Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Affiliate Spotlight: AMN Supplements

Affiliate Spotlight:
American Made Nutrition Supplements


Today, we'll discuss AMN, American Made Nutrition.

I've sold other supplements in the past, but didn't really care for their structure in how they were sold. Too many different prices, for the same thing, depending on how many you ended up selling.

AMN is different. The price is steady and the commissions are the same.

I like it because I don't have a silly 'business opportunity' to sell.

If you wanted to sell them online like I do, you'll sell them the same way I do. No goofy 'business package'. 

Your affiliate link is setup and you simply share it on your blog, website, or postings.

Anyway, I'm not here to sell you on selling it (like all those others seem to worry about) , I'm here to tell you about it:

With AMN, you have three main categories:

Strength & Recovery
Health & Wellness
Weight Management

Some products are very affordable, while others are stacks of multiple supplements.

Everything from protein powders to creatine to weight loss stacks and pre-workout drinks, there is something for everyone, from the newbie to the veteran.

Take a look here at AMN and see what you think!

Coach Rick Karboviak

Disclaimer: I do earn commissions off sales provided by this link. 

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