Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Train The PJ Way Newsletter: Wimpleton Wednesday

Hey Hey, it's time to Train the PJ Way!
Happy Wimpleton Wednesday to you!
Today, we're sticking with some Classic Volume Training.
It's LEG DAY.  Time to Squat!
Classic Volume Training, Week 1, Day 2
Leg Day
Squats or Deadlifts: 8 x 10 @ 65%
Super-Set with Leg Curls 8 x 10 @ 65%
Calf Raises: 5 x 10

Pair up the Squats or DL's with Leg Curls by resting 1 minute between the two exercises. Squat, rest 1 minute, Leg Curl, rest 1 minute, Squat, rest 1 minute, Leg Curl, rest 1 minute, etc.

Fitness Tip of the Day:
If you're not a morning cardio person, at least get your jets going with some Kettlebells & Coffee.
Start your workout out with some Swings and enjoy some Coffee after the workout before you have a post-workout drink 30-60 minutes after your workout.

Need some KB workouts?

Check out Just Swing It! or Kettlebell XL at

Train The PJ Way
PJ Wimpleton
Coach Rick Karboviak

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