Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day 90 Results

Day 90 arrived on Friday for me.  Here are the results from my first 90 days:

Day 1: 208, 18.3% body fat.

Day 1 Views

Day 90 Views

Day 90: 195, 16.6% body fat.

Overall, I had some good success with the 24 Day Challenge package and a mix of other AdvoCare products, like Spark, Slim, and the MNS series. 
Out of all the products, I felt that Slim did the fastest work and best job in delivering a true 'slimmer' feeling overall.  It really helped with appetite suppression in the afternoons, too.
There were a lot of morning and evening workout sessions, since I'd do some morning workouts and then an evening one 2-3 times a week with track club.  It ended up being a lot of workouts each week, plus a handful of rides on the weekends if the weather was decent for it.
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Coach Rick Karboviak

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