Saturday, February 20, 2016

Double KB Work Is Intense!

The last couple of weeks I've been doing Double KB Cleans and Jerks.  My only equal pair of KB's are 35's and it is pretty well taxing after 10-15 minutes.

My routine is pretty basic:
5 reps of Clean & Jerks, rest until the 1 minute mark, do another 5.  I basically do 5 reps at the top of each minute.

5 reps will take me around 25 seconds to do, so I rest 35 seconds.  It is pretty close to a 1:1 work/rest ratio. 

I have also tried doing 10 double cleans per minute, for 10 minutes, then doing 5 double jerks every minute for 5 minutes.

It is a very intense routine, and it keeps the workout short, brief, to the point, and on-task.

It only appears to be 15 minutes but it feels like a solid 30 minute session.

I've always gravitated towards single KB work and just alternating arms, but with double kettlebell workouts, you definitely feel the effects of loading two equal weights in each hand. Your abs, back, and hips can really become more engaged versus single KB stuff.

I can definitely see myself sticking with this for a while because its a great switch for me and is just what I need for a new challenge.

Coach Rick
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