade.  First graders don't do algebra, they do simple addition and subtraction.  They get those basics honed down first and progressively are able to do harder math equations.
Same goes with training the human body.
Don't start trying to be like Albert Einstein to solve E=mc2.
Just get your addition flashcards down and make sure you got those skills down first.
Focus on 3-4, maybe 5 compound exercises in a workout and nail them down.
You don't have to do 14 variations of chest exercises. 
Keep this stuff simple, folks.

Train The PJ Way
PJ Wimpleton
Coach Rick Karboviak

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