Friday, February 16, 2018

Train The PJ Way Newsletter: Fitness Friday - CVT and Swings!

Hey Hey, It's Fitness Friday!

 Fridays are always a Great Day To Curl! #GDTC

It's another ARM DAY, so let's get to curlin'!

 Classic Volume Training, Week 3, Day 3

CVT Day 3:

Tricep Pushdowns: 8x10
DB Curls: 8x10

Use 65% of estimated 1RM for resistance.
Alternate between exercises after a minute rest between sets.
Pushdowns, rest 1 minute, Curls, rest 1 minute, etc.

Shoulder Presses: 4x10
Side Raises: 4x10

Use same style of resting 1 minute between sets and exercises (Press, 1 min rest, Side Raises, 1 min rest, etc)

Core Finisher: Bent Presses with DB or KB
4 x 5 reps per side

Make sure you tell your peeps what your favorite lifting plan is:
Today's Fitness Tip:
Not up for a cardio workout today?
Try some Swings! 
Swings burn up to 20 calories/minute.  That's about the same as doing a 400m distance at a good 5K race pace for some people.
You can get a lot of work done in just 10-15 minutes of Swings, with breaks in between.
100 Swings takes roughly 2:40-50 in time.  If you went every 5 minutes, you could get 400 done in 20 minutes of time.
If you're not used to Swings, try for sets of 40 to 50, alternating arms every 5 or 10 reps.  For example, if you're doing sets of 50, try switching every 10 up to 40 reps, then for the last 10, switch after 5 on the last 10 reps. Going for 100? Switch arms every 10 reps.
Start with light kettlebell and basically get a heavier one once you feel that its too light for you. Even going up 5 pounds is enough of a jump.
For some Swing workouts, check out "Just Swing It!" and "Kettlebell XL" at
Train The PJ Way
PJ Wimpleton
Coach Rick Karboviak

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